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Hey guys!

I'm working on an SMW hack with some custom music in it.

When I finish the first level, the overworld music is glitched and doesn't sound right at all. However, when I exit the same level using the 'Exit' option from the retry system, there is no issue. Also, when the music is glitched and I start a random level (including lvl1) and exit out, the music returns to normal.

Another weird part is that when I move the player starting position to the end of the level and finish the level from there, there is no problem so it only seems to happen when I play the full level.

This also only seems to happen with this particular level. I have replaced the custom music with the originals and still have the same issue so it's not the music itself.

I've applied the following patches to the ROM:
- Retry System v2.03
- SRAM Plus
- Death counter
- Vertical Scrolling Reprogrammed
- Flight Spin Fix
- Midway powerup disabler
- Music added with AddMusicK (latest version)

Anyone know what's going on? I've even tried just starting clean and transferring my overworld into a clean ROM but that causes the issue that I can't move from yoshi's house in that ROM.

I'm kinda lost here. If you need any extra info just let me know.


Issue resolved!

I've updated to Retry System 2.06a (which isn't on smwcentral). This fixed the issue for me.
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Hey Guys,

I'm having a problem with some music I added via AddmusicK. The overworld music plays perfectly fine until I clear one of the levels I made (so far happening for all 3 custom levels), at this point it glitches out and seems to be playing 2-3 random notes that somewhat resemble the overworld tune. This does NOT happen when I exit the level by dying and hitting Exit (Retry system).

The levels have custom music as well but when I remove it all and use the originals, the issue is still there. I've also attempted to start with a clean rom and import my levels there and the exact same thing happens. There are no errors when adding music via AMK.

This is the song I'm using in my overworld: Super Mario 3D World - World Bowser

- Is it possible clearing a level has some influence over the overworld music?
- Is there anything I can try to get overworld music to work correctly after clearing a level?

Please let me know if you need me to test something.

Thank you!
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Hi all!

I'm working on a hack dedicated to a friend. We recently got into playing romhacks and the nerd inside needed to know how it's done. So far, I've finished 7 full levels and the overworld (including all events).

It features custom music for levels and overworld/submaps. It also has some patches and fixes, such as a retry system, higher overworld movement speed and reprogrammed vertical scrolling. I also nuked the status bar completely since I won't be needing it. Haven't done too much to the graphics (except for the title screen, "Yoshi's House" and some palette work) as I've just started looking into SMW romhacking about 7 weeks ago and have lots to learn.

My main inspiration for this hack were Gracie and Quickie World, some of the few hacks we were able to complete in this short period of time.

The plan is to have around 24 exits altogether. Difficulty will be kaizo-ish and it will be fairly vanilla. It doesn't have a release date yet, unfortunately.

BIG shoutout to all you guys for providing the resources I need to get into SMW romhacking!

Title screen

Not too sure about the text yet but I like the overall feel.


Bowser's Valley

Not too sure about the palette here.

Submap 1

Submap 2

"Yoshi's House"

Both DarknessFood's fat cats are there, you can pick them up because they're basically reskinned goombas.

Part of a level from the green 'zone' on the overworld

Please let me know what you think as I'm new at this and would love some feedback!

(I'm not sure this qualifies as 'kaizo'. If it does please move the thread to the appropriate subforum :))
YouTube / Twitch / Twitter / Discord: MajorMuff#5742
Thanks for the feedback, LethalBrownies!

The hack is definitely intended to be fairly challenging, yet not 'full kaizo' by any means. I see what you mean by tight quarters so that's something I'll have to take a look at, I don't want the hack to become unfair or annoying.

Thanks again!
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Thanks for your reply Brozilla!

Unfortunately this did not fix the issue. The first recommendation only made the song quieter but still garbled, the second one did nothing.

I did some more testing and even put back the original overworld music, which now has the exact same issue :(

I'm gonna try move one of the levels to a clean ROM and test there to see if that changes anything. If that works I'll just re-add any
patches I used one by one to see if one of those is the culprate. I'll keep this post updated.
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Bumping this thread because progress has been made! New screenshots uploaded above.

Also I've changed some text to reflect the changes that have been made.
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Originally posted by Flat5Games
I am having this same exact problem. Please reply if you figure out why this is happening.

After testing I found out it was Retry System 2.03 that was breaking my overworld music.

I've since moved to Retry System 2.06a which I found somewhere else. This fixed the issue for me.
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I don't think you're allowed to link ROM files. Make an IPS patch of your ROM using Floating IPS instead. :)
YouTube / Twitch / Twitter / Discord: MajorMuff#5742
Originally posted by Flat5Games
This is the first level that I have made for my new hack. I'm looking for feedback on difficulty, aesthetics, and whether it is clear on what to do or not. The level is entitled "Post-Mortem".

Let me preface this by saying I haven't been playing romhacks for too long.

I thought the level was difficult enough and although it took me 5/6 deaths to figure out what to do at the start of the level I did like the trick. The palette looks nice and I like the music.
Also, the part of the overworld I can see has a nice vibe to it.
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Originally posted by SpicyMarshmallow
I was using these overworld graphics:

They look fine on the patch they give with the graphics, but when i put them in they have little black boxes around them. (I would add a picture, but i'm too lazy to figure it out) So, I have no idea what happened but it's not right.

If you can't even be bothered to provide screenshots, why would anyone want to help?
YouTube / Twitch / Twitter / Discord: MajorMuff#5742
Originally posted by Plasmodium00
Have you altered the title screen movements? And maybe forgot to uninstall the title moves ASM? Just spitballing. #tb{:p}

Originally posted by MajorMuff
If you can't even be bothered to provide screenshots, why would anyone want to help?

