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Originally posted by LudwigVonKoopa
102: he resists lieking teh mudkipz

I hate mudkips.

104.23: We completely skipped over 90! reasons because he posted. He ruined the list.
Originally posted by Amos Defamos

Much prefer a Majora's Mask remake to be honest. I'll probably get it anyway, if they do finish it. I love the Zelda games, and OoT was a good one, but Majora will always be number one to me.

As for the other stuff. Zelda Skyward Sword, Paper Mario 3DS, and the ever wonderful Layton and the Unwound Future. That's what I'm looking forward to.
DrawingYoshi, the only times I have seen you is in this very thread, and maybe a few other places. I'll have to give a 2/10.
Ah yes, Volke. I see you all the time around the WoI, and I've seen you in Talk. I also know about Pac-Land, but I don't know much about you. 7/10
Originally posted by 2technogeeks
Am I the only one who liked the Locomo songs? They weren't too bad, and I find them unique and fun.

If I didn't have so much trouble with the Fire and Sand ones I would love them. However, playing the same thing over and over isn't fun for me.
Originally posted by Captain Pissweak
So today I got the subjects I can do for years eleven and twelve. Software design and Japanese were on the list so I'm happy.

Also I am recovering from spike and pressure related injuries to my hand.

Good for you. I hope you succeed in the future. Also, hope you heal quickly.

The weather here is the same as always in the summer. Hot and annoying.

Originally posted by phenolatukas
That remind me, I think I must be the only person Superderek has never greeted. Maybe not. Maybe I forgot or something.

If anyone, I have never been greeted by him, but then again, he hasn't met me. Hardly anyone has. I need to be more active. In the meantime, I'll be working on my hack, and slowly making my way through Super Mario Galaxy 2. Nothing interesting happening here.
Originally posted by HyperShadow32
TheMojopo! You're back from the Void! Did the Void have a Bar and Grill? If so, how's the food?

That place was awful. No it didn't, at least, not while I was there.

How have you been TheMojopo?

The discussions had in this place are quite odd.
If your looking for a beta tester, I'll help out. The hack seems really nice so far, and I love the graphics your using.
Originally posted by K.K.Koopa
Alright, here's the final list:

And that's final! Expect the beta in 5 or so days.

Awesome. I should have plenty of time to test. Can't wait to get the beta.
Originally posted by mootbooxle
Error 52, I PM'ed it to you.

I'm anxious to hear some initial thoughts, everybody!
How many of you have started working on it already?


I have. There has been two levels so far that have caused me problems, but all the others are fine so far.
It's my levels that I am worried about. They aren't exactly easy. limepie, your levels are annoying, simple as that. I still can't find out how to beat NO NO NO NO NO.
I used my 3000 post on another site to give someone a link to troll an idiot. That was a win in my book.
Originally posted by LudwigVonKoopa
Originally posted by pkhaxor
how can a pokemon trainer carry 999 iron balls in his backback ? just one those things weight a lot, but if you manage to find 999 #w{O.O}


It comes from a Pocket Dimension. Link has one, why not Peach?

Why did Ganondorf get distracted from a Fishing Pole? Why didn't he just take the moment to attack Link?
Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
I don't understand why they want the little kids safe. Isn't danger more fun for everybody?

How true! What ever happened to the good old days? When you could jump of a slide in the middle of it, and nobody would say anything?
Originally posted by Snowshoe
Originally posted by Brad172
Originally posted by pkhaxor
the bottomless pits are really all just pits that lead into the mouth of a giant muncher.

But if there is no bottom, were is the muncher? It can't be at the bottom can it?


That's madness! Are you sure that the Muncher is stacked and not floating?

Bottomless pits are just that, bottomless. You know why? Because when you reach certain distance, you are taken to deep space. Then the Munchers come to eat you.

I know you for sure. You moderated my hack and even gave me the want to go on. I saw you a lot in the hack removal log.



Jacob, I know you as well. Mario's... I can't remember the name, but the hack itself looked great. And I know your contributions to the site as well.

Earlier today I was working on my hack when I decided I wanted to patch the Super Mario 64 Health System to my hack. So I downloaded Xkas GUI 2.2.3 and tried to load it. However, it didn't work and instead I was greeted with this wonderful error message.

If you know why this happens and could tell me that would be wonderful.
Originally posted by Meirdent
Captain Awesome VS. Figglesworth
Who wll win?

...You don't know just how much I want to continue that comic...

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