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I can't wait for Super Mario : Other World's Finished!!!
Originally posted by Infinity
The next version is new levels and a new world 6

Version 6: (11-02-2020)

pls fixed this bps message and base rom
"This patch is not intended for this ROM!"
Originally posted by Skewer

New video of a brand new level; yes, this remake includes new levels and not just a 1:1 remake.

hell yeah , amazing stage
I wonder how it's going
oh no
toad strike back
Don't fool around here, Just Kidding, So i won't fall for it! Happy April Fools' Day
holy fucking ! this is amazing ! i can't belive this ! you made it !
holy shit WhiteYoshiEgg! did you say your works in summer has finised?! how was amazing !! so i'm looking forward to seeing you can show in the C3 competition
Originally posted by Mr. MS
I have some bad news, i'm thinking about giving up, the reason is simply because i'm very unmotivated, i'm also insecure about the quality of the levels i made till this point.

hey ! this look this new works just working but not doing to releashed new version , so cancel this hack be normal , compared with your working newest hack , you should finished your old works and releashed full hack
Maybe Japanese SMW Hack , Burtal Mario , old times i played was demo 7.5 version for this hack , i can't believe how was amazing level and bosses , i love this epic hack
I thought it should have been over long ago. But I didn't know there would be other opportunities. Good for you
i'm dustyized , long time no see scorpion! i want to ask you an question...
hey , i'm so long not to watching your works , i wonder this working when is geting updated
i can't waitng see for next update progress...that was amazing ! i like that new projects
Originally posted by Slash Chen
Finally we can see SMBX38A episode on C3!
This episode is really creative and fun to play, and it also make full use of SMBX38A's Teascript system to make such fancy things!
If you already know SMBX2, I'd recommend you to give SMBX38A a try as well, especially for that episode!

I can't wait for playing this best hack!
Beautiful! Amazing! and…Coolest!
i like this
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