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Dollywood's Thunderhead. I just love that ride so much, and even if I'm not feeling good, I'll ride it. Dollywood's Daredevil Falls comes close second, and then it's River Rampage.
-When I heard this. I was surprised that Disney made it.
-I tend to be sarcastic and rather cold in real life, but not on the internet.
-I want to write, but I can't ever get inspired.
-People bore me easily, but I don't show it. Most of the time at least.
-Unlike most people, I view The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask as the best Zelda game.
-I think I may be claustrophobic.
-I get angry easily, but never on the internet.
-I dislike nature in general.
-Kirby is one of my favorite game series.
-EXPLODING NINJA THROWING STARS are my favorite power up Kirby can get.
-I like to RP, and I dislike Basic RPs. is one of my favorite websites.
-There is only one site I have reached 5000 posts on.
-Professor Layton is also one of my favorite Protagonists.
-I do play the Yugioh card game, but I prefer calling it Duel Monsters. It sounds better.
I assume this is some Call of Duty, FPS type thing. If so, angry much?
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Hellfire)

This sure isn't something I would have expected from Disney. I haven't seen the movie, since I'm not a big Disney person, but I'm glad that the Nostalgia Critic sent me in its direction.
Originally posted by Neutron
You traitorous swine!
(Read: I HATE dancing. I couldn't have fun in a party even if i want to. I'll end up watching the TV)

Pretty much this. I dislike being around people in the first place. They make me angry for no reason. Besides, parties bore me, people bore me, so many things bore me.
Originally posted by Captain Pissweak
Big Hill

This would be a lot less impressive if not for the fact that I am the one who made it. Yes. CP is hacking.

Assuming I don't get lazy I hope to make this into pretty much just one big dungeon containing every item item and boss, all the way down to the Master Sword and Ganon. Also hopefully actual dungeon screens soon.

I tried using Zole, but I couldn't get used to it.

That looks good so far. If it's ever finished I would gladly play it. I'll be watching to see anything else from you.
Originally posted by Roy
I'd just like to state that all these castles are on my property.

I'd give him his castles back. He may get angry if you don't. >.>
Besides, a certain site I go to does this, but does it help? No. There are plenty of ways to get around a censorship.
Originally posted by Godot
Ehh, I usually hate these introduction things. But, I was kind of forced to do this, and was forced to join in general (even though I was planning to join sooner or later. xD)

So yeah, hi. =/

Ahahaha. Now, my evil plan is coming to together. Now I need to get Dark here.
Originally posted by Godot
Originally posted by DarkMark
Originally posted by Godot
Ehh, I usually hate these introduction things. But, I was kind of forced to do this, and was forced to join in general (even though I was planning to join sooner or later. xD)

So yeah, hi. =/

Ahahaha. Now, my evil plan is coming to together. Now I need to get Dark here.

You know what, let's just bring all of the YCM/VGM/Mushroom Kingdom people here.

Scar says your evil plan is retarded.

No, I actually need Dark here. If we ever plan on working on this Team Hack and posting a thread for it eventually, we'll both need to be here to answer questions and whatnot.
Originally posted by Godot
Ehh, Team Hack? Why wasn't I informed? xD

Originally posted by Spud Alpha
Any Kirby's Adventure rankset user is a friend of mine; welcome Godot!

My Kirby fetish seems to be accepted here. xD

...I thought you noticed Dark and I talking about it in the Mushroom Kingdom club thread. D:

If you want in talk to Dark when he comes on. I'm fine with it.

And yes, it is. People here love Kirby. This rankset is brand new too.
I would love to see Cloud8745 play it, but I doubt it would happen. Other then that, there is nobody in particular.
Pokemon is owned by Bill Cosby and is in now way a computer with a soundcard you're not going to be able to see this on the map or by adding a new direction for their European operations in Norway. There are no comments for this user yet and can not believe that there is anything you would not be able to see this on the map. The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially offensive or inappropriate messages to two male students who were not involved in the development of these new technologies and new idea.


That made so little sense, yet so much sense at the same time.
OCG Fix:
During your Standby Phase, you can Special Summon a Level 6 or Level 8 monster from either player's Graveyard in face-up Defense Position. That monster is destroyed during the End Phase.

That's the first part of the effect. I'm not sure what you want the last part to do, so I can't really help there. The card itself is interesting, and it is balanced enough. I would add a clause about the monster not being allowed to change the battle position, but it's not needed.
Eh, I guess I'll throw my favorite card I've made in here.

Card Lore:
As long as this card is on the Field, neither player may draw cards during their Draw Phase. Each player draws 1 card from their Deck during their End Phase. Neither player may Normal Summon or Set during their turn. Once during your opponent's turn, you may Normal Summon or Set 1 monster from your Hand. If a monster is destroyed and you would take damage, you instead gain the same amount. Once while this card is face-up on the Field, if a player's Life Points is 10000 or more, both players must discard their hand and draw 3 cards. Any card sent to the Graveyard is sent to the bottom of the deck instead. If a player has no cards in their hand during their Standby Phase, they must draw 1 card. When a monster is summoned in Attack Position, flip it face-down without changing the battle position. A monster in face-down Attack Position cannot declare an attack.
If I don't get this in America, I will be learning Japanese and getting the Japanese version. Layton is one of my favorite protagonists in one of my favorite game series ever. I have nothing else to say but that this game will be the best of all time.
I've always wanted to have a lucid dream, but I've read that it may be easy to lose control over them. Or not wake up. I don't know, it was just a rumor.
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