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Was one of them me?

Anyways, tomorrow is the due day, correct? So we'd better finish by tomorrow or anyone that did not turn their song in is disqualified, right? Or are you guys planning to give time to those who did not do it on time?
I agree, this one was a challenge...

I hope mine is at the very least alright... enough to stay in and be somewhat respected...cause this is serious...dude.

I wonder when the results will show up...hmm......I wonder. Oh well, till that time comes. I cannot wait to see what you guys came up with, custom music is hard for me... especially made in the way where you need to take some channels from other songs. -_-;
I've also used S.N.N's lttp Dark OW port...along with supertails's Tal-Tal Mountains port(Link's Awakening), and andres's Twilight Princes- Sacred Grove port. I made a Zelda theme. Also, thanks for using my port.
Aw, that is too bad. I was looking forward to everyone's creation... better luck next time.
I agree, cliques are not awesome. There may be people that seem to belong in these groups, but we all see them as equals. Our jocks respect the weak. The seemingly popular, or good looking, respect the intelligent and vice versa. The Gothic groups are left alone to deal with their own goth-like friends. Quite people are often introduced by outgoing people in a nice fashion.

Our school is ok, with occasional mentions of discrimination here and there. They all make fun about each others' races/religion and laugh it off.
Due to the url of the link you posted and by saying something bad about it, I have ignored what you've posted. But that is besides the point.

Pester, you are right and very just in your accusation to those who spam with the use of internet memes. I've seen a couple, they were funny, but a long while ago. As soon as they were spread all around the internet, influencing the people in it, they were considered bad by people like you, me, and a few others. Your right on that.

On the other hand, there are those who do like these memes, or those who had never heard of them, that spread them even more, without or maybe with the realization of those memes harassing people with the spam that it is.
Mother 1:
Originally posted by Wikipedia

Mother tells the story of Ninten, a 12-year-old boy with psionic powers who journeys around the world to collect eight melodies in order to save the planet from an evil race of mind-controlling aliens. (Ninten is named after Nintendo, just as Ness is named after the SNES) Along the way he is joined by three friends; a young boy tormented at his school for being a nerdy genius, a girl whose mother mysteriously went missing, and a gang leader whose parents were murdered. They meet many unusual characters and visit strange settings before ultimately confronting the leader of the aliens, Gyiyg (known as Giygas outside Japan).

Ninten's power, PSI, was utilized by an alien race that abducted George and Maria, his great-grandmother and great-grandfather. George stole the secrets to the power while living among the aliens, and upon his return to Earth attempted to research it further and spread the research. Of the four playable characters, Ninten, possessed it due to being the great-grandson of George, while Ana, the only female in your team, had developed her PSI powers on her own, and became famous in her hometown, Snowman, for having done so.

Though George and Maria were not mistreated while in captivity of the aliens (Due to Maria taking care of an alien named Gyiyg), Gyiyg sought revenge on George for stealing the secrets of PSI, and subsequently launched an invasion of the planet Earth.

But that was off-topic, sorry. Anyways, I'm doing an Earthbound playthhrough by Friday to commemorate Mother 3, and to scare people with Gygas on Halloween.
So, am I out? Because I thought since Supertails fell out, I thought I'd still be in or something.

Mugenman: I don't think they have MIDIs of Megaman 9 on the net... or do they?

Well, to the point, I'll take on a few of these requests...but there seem to be too many. Pm me...
It would seem being a person of higher value in this site is hard work. But no one would know, since basically talking about moderation and administrating is "forbidden" talk around these parts.

Anyhow, Supertails and Sagittaire, I won't ask you what it was like, for fear of being banned for not following directions, but I would like to ask, to anyone, when the next moderator and administrator voting would begin.

I think that this event would not come in a time soon to pass, but I would like to find out...
If we make them think that we are untrustworthy by keeping our troops there, it might agitate them a bit. So to be safe on both sides, we should bring back our troops. And as soon as they start attacking, we go back...

I guess.
If SMW is on the list, then it would probably work with any hack.

Just so you know, this is in the wrong forum.
Hmm... but you must understand the psychological side of the unborn.

There is no personality born, yet, not human qualities acceptable by society. It is a fetus still. It is living, but so are all cells. It is just cells made into a multi-cell organism. That is it. It has no consciousness. IF at all, I believe, animal instincts, but most likely near to no brain at all, that is until it is developed much more. By then, the baby should be developed and the choice to keep it is made. Even after its birth, the baby has no real realization of the world, it is a robot, kinda. Only animalistic instincts exist.

It is an animal, some say only that (psychologists believe that animals have no consciousness, if any at all at a very low level of consciousness.) Our human behavior his what makes us "human". The unborn fetus is technically human, but it is just a pile of complex flesh and organs. It is alive, with nothing else. Therefore, killing this living thing will not alter the fact that it had no personality, no intelligence, no motives, nothing that would keep it in the world until it is born, which is when the parent decides to give it a chance to live, which is when the baby starts to get intelligent and develop personality. By then it's too late. But that is why there is such a thing as abortion.

AM I for or against? I'm undecided. There are many morals that play in this, along with religion. But take the psychological point of view.
Hmm... I'm just being technical. I really don't have SnesDS. But all you have to do is patch the rom, and put it where you would put the roms on whatever you're using...



Tea is my favorite drink of all, most importantly green tea... yes it's Japanese. is it that you people like it...did you all force yourself to drinking this, and liked it? Well, I guess tea is bitter as well... but coffee, it's made from grains. Not my thing.

Not only that, but the smell is only appealing to me at some times. Usually, I like the smell of tea (green, or any other herb, leaf, etc.), and the smell of coffee at a doughnut shop is quite appealing. You see, I had tasted coffee once in my past- a long while ago, I must say- and I truly was disgusted... I thought that it'd taste well. It didn't. From those times on, I stook to green tea.

By the by, did you know green tea is HEALTHY? Coffee has CAFFINE, and this drug gives an extra chance of getting heart problems if it is taken too much...

I'm not saying or ranting about coffee, just saying that tea has more benefits than coffee...

If I am wrong, please, give your rebuttal.
I thought Mother/EB0 as the story before the main one, the back story and the reason for mother 2, Mother 2/Earthbound I thought as the main adventure, Mother 3 as the final wrapup, the end of the world in the future. I thought they all were awesome.

Anyway, I have all three. EB0 on my GBA, EB on ma wii channles, and EB2 on my GBA.
Well, for one, others live in different time zones. What may seem 3 a.m. to you may seem like just night or morning or maybe even the middle of the day to them...I woke up at five, time zone: Central time.
Most of the Earthbound tracks.

Some Chrono Trigger tracks are good too, like the Middle Ages Overworld.

Also the popular F-zero tracks, some FFA tracks, and more, not too important to mention.
Untitled Haiku

Something wrong today?

Yes, there is winter outside.

Fool! This is a boon.

Scarlet, what time zone are you in...without it, you can't tell if it is late or not... but I guess that really isn't the point of this thread.

Oh well, I go to sleep at 11 to 2 p.m. and wake up at 4-5 a.m. I'm in central time...

Comment: Some of you times of sleep for you people are quite...late. That is not healthy... you shouldn't boast too much about it...I think. I'd advise you people to try changing sleeping habits...teenager's internal clocks are thought to be the most messed up. I think...
Well, it's your life...

...also some of you go and tell us something like,"I wake up when people go to sleep and sleep when others wake up." Why you'd say that, to get people jealous?
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