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This Is Progress Very Epic!!
Pls Finished It!
This Jaiden Look Like Princess Jaiden
Pls Editon This Jaiden Sprite
This Is My Selection Request
oh hey skewer n hunter , i'm dustyized
i'm D4C fans , l love your hacks . so i remeber that hack , and now this was finished but it's beta hack , none links , it has more bug , i waiting maybe someday this hack was finished , i think this is my playing best hack (sorry i can't speak english , that was bad)
this hack props column look like D4C's Crater n The Fourth Sector style
but i hope this hack be finished , epic hack !
Drawing kafuu Chino , mweh
go Yellow yoshi gang ! let's defeat them !
Originally posted by SWEET INK
I support green, because I like this color, and it is my lucky color.#smw{;)}

oh hello my friends


Drawing Kafuu Chino , pls
Drawing Doma Umaru from anime character
pls draw her !! my best waifu kafuu chino
Drawing Hinata Hoshino From Wataten!'s Anime Character
Originally posted by LucasRCD
Originally posted by Lunming Gaming
Drawing Doma Umaru from anime character

It appears that you've missed a very vital rule in this thread: Providing reference images within your request. Since some people don't know how to read the rules, I'll just say this right now: From now on, if you don't provide at least one reference image within your original request post, I WILL ignore your request. No exceptions.

As for the art itself: I've already started work on fulfilling requests! I'll be posting them in bulks of 3, as per usual. Keep the requests coming! Just please read the rules in the original post.

fine,i remember this,here come Doma Umaru
Originally posted by TheMorganah
Originally posted by Lunming Gaming
Drawing Hinata Hoshino From Wataten!'s Anime Character

Loli with a gun

wow , that's great , thank you !!
Originally posted by FedoraFriday
Woah, you guys are nuts! Keep the requests coming, I don't think I can get through them all though.

I finished three so far. Here it is!

I put Mario on this sheet just for reference with scaling, then I went on to pick out some of my favorite suggestions thus far. I'll do more before C3 is over for sure. I did Chino, Ashley, then Mr Game and Watch with extra sauce. He also has some fries. You asked for it!

Oops, that image is a little small. Oh well, next upload I'll make it larger to see.

thank you
Hunter From D4C or Hunter & Scorpion's bet revised
shit , how could you ???#smw{@_@}
Originally posted by Digital Entertainment

My attempt at making a map for the industrial world. I may update this if I can think of something I want to change.

wow , that was cool
hell yeah !! it back !!
welcome back scorpion !!
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