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I could easily post a Reggie Shrug....No I'm not going to. I want to see where this thread goes without me lighting the fuse. How about $10 on a lock?
I think I may hate myself. I just played the first level of Kaizo, beat it, all in about 5 mins. The strange thing is I enjoyed it. I don't understand it. How could I like it. I thought I would hate it.
Yes it was my first try. The only jumps that held me too long was the Bullet Bill over the long Chasm and the Paranha Spin Jump through the munchers.

EDIT: I just beat the Switch Palace. The only really difficalt part was the Spin Jump on the Ball and Chain. Once I made it past that the Muncher Jump just happened.
I truly believe you may be right. Of course, I'll most likely quit in the next few levels.
Well, Sadistic Designer, The Double Grab glitch I never really considered a glitch. As for your second example, that would be fine, I just forgot that existed. Also, I just beat the third level. And I am still enjoying it.
I'm pretty sure that there is a pipe that leads to an area with a Message Block. That block gives you a clue, I just don't remeber what it says.
Sorry that was a typo. It was meant to say Double Grab. It is a glitch which is performable in the origanal SMW and allows you to carry two items.
Okay, as long as it isn't a Rick Roll. I almost got stuck in an Infinite Loop one.
EDIT: I just watched the first level. That was insane. The end where you had to use the Note Blocks to get the shell out of the gap was a good idea. I bet most people would probably take the shell with them instead of the springboard. I would have.
My hack is very easy. I made a little too easy in my opinion.
Bowser's Homeand
People look down on cheap hits like that. It would most likely be best to move the Bill back, as by that screenshot as soon as you land, you jump right into the Bill. That's unfair.
Aside from the already mentioned water problem....Acutally what purpose does the water serve? If it isn't nessacary, I would just remove it. The rest of the shots look good, but the Bill jump still seems a little hard, oh well. Also, I would like to know if you started Overworld Editing. That's one of my favorite things about a hack.
There seems to be a lack of enimies in the area. Also, I hope that Bullet Bill came out of a Shooter. They should always come out of a shooter or gernerator sprite.
I found something... How?! Anyway, I looked in Ultimaxamus's profile. Is this place dead? I just found, and if it's dead, I'll be sad.
Originally posted by Adam
Summer break is the only fucking time I get a break from the assholes that make my life a living hell. No one, and I mean NO ONE is going to take that away from me! Fuck the government. They've already gone down a shit tube anyways, I mean for god's sake if they knew what the fuck they were doing we wouldn't be in such a predicament with the damn economy. Sorry for my foul language, but this just plain pisses me off, even if it's just a rumor.

This describes my opinion as well. The people in my school are idiots, and if this passes, which I doubt it would, well, there goes any happiness I may have had.
@Nameless: That sounds just like my school. There are the smart kids(I'm part of them), then there are the kids that just sit there, do nothing, and expect everyone to just let them through each year, which is what happens thanks to No Child Left Behind act. At least, I think that's thats the reason, I really don't pay much attention to the goverment, and I can't care less right now. Then, the smart kids will have to listen to the same thing over and over again.
My little kitty didn't enjoy your music. I did, but she didn't. She looked at me and blinked, which I understand means "Make it stop", or maybe "Kill me". I wish to donate to this wonderful cause, here you go.

Or is that not acceptable? I have other assets I may use if needed.
Wow, I just downloaded this, and while I'm enjoying it, it's also making me sad.. I have little experance with glitches, so I probably won't get very far. This looks great so far though.
I was looking through the thread and noticed alot of people had trouble with the Water Temple. While I can understand why, the Great Bay Temple in Majora's Mask is alot harder. Anyway, the Lokamo songs didn't give me too much trouble until I got to the Sand one. Then I couldn't seem to get it right.
I got lost. It's as simple as that. I'm lost. I got sent back to the first room of the level, went the other way, got lost again, decide to take a break. Now I'm going to repeat this process tomorrow. I love this hack. Just one question though. What's the life meter do? At first I thought it was the time, but then it ran out, but I didn't die.
I think I may have solved that riddle. I took the days that it took the two men to find the stones, and subtracted the amount of days the man died from the first number, so what I got was this.
1390 could be the ID, but knowing SNN it is most likely a way to keep people busy.
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