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I think scaling down the level (so that it doesn't fill the screen in LM) is a good first step. Better to refine smaller things than to leave a huge/empty/cluttered chunk of the level.
Other than that, more efficient usage of ExGFX files. I'm fairly new to tileset mixing/editing, so whatever speeds up the designing process is a win in my book.
Originally posted by Counterfeit
1) I wish for my constant feeling of sleepiness to go away
2) I wish for a big fluffy golden retriever companion
3) I wish I were floating in a warm pond right now

1) Granted. Your blood is now replaced with Monster energy drink.
2) Granted. The shelter mixed things up, causing you to receive a golden-painted Clifford.
3) Granted. Every time you sleep on Clifford, you are teleported to an oasis in the middle of a desert. Your first wish still applies.
Hope you brought a six-pack with you.

1. I wish reading was as fun as it used to be.
2. I wish I can duplicate objects.
3. I wish I could teleport anywhere by drawing a circle.
My first judge comment. Nice.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
-there are certain cases where you are forced to die, such as accidentally hitting the p-switch at the fake goal.
I'll be frank and say I forgot to update the patch so that the fake goal wouldn't kill you unfairly. I even had LM running all the way through the deadline too. #smw{^_^;}

Originally posted by S.N.N.
-what was the point of the cape section with nothing at all in it?
As for the cape section, my original intention for the level was for the player to go "oh look, a pipe that's too high up, better find some way to get there." That idea got lost once I set up the sublevel, so now it's just...kinda there now?

Originally posted by S.N.N.
-the design feels all over the place a lot of the time, with random turn blocks/munchers popping up frequently.
Also, the munchers and turn blocks towards the end was meant to represent the symmetry between sublevels, but I see what you mean about the clutter. Next time, I'll try to make the level's intentions more clear.
But you gotta admit, cape flying is always fun to perform.

Anyways, thanks for your thoughtful words & analysis #smw{:peace:}
I appreciate you reviewing levels in reverse order. Very Genius indeed.

Originally posted by JupiHornet
Only major complaint is that it's sometimes hard to tell where you're supposed to go, but I suppose that actually enhances the wandering, dreamlike feel the level is going for in a way. Still, it can be a bit confusing.

My style of level making can get pretty chaotic (I like to think big), so with my entry, I tried to cut down as much as I could. With that said, I gave the player multiple options, some to prevent them from getting stuck, others leading to secrets.
For next time, maybe I could focus more on fleshing out the main path and then adding in secondary paths/bonuses.
Thanks again for your feedback!
I thought it was a good idea to pick up someone I knew from the airport.
Never mind that my car was having recent power issues
as well as having to leave while it was snowing
at dusk
with <quarter% charge on my phone.

I was fortunate enough to bring a battery bank with me that also doubled as a car starter. The jump didn't work, however, but at least it saved my phone from dying.

Honestly I was just asking for trouble when I agreed to pick them up. My thought process was that I could show the person my appreciation by doing them a favor. I ended up being stranded for almost 3 hours before I got assistance.

If this wasn't a sign for what to expect for the new year, I don't know what is.
Happy birthday to Green Jerry!
Hope you like cheesecake (jk).
Happy birthday Enan63!

Secondly, happy birthday to bwal!

Finally, happy birthday to Manofer!
Eh I don't know.
Hacking a 30 year old game would require tons of effort, knowledge of assembly, and not to mention, an audience. I don't know about you, but getting through all that trouble just to add a funny swear or a dabbing Mario is beyond me.

It would never catch on. Ever.
October 15, 2000
Growing up, YouTube was an important part of so many people's lives. Myself included.
Back when the front page had the little "What's being watched right now" column, it featured Super Mario Frustration. Probably the first time I ever heard about Mario.
Under related videos, there it was: Super Mario world bloopers.

The day I found out about SMW, I felt like I've uncovered something important. Something that as a kid I felt was missing. One after another, I found videos on Automario, a many-worlds explanation, even Mario in a computer (!?).

And it didn't stop there. Flash games/movies, clips from the TV show, Christmas list filled with games of Mario past (even bootlegs), you name it. I could go on and on about my fascination of Mario and (to a greater extent) retro video games. Nevertheless, if it had Mario, I was all into of it.

