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See it in action (and also 1-1)

It's a mushroom on top of another mushroom, I don't think I need to explain why this is the greatest thing ever?

Thank you this has been my TED Talk.

(For real though I've been cooking this project for 5+ years and have had to restart multiple times because every laptop I touch turns to ashes. It might not seem like a lot, but it's the first time I've finished working on full character graphics and I'm pretty proud!)
Check out my hack:
Thanks for all of the kind words!

Originally posted by Wiimeiser
Interesting... I wonder if the other powerups will get involved somehow...

I never considered this but now I really want each world to be based around different powerup enemies.
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Hi there! This is the thread for my hack "Shroomstack." A cute little hack where you play as a yellow mushroom that occasionally becomes 2 mushrooms stacked on top of one another.

A few of you may have seen my C3 thread about this hack where I showed off a single level and some player graphics. Well, now I've created a few more levels, a lot more enemies, yadda yadda, I'm ready to show more of it off.

I'm going to stop meandering and post some screenshots and videos!

Video of the first 3 levels:

Level 1-1

A simple first level. Spore shooting lotus', jumping shrooms, marching king shrooms, spiky shrooms, and even spiky shroom towers guard the way through this level.

Level 1-2

A classic 1-2 underground level. Uses the new Lunar Magic 3.0 feature to create levels of non-standard dimensions, the horizontal section is slightly taller and the vertical section is slightly wider. The level features a secondary exsit if you are willing to climb even higher.

Level 1-A

A mushroom platform auto-scroller. Dangerous bullet shrooms fly across the screen while dangerous baddy shrooms guard the ground. The platforms are uneven with many gaps inbetween making this level a slightly more difficult platforming challenge.

I'll be posting more soon, until then I'd love to get as much feedback as physically possible. Any thoughts at all would be lovely! Thanks for visiting!

UPDATE FEB 11, 2019:

Level 1-3

A spooky level filled with zombies and ghosts, as well as fog obscuring most of the level.

Video of 1-3:
Check out my hack:
Originally posted by Conal

There's a sprite graphical glitch at the 00:18 mark of your video. Some cordyceps Pokey with disappearing lower abdomen.

Already fixed, I just didn't want to re-record the video.

Originally posted by Conal
I like the mushroom projectiles at 00:30. Are you going to make the plant look more like a fungus? You could make a cartoon fungi style hack, with other kinds of shrooms for those sprites that doesn't fit in the 16x16 space. Maybe that plant from SMAS SMB2 could be ported in there and redrawn to look like a mushroom of some kind.

I hadn't planned on making new graphics for it, but I may consider it, seeing as everything else is fungus.

When you have 1 hit point left, can you tell when the playable shroom is crouching?


Originally posted by Conal
At 03:25 you were sure babysitting that key for a good while. Some people don't like this and it's mentioned in some SMW guidelines somewhere. I don't personally mind it, even in non-Kaizo hacks, it's part of the challenge. There could be mixed feelings about this design choice, but I'd do a little bit of babysitting in my projects too.

I designed the section to be based around baby-sitting the key a bit and incorporated a few mechanics that play well with they key, such as having to throw it to somewhere you can't carry it, and needing to spin with it. If people dislike the section I'll consider changing it however.

Originally posted by Conal
All in all, I wish you luck on this project's further development. Are you planning on adding some more custom stuff?

Going to be mostly using vanilla gfx for now because I want the development to be as smooth as possible, I'll consider adding custom tilesets, sprites, and blocks as I move further along.

Thanks for the feedback!
Check out my hack:
Video of the first 3 levels in my hack, feedback appreciated.

(I am aware of the pokey glitching)
Check out my hack:
see main post for updated video

Making good progress on 1-3.

These graphics where super fun to draw.
Check out my hack:
Making more progress on my mushroom hack.


(Thwimp, Dino Torch, Dino Rhino)

These graphics where super fun to draw.
Check out my hack:
I'm using layer 2 in my level to make my background and I'm wondering if I can use my BG Map16 Page for this or do I have to use the FG one?
Check out my hack:
Originally posted by Emerald Shell
Is your layer 2 BG or FG?

It's FG but set to no interaction.

I have to put the map16 page in the FG section so I guess it technically ends up becoming 2 FG pages, but one of them is for just the BG.
Check out my hack:

About Halfway done the level itself, then I need to decorate and add detail.
Check out my hack:
Originally posted by LethalBrownies
Are those tiny rocks supposed to be munchers?

Generic Spikes.

Originally posted by LethalBrownies
And also, are those black bars layer 3? If so will they be in front of or behind the player?

Black Bars are layer 1, and they are in front of the player/sprites.
Check out my hack:
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Looking forward to seeing what else you'll create and come up with. #smrpg{<3}

#smw{^_^;} I hope to deliver!

Finally finished 1-3!

Full video of 1-3 (+ WIP overworld):
Check out my hack:
I figured I should post a video of the level because the actual feel of a level is hard to judge through screenshots.

Check out my hack:
I've decided this level doesn't meet my own standard of quality so I'm going to scrap it for now (maybe reuse it in my own hack) and start working on a different level.

A mod can close, delete or leave this thread alone, doesn't matter to me.
Check out my hack:
Originally posted by FPzero
***You can use YY-CHR to convert 4BPP graphics (Layer 1/2 tiles) to 2BPP (Layer 3 tiles) by copy-pasting them. You may also do the reverse and convert tiles from 2BPP to 4BPP. These are the only instances where you’re allowed to recolor graphics.

Do I have to use the automatically assigned recolours from copy-pasting, or can I recolour them myself?
Check out my hack:
Originally posted by FPzero
The rule you quoted says that that's the only instance where you're allowed to recolor them. You can recolor them yourself.

Okay, thanks! Just wanted to be extra sure.
Check out my hack:

Update Update: V1.2 to fix length issue, level is now reasonably beatable with over 100 seconds on the timer.
Update Update Update: 1.3 to make it even more bearable.

Nothing ever works on the first try, lets go again. This time I made a challenging platforming level based themed after Celeste!

Video of the first section.
Video of the second section.

Check out my hack:
Originally posted by LethalBrownies
Wondering how you did the foreground graphics.

It was quite the ordeal finding all of the pieces and making them work together, I didn't keep a log of where I took each tile from but here is a rough idea:

Surface snow from castle cutscene graphics
Transition to black effect from castle spiky crushers
Surface corner from log bridge
Inner corner transitions from layer 3 smashers
Metallic things from castle bg (I think?)
Bricks from Yoshi's house
Check out my hack:
You should turn off the smoothing filter when taking screenshots.
Check out my hack:
Originally posted by LethalBrownies
You don't have any tile merging in the foreground, do you?

None at all.
Check out my hack:
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