You can ask for screenshots without being an ass about it.

I agree. They were already asked for screenshots though.
YouTube / Twitch / Twitter / Discord: MajorMuff#5742
Hey All!

I have 2 levels I would like tested if anyone is interested! The levels are fairly doable, the second one being a little harder than the first. I'd say difficulty is kaizo light.

There is a retry system and some custom music.

I'd love feedback on anything you can manage!

Some notes:
- I have replaced the intro level with something more generic as to not spoil anything.
- I've removed the overworld and events so you only have access to these two levels.
- The two available levels are not meant to be consecutive levels, that's why the difference in difficulty is so apparent.
- You do not have to finish one level in order to play the other.


Link to patch:
SDFW Level Demo.bps

Pineapple's playthrough:
- Level 1:
- Level 2:
YouTube / Twitch / Twitter / Discord: MajorMuff#5742
Originally posted by Flat5Games
Thank you MajorMuff for your time and feedback! Couple questions for you.
1. Did the hint in the speaker box help at all figure out the trick?
2. After the midway, was the trick involving the Torpedo Ted too jank? Not sure if the set up is clear enough.

Thanks again!

1. The speaker box didn't actually help me much but I figured it out on my own
2. The setup was pretty clear, I actually feel less purple coins are needed to convey the idea. Didn't feel janky to me :)
YouTube / Twitch / Twitter / Discord: MajorMuff#5742
I've learned to play kaizo by just picking a hack and sticking to it until it's finished. I've died thousands of times on levels that are considered "kaizo light" and definitely became a better player because of it.

My first hack was Quickie world, followed by Gracie World. I recommend both of these as they're great hacks for learning regrabs and other tricks.
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Originally posted by pineapple
I played this and it took me about a half hour to complete the first level, "Gruesome Green". I stopped playing after about ten minutes attempting to get through the opening of the second, unnamed level, though less due to frustration and more due to aching fingers.

I came here expecting something other than what I got - "kaizo light" made me think it would be tamer than typical Kaizo levels, which are not my cup of tea. But except for perhaps the very beginning of Gruesome Green I don't think that calling it "light" is accurate. I'm sure that someone who is more interested in Kaizo levels than me would appreciate this, but as for me personally it just tried my patience and was rarely enjoyable. I don't think that I will be coming back for the second level.

Here is a video of my numerous deaths. My apologies for the poor audio mix which is going to make it difficult to hear any of my commentary. (I seem to have had a mic malfunction.) Mainly it was just me complaining about the wriggler bit and thinking out loud about how to accomplish baby's first shell jump.

First of all, thank you so much for testing my levels and providing feedback!

I find it very hard to classify my own levels when it comes to difficulty, which is one of the reasons I need someone to test them. Your feedback really helped. The second level is definitely harder than the first but I was scared to label it 'kaizo'. I have a much better feel for how hard the levels actually are now that I've seen you play it, so again many thanks for that. I've updated the title of this thread accordingly.

How do you feel about the music and the esthetics? Did the levels feel jank to you at any point?
YouTube / Twitch / Twitter / Discord: MajorMuff#5742
Hi Pineapple!

I've played three of your levels and recorded it for your viewing 'pleasure' (Please ignore the crappy English)

I had a lot of fun playing them and I will definitely come back and play the rest at some point. The game felt really vanilla without becoming repetitive or boring and it really has some panic inducing moments, although that might just be me. The kaizo blocks I ran into were cool, mostly because I wasn't expecting there to be any, and although they're not the hardest levels I've played it feels like a decent step up from the base game.

One suggestion I have is to change the second level because after the midway, while you're on the line guided platform, there isn't much going on and you're kinda just waiting. The first half was really cool though.

It would be cool to see this becoming a full hack at some point, maybe even with its own overworld! I will definitely keep watching this thread!

Edit: Updated the YT link
YouTube / Twitch / Twitter / Discord: MajorMuff#5742
Originally posted by SkeptisTrader

Thanks a lot for the feedback, Skeptis!

The tight jumps are definitely intended to be as tight but I can see how they seem to force difficulty. I will play around with spacing and positioning of enemies as you suggest and see if I can make some space to move around in. After all this is my first hack and I'd like people to have fun playing it, not being frustrated and angry ;)

The wiggler jump is pretty tight and the muncher on the right was added later since I felt the jump was too easy. Now that I have the fairly tight jumps up the platforms after it though, it may be time to get rid of it.

In the second level, the 1 wide jump (or as my buddy called it, the 'noob filter' :P) is probably something that could be a little easier without breaking the level so I'll look into that.

Thanks again Skeptis, your feedback means a lot!!

No worries about finding any 'secrets' in LM, things will still change a lot before it's a finished hack ;)
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I'm following Wakanda's porting tutorial (although with my own short techno beat) but when I play the SPC the music loops once at full volume and then fades out while looping a couple more times. Is this normal or some kind of setting in SPC700 player?

I've tried googling but came up empty...

#amk 2


#0 w255 t52
@12 o1 l8

#1 v180
@12 o1 l16

@6 o2 l8

@6 o2 l16
YouTube / Twitch / Twitter / Discord: MajorMuff#5742
Originally posted by tcdw
It's just SPC700 Player's feature. When you actually use it in-game, it loops properly.

Thanks a lot tcdw! That was quick!
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Hi LiquidX!

I'd recommend adding some screenshots/gifs of your hack to this post, you'll get more feedback that way!
YouTube / Twitch / Twitter / Discord: MajorMuff#5742