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Hi, I want to port custom music, I have the MIDI and I want to know how I can convert this in a TXT and insert in SMW, the MIDI has only 6 MIDI Channels.
How I can do this?? #wario{:'(}
Music: UNDERSWAP Soundtrack - 051 Glacient
Font: https://soundcloud.com/ghistofficial/glacient
Samples: Original SMW samples or if you want Mega Man X1 samples
Pls C=???? #thp{^_^}
draw patrick with spongebob
I can make you a megalovania with any soundfont or sample what you want, But I don't make ports because I don't know how to make them #wario{:'(}
Example: I want a Megalovania based in *insert thing here*
I Like that Rainbow Castle ASM, It's very original that changing the player color for touch specific type of block and can be a nice alt for ON/OFF Blocks
And Halloween entry looks very good#thp{^_^}
Name=Touhou Tenshi Boss
Graphics= https://www.spriters-resource.com/resources/sheets/14/14712.png (32x32)
Description: The sprite Will stay in a edge of the screen and will shoots bullets in front of they or throw to you bullets like Bowser hammers in SMB1, after that they will jump to the another side of the room, trigger a earthquake.
Also they can dash to the another side of screen.
For the defeat they, when the earthquake triggers will fall a block or a rock that cause damage from the top and the Player should throw the block to the sprite for cause damage.
That it's my request #thp{^_^}
Well, this is my first C3, my previous post was deleted or something because i didn't get any notifications of them.
That's why I decided as I already know a little more about this topic to create this showing a 1-1 Level I created, I not will use this for nothing C'=
Thanks for Gamma V for the graphis =3
Thank you and sorry for the previous post#smw{-_-;}
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