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Hack Moderation Log - shovda

Accepted: 11
Mushroom Onion Pizza (2020-11-23)
Unlit Candles (2020-11-25)
35 Questions Deluxe (2020-11-29)
Super Mio World (2020-12-3)
Unintended Behavior (2020-12-7)
Mischievous Mouser (2020-12-18)
Terra (2020-12-18)
God do Shell (2020-12-19)
Shells Delivery Deluxe (2020-12-20)
Super Mario World Remix (2020-12-24)
Quest for the Dragon Coins (2020-12-31)

Removed: 6
35 Questions (2020-11-28)
Mischievous Mouser (2020-12-1)
Mischievous Mouser (2020-12-3)
God do Shell (2020-12-16)
versuch zwei (2020-12-21)
Super Troupe World (2020-12-27)

Accepted SRAMs: 0

Removed SRAMs: 0

Total Moderated: 17
File Name: 35 Questions
Submitted: by random_box
Authors: random_box
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 34 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: A 100% Vanilla hack.
It has 35 Levels (34 Exits) and all of them are one room kaizo challenges. It is supposed to be more of a challenging hack with a really sharp difficulty curve. The first 7 rooms are pretty easy but after that the difficulty increases drastically.

Also there are a few jumps that kinda suck...and some levels...i apologize...
This hack was close to being accepted. One overarching thing, in conjunction with everything else, is the cutoff in many of the levels (background tiles that don't fit together). That wouldn't be an issue in itself, but there were a couple specific, per-level things that added up.

Room 4 - If you lose the spring down the Mario-solid hole, where you need to go to complete the level, you're softlocked other than by waiting out the timer.

Room 11 - The half-ground, half-deathblocks kill you from both sides. I think the intent was to copy the 8x8 pices and have them keep their properties. Unfortunately, it just carries over the appearance.

Room 12 - You can jump up to the key hole from the starting mushroom platform when it descends down far enough, skipping the rest of the level.

Room 13 – The tree platforms are hard to gauge as far as where you can actually stand on them.

Rooms 32 and 33 – I cheesed a mushroom into my item box from Room 5 to beat these. In room 32, the jump to grab the key between the death blocks above and below was the most difficult thing in the game. I didn't hit it once without cheese despite eventually counting pixels. I highly recommend a nerf there. Room 33 I really liked, though perhaps the ending was also a bit too much. That the fish generator was consistent was a blessing though.

I would also highly recommend turning off the "no yoshi" entrances to levels. I know that there are no ASM patches on this hack, meaning there's no fast retry, so getting rid of those intros saves minutes. I'd rather a fast retry and infinite lives and stuff like that, but if you're set on that, then this is a way to work around it.

I think, overall, this is a really interesting and pretty fun hack. I noticed from the credits there were, I believe, no playtesters. This is especially solid given that fact, but I think testers could've found some of the smaller things I'm pointing out here, especially the recommended nerfs in rooms 32 and 33. I look forward to seeing this submitted again after some touching up.
File Name: Mischievous Mouser
Submitted: by MagmaMouse
Authors: MagmaMouse
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Magma Mouser and Wendy M. Mouser have taken over the land.
Make haste to Mouser to claim this land back to it's
rightful owner!

Mischievous Mouser is a 15 exit(17 levels) hack that starts
easy, ends harder but still easy, then there's the star
world. All levels are short...ish.

Full credits in README.txt

v1.1 - Made a jump in Shell Sity more possible(it was
nearly impossible and forgot to fix) and add in a text
box I forgot to re-add

v1.2 - Fixed spawning issues in THWAAAAAAMP
- Made it not possible to skip Motor Caves.
- Decheesed Wrapped with a Bow
- Spelled the title right on the title screen(oops)
There was an issue with overworld events - the motor skills level didn't lead anywhere when beaten. There was also some cutoff and palette stuff to tidy up, though these weren't rejectable concerns. I think the creator is going to touch up some of that stuff in addition to fixing the overworld stuff though. Fun hack! I did move Mario on the overworld and beat all of the levels because I was having such a good time.
File Name: Mischievous Mouser
Submitted: by MagmaMouse
Authors: MagmaMouse
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Magma Mouser and Wendy M. Mouser have taken over the land.

Make haste to Mouser to claim this land back to it's

rightful owner

Mischievous Mouser is a 15 exit(17 levels) hack that starts

easy, ends harder but still easy, then there's the star

world. All levels are short...ish.

Full credits in README_and_CREDITS.txt

v1.1 - Made a jump in Shell Sity more possible(it was

nearly impossible and forgot to fix) and add in a text

box I forgot to re-add

v1.2 - Fixed spawning issues in THWAAAAAAMP

- Made it not possible to skip Motor Caves.

- Decheesed Wrapped with a Bow

- Spelled the title right on the title screen(oops)

v1.3 - Fixed not being able to go past Motor Caves and spelled

things right cause I cant spell
In this version, the overworld issue with the motor skills exit, as well as other smaller things, were fixed, but completing "Shell Sity" didn't trigger an event. The message box in "wrapped in a bow" was blank again as well.

File Name: God do Shell
Submitted: by Deivid Borba
Authors: Deivid Borba
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Kaizo que explora basicamente os truques com Shells.

O yellow switch pallace foi construído com a intenção de ser um Puzzle.


- This hack is very close to acceptance. There's some jank and inconsistent tricks in the last few levels. This is similar to how the first half was before the creator made some edits, and it feels like there might not have been playtesting from someone other than the creator before I moderated this.

- The most noticeable inconsistenty was the trick where you grab the shell while jumping off the blue koopaling at the beginning of "Thiago Miralles." The frame-rule patch, from what I understand, can help fix or mitiage losing half of attempts to just not grabbing the shell. There's a similar setup in a later level, but this one was more draining to have to keep doing.

- The second half of "Jaqueline Pereira" looked especially long and difficult in relation to the rest of the hack, but honestly I was able to cheese the second half by getting the fire flower, going back to the left and damage boosting to the midway to be able to have the cape there, then flying over the level. I'm not even sure this a necessary fix, as long as the second half is RTA viable, but I found it more manageable than doing the level as intended.

- No levels saved upon completion after "Thiago