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Hmm... I am curious about your opinions. So answer me this all of you people who may want to answer it and apply to it:

Why do you post a lot?

Possible reasons include this:
-to be popular and gain respect of all the people on this site
-to be noticed
-to be taken seriously
-to be better than anyone else
-to gain power
-to be respected

...these are simple reasons...If any of you fall into these categories, I urge you to tell us. If you do not fall into these categories, tell us anyway.

Again, why do you post A LOT?(Example: posting 2000 posts in a week or so.)

There may be obvious reasons:
-you have something to discuss
-you want to show off your hack, sprites, etc.
-you want to go along with the purpose of the thread and just post because you want to.

A) Study Hard.

I see most of you lost sight of the question of this thread...
if this forum where to be graded like in my REGULAR classes where you would need to comprehend and answer the question given on an essay instead of going completely off topic., the grade of your posts would be close to a D-...
(no offense really, I guess I deserved a D- as well...)

O well... I guess most do have an opinion of which should be expressed to their hearts' content.

I guess I shall as well. Having at least a good GPA of over 3.5 forever
(4.0 once, YES.

I study...minimally. Yes, an hour or so, but, I have a great memory skill which allows me to retain information for quite a bit of time
(still in high school and I still remember how to spell the name of my first to present teachers in high school).

Heh, boingboingsplat would seem to have an greater I.Q. than us...or he is just a good student.
(You only have to work hard to get A's. You can be a genius and fail miserably. Just look at Einstein's younger years.) Good for you though.

On another note: I have seemed to acquire the fact that probably most people really don't like it next to HATE it when someone is smarter/gets better grades than you
(ESPECIALLY when you yourself is smart).

Hmm...I went off topic a bit too. O well. There's my opinion.
(After reviewing how much I typed, I think it is likely you won't read this...just giving you my thoughts on what is likely to happen.)

Hmm... I don't have girlfriends... but I do have friends who are girls, and that's okay enough for me. I mean, if a friendly girl came up to me and became my girlfriend, alright as well. But today, I might as well enjoy the day, knowing I'll soon get one near-perfect person to fall into a deep relationship...

C'mon though, I'm in high school. Relationships around here mean next to only kissing and sex* my opinion...which ISN'T entirely bad...expect for the fact that these relationships don't mean much...unless they actually are the good kind of relationships...which don't happen often. In fact(possibly), there are a lot of great relationships with people at my school... you know, where there is actually fun involved with the relationship you have(not JUST kissing, and stuff{actually, only one or two people at my school are this MIGHT mean, well sex isn't a big issue}), and not just uber sentimentalness. What's the point in that?...Love is awesome...yet dumb in some of my points of view... I guess True love is the type of love you may see in fantasies and movies and books and stuff which is near to impossible to happen in real life(I'm guessing), but the type most people go for...MEH, I gots my views mixed up... O, well, values are all that matter, in my opinion, depending on what your definition of values are... AND exactly what my values are include that loving relationships between people shouldn't be something like for money and stuff but for something important- personality. I think it matters with the person's personality(I suppose, but I might be wrong, it depends on your definition of personality). Well, I must say, I'm quite proud with my person, because I seem to have the personality of INFP, which happens to be the "Hero" personality(so imagine me having the personality like a hero would have, you know, being fair and kind...just to let you know.) Heh, I guess I may seem awesome...but nah... I'm like all of you people, who should have the same values as I might(possibly, at least most of you{maybe}). O, well. Take a personality test, like the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory(which those who took Psych should know about). At least you'll see what kind of person others see you as. As I have stated before, personality is key to relationships, no?(Well at least I think so.

So there, but I think you didn't read any of this essay-like and horribly written response that has gone nearly off topic, but not really...(I just feel like typing...I dunno.) I've seen longer so I don't think there's a need to take this out. *sigh*, might as well leave it this way...there I go, going off topic.

*I take it back
I hope and pray for your achievement in this soap opera guys. I'll be great! Wish you luck, and stuff. But how if you are to flash it, who would make it? It has to be someone with superior flash-making skills.
I'm back, not that anyone really remembers me.

Ah, I don't care if this community doesn't recognize me. ANYWAYS, I used make music, that is, until I got in trouble w/ my grades. (DARN you C!!!)

NOW that I got my 4.0 back, I'm in the yellow-green.(Gotta maintain 'n all)

Hm... I'm not that smart. WELL, I am over average, but, still. Not superior by that much. I never measured my IQ either.

Er... the point is that I feel as if I'm losing intelligence.

Perhaps the causes are that:
-I took some sort of harmful substance
-I'm schizophrenic
-Or something else.

