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I have to say, all of these look great. So far my favorite is DINNER. It's just so far off the beaten path. The Waluigi hack comes in a very close second. Keep up the good work is all I can say.
This is great moot. I can't wait to personally see some of the ideas people have had, and maybe not shown.
I know for a fact that there is one other SMW Hacker in my school. Sadly, his internet isn't working, so I can't contact him as of now. He's a nice guy, and one of the few friends I tend to listen to when he talks. I'm pretty sure that we are the only two in the school.

Originally posted by mootbooxle

Here's how the beta IPS is going to work. The IPS file, and the txt file with the response form (that you MUST fill out), will be in a .zip file. The .zip will be password-protected. I will PM the members of the team with the password at the same time I post the IPS.
That should make it harder for people outside the team to get hold of it.

Anyway, I can't wait to get the testing started.
Originally posted by Wiimeiser
"Lisa wears a red dress"
"The Daedric Prince of Order! Or biscuits... No. Order. And not in the good way. Bleak. Colorless. Dead. Boring, boring, boring."
...25 translations later we get:
"In order to Oblivion, Prince! Butter cookies ... "All kinds of applications. This is not in the right direction. Dark. Each color is really sad. Very sad. Death."

Oblivion. I love that game so much. Shargorath was just a loony.

Also, Here is one.
As much as I like Windwaker, Toon Link can never be as awesome as Young Link from Majora's Mask.
After 54 we get...
"Sorry, but your mouth can quickly add New colors."

Isn't it obvious? You get Professor Layton to solve a puzzle that is conveniently taped to the bomb. Therefore, the bomb is disarmed.
Originally posted by JDC
Mouser does not blow himself up, he merely throws bombs at mario.

Also, I, JDC, speak on behalf on the BDRS(Bomb Disposing-Robot Service)and offer my apologies as all machines refuse to work under these conditions.

He blew himself up when I fought him on time. That was an easy battle. Also, Professor Layton wouldn't fail to solve it. He can't. He just get's another try and loses a few Picorats. That's what the points for solving the puzzle are called right? I can't remember.
I am very glad to hear that a demo will be out soon for testing. I'll be able to test for quite a while, as I have nothing else to do lately. aside from my own hack
If anything, I'm hoping that the new Zelda game will have a a tie in with Majora's Mask. Also, I want to see more about the new Pokemon games, because right now, I don't have a good feeling about them. As others have said, a new Paper Mario game would be nice, but I hope that Dimentio will have some sort of cameo in it. Also, a new Professor Layton game. I need more Layton.

Making palettes:
-Absolute: 3/10
-Relative: 0/10
-My defense is that I just started. I don't have a lot of examples.


Level design:
-Absolute: 4/10
-Relative: 4/10
-My levels tend to look okay, but are too short, linear, things like that.

Overworld design:
-Absolute: 5/10
-Relative: 4/10
-I have no idea to be honest. I don't make half bad submaps, but main overworlds I make tend to suck.

Plot writing:
-Absolute: 1/10
-Relative: 0/10
-Plot? What plot?
I don't care that it's already been said, but Chocolate Rain is a good candidate. I would also like to put this out there. I think it fits well.
ZMann, I've seen you around, and I recognize that name, but I can't recall anything you may have worked on... 5/10
Originally posted by Bloop!
I am personally hoping for New Super Paper Luigi Galaxy DS. It's funny because that doesn't actually sound half bad. I could go for some quirky 2d space platforming.

As much as I would love that, I don't think it's going to happen. It would be one of the greatest games on the DS if it did though. I liked Super Paper Mario more then most people did. Maybe it's because of Dimentio, but it was really well made in my opinion.
Originally posted by HyperShadow32
I don't think spirit tracks was too hard. I actually liked the bosses to an extent, but to be frank, zelda bosses aren't always that hard. My favorite zelda boss of all time was of course, Argorock. I mean seriously, it's a fucking dragon! Dragon+spiderman clawshots=epic. Usually, bosses just seem like gimmicks at times. Blizzeta wasn't a bad boss IMO, and why did they keep the fishing rod easter egg with ganon?

The hardest parts were the Locomo songs, mainly the Fire one for me. They usually aren't too hard, but a few have been. Blizzeta upset me a couple times, and Argorock was pretty cool. That Easter Egg is epic, that's why. Wouldn't you be confused if your opponent pulled out a fishing rod in the middle of a battle? Anyway, I've been stuck on the Stone Tower Temple in Majora's Mask for a while now. That place is huge.
Originally posted by Neutron
Originally posted by Wizard The Wizzisential
Can someone PLEASE tell me what this thread is about?


It was about S.N.N.'s pet boulder, but now it's about people's pets. I have a pet snowflake, but it melted, and became a pet water. I'm waiting for winter so it'll be a snowflake again.
Originally posted by HyperShadow32
Don't even mention the locomo songs... they've completely destroyed the classic zelda element of instruments... The final song literally took me an hour to get right. Also, I got through stone tower temple without much problem, but I was using a strategy guide. When it comes to zelda, strategy guides don't help me much, so I use them to make sure I'm on the right track.

Locomo songs, urgh. The Fire one is the one I've had the most trouble with. I wouldn't even be playing it again if it wasn't for the fact my file was "mysteriously" deleted. It's much harder without a guide. I want to make it without one, so I'm getting lost every which way I go. It's quite irritating.
Originally posted by Lucas
we need a chocolate eggs song

I don't have Chocolate Eggs, but I got you Chocolate Barrel Roll. A thread where I can post that somewhat seriously. Never thought that would happen.
Originally posted by HyperShadow32
Wait, Bouldergeist is in SMG2 too?! Great... I can't wait. I haven't been playing it much lately. Sometimes, I lose the drive to play when I attempt a purple coin comet...

I'm really hoping that was a typo. Then again, The Bouldergeist Daredevil Run didn't take me near as long as the Ray Surfing. Maybe he won't be too bad.
Well, now that I finished the other hacks I was doing, I decided to start on Henry's Adventure.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

The hack wasn't as long as I expected it to be. Here it is.
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