All because someone had too much fun in Lunar Magic.
Update 9/17

Since the last update, I haven't gotten much done with this hack. Other than writing down a few notes, there wasn't enough motivation into getting this done in a timely manner. However, after VLDC 12, I have gained a new interest in resurrecting the idea. I've even used new techniques I've learned from the contest.

Time will tell whether I will continue with the progress of this hack. In the meantime, here's some screenshots showing updates to some of the levels (inc. one from world 2).
I remember doing a contest like this with friends a long time ago, so I'm happy to participate.
(Hopefully I'm doing this right.)

Mon Laferte - Tu Falta de Querer
Billy Joel - Vienna

god I never knew how many vg songs I had in my library

You were hyped to hear about beta Zelda content from the July gigaleak.
Sinc-X - toroidal earth society: groovin' to the future.
The Mars Volta - Cicatriz ESP: after the initial shock, I got used to the chaos, and it became a fun experimental trip afterwards.

Muse - Knights of Cydonia: bumpin' song that takes you on a chase.
halfā€¢alive - arrow: I'm a sucker for bassy, lo-fi sound.
Goblin - Phenomena: spooky atmosphere, but the second half doesn't live up to the buildup.
Eric Clapton - Layla (The Prince's Trust Rock Gala 1988): good cover of the song, though it's still more or less the same. Like the guitar though.
Chernobyl - Vichnaya Pamyat: sets an epic, somber atmosphere, but that's about it from me.
MGMT - TSLAMP: my pick. Of course it slaps.
While I dislike insects, I can appreciate a fly from afar.
There are lots of good SPCs out there. Cursed Cathedral is one of the best original compositions. Metallic Madness (Past) is a solid port.

But my all-time favorite track has to be the Abstract Map from VLDC 9. It's ambient and mysterious in all the right ways. Can't get enough of it.
Top Picks:
1) Fearofdark - Suburban Supernatural: where was all this good chiptune all my online life.
2) Zero 7 - In the Waiting Line: thought-provoking song with a dreamy atmosphere.

Other Songs:
-Anamanaguchi - Air On Line: great ear candy.
-Kero Kero Bonito - The River: I like the song, but I think the vocals drag it down for me. Not the lyrics, just the performance.
-4mat - Lunawaves At Sunset: nice bassy, industrial sounding chiptune. Starts slow and tense but gradually speeds up over time.
-Porcupine Tree - Lazarus: got that 2000s contemporary pop feel, but in a good way. Love the guitar.
-Seal - Kiss From A Rose: classic. I guess my only complaint is that the lyrics can be nonsensical at times.
-NBA Stupid A$s - I Wish the Money Changed Me: not my favorite kind of rap.
Top Picks:
1) Jordan Rudess - Drop Twist: guitar takes you in for a journey.
2) Amon Tobin - Nova: solid ambient track. What more could you ask for?

Other Songs:
-Rascal Flatts - Life Is A Highway: it was a good cover when released. It's still a good jam today.
-The Pillows - Funny Bunny: laid back feel.
-Three Dog Night - Never Been to Spain: well, it rocks (get it?).
-Asterisk* - Adding Milk To DNA: would've loved to to hear more of it.
-MONDO GROSSO - False Sympathy: good for a chill playlist.
-That Poppy - Altar: fits right at home with 2010's pop.
Top Picks:
1) Shakatak - Night Birds: catch me dancing in the (metaphorical) club tonight. šŸ˜Ž
2) Mon Laferte - Tu Falta de Querer: obligatory submission.

Other Songs:
-Gunars Rozenbergs - Disko Roze: disco never died, boys.
-Boogie Belgique - Volta: probably my favorite comfort song in the contest so far. Something to set in the bg and immerse yourself with.
-Aerosmith - Dream On: I know rock songs are overused nowadays, but hey, this sounds better as a whole rather than cut up segments.
-BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Tamariu: I might be the only one who loves old, synth-y music. Idk there's something comforting about this cloudy sound.
-Wisp X - Elegy of Awakening: another cool song to chill with. Too bad it's cut short.
-Charlie Cunningham - Minimum: the song doesn't do anything for me. Sorry.
Originally posted by Sayuri
Not that I would have had anything planned otherwise.... any plans would have been ruined because of the you-know-what.


Anyways, I'll probably do what I usually do at this time of year: sit at home, eating candy, watching Halloween specials all day. Nothing special, though I do have fond memories of watching said specials, so it's always a treat to see them again.
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TickTockClock's Profile - Posts by TickTockClock

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