I hope it's the latter. Well, I'm hoping that there are some people out here that could remedy my sudden lack of intellect.

Sure, I have a 4.0, but I FEEL rather stupid. I've been sitting up straight and chewing gum, which seem to help(if these are from placebo effects, don't tell me that they are).

So, I ask the community this:
-Is there some way of increasing one's Intelligence Quotient(or rather, stimulate the mind)
-If there any people out there who feel the same way as I do, please, share your thoughts on this subject
Look, I'm not easily maddened. Mad means crazy, as in mad scientist or mad dog. I'll assume your using this word under the same context as angry.

I'm not angered easily as well. I am VERY VERY tolerant. I'm more on the side of justice, and disapprove of crime and evil. But those things don't make me angry, just sad.
Ah, I see. Interesting. Testing the brain may increase intelligence, right? I guess I'll try to play Big Brain Academy and solving a few riddles(I like riddles ^^).

Any other suggestions? Of course, I've exhausted Google of ideas, so I ask what have you guys found out about getting smarter?
I think you guys are right about the books. I've, in the past, read the first five books of Harry Potter in third grade, and really, really colossal books with over at least 500 pages. Around now, there's hardly any time for reading. I think that I might be lacking reading, so I'll see that I test this theory of increasing IQ by reading.

It also makes sense that training your brain minutes a day with sudokus and crosswords can make you think faster.

It would also seem that most of you guys are rather bright. You know, you can have a high IQ and fail at school, like Einstein, who had trouble in school.

And on another word, I agree that knowledge and IQ are separate entities. Knowledge being the things you learned thought life, and IQ being the measurement of how well your brain works.
Thinking about nothing? How does that work? I don't think it may be possible to do that unless you've practice for quite some time. My mind is very active(or troubled), so it's going to be very hard for me to think of nothing. Only in sleep will that happen to me, and only if I'm not in REM. Strange, but I know not of the effects of your technique Ramon, I'll try this. Others should try that as well, to see if the effects are true.
Yes, yes, as you grow older, your mind gets old as well, I suppose. You do lose about 10% or so by the time your 80, I think.

I also agree to learning at a young age may increase those skills. Such as learning a few languages at age five is much easier than learning them during high school or college.
I use Able Midi Maker. It's very neat and stuff. It last for 30 or so days for a trial. You can color the instruments and it's pretty useful. Anvil Studios is too much of a hassle for me, so I use this instead.

Oh, and thanks Troopa for a new MIDI maker.
250000 is neat. A good accomplishment.
500000 is very neat. A great accomplishment.
1000000 is very very neat. An awesome accomplishment.

In my opinion.
I suppose so. I wonder when the level signups are going to be...

By the way, are there going to be custom sprites and ASM hacks and music to go along with the individuals' levels?
I'm impressed at all those who can speak more than 1 and amazed at those who can speak in more than 3(Because I only know three at the moment.)

Well, I speak English, Spanish, and French.

I'm planning to study German(it being a very popular language), Japanese(because I want to visit Japan and actually read and speak this language because of their magnificent video games, manga, and anime), and Latin(to better understand Latin Languages).

If you guys are currently learning a language in school or so, I suggest trying to take the time and effort to know the language very well instead of only knowing a fraction of the full knowledge of which you are able to gain by taking a bit more time to learn it.

Those of you who know more than 3 so far, bravo(cause you're probably better than me at knowing how to speak different languages).
Er... how about making our own misc music for the hack.

Nah, too much work on someone's part.

Hmm...I'll be making something special for this hack, but it's a port.
Hey Samus, how about you let people sign up for the exgfx space? Like levels, have people sign up for spots until they run out. That way, there isn't too much confusion.
Now with three study halls in school, I can get two hours of sleep I lose during the night. I don't this is healthy though. Someone tell me if it is or not..

I get five to six hours at night or so, and two more in school. Total of 8. Good enough to stay attentive, right? Note, that my study halls aren't consecutive, and one is at the start and middle of the school day.

Weekdays:20:00-24:00 to 5:00
Weekends:24:00-3:00 to 10:00

Being a teenager is bad for your circadian rhythm.

Oh, I'm just talking in military time, like how the Nintendo DS displays time at night.

Ontopic: The pineal gland controls the circadian rhythm in a person.

Turning into a teenager changes the functions of this gland. At least that was what I was taught in Health...

Originally posted by Wikipedia
The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the "third eye") is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and photoperiodic (seasonal) functions

sideedit: =D post 999
Ah, your a parent now, eh? Kudos to your new kittens.

EDIT: I've given you my 1000th post for your kittens, Kieran.
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Ellipsis' Profile - Posts by Ellipsis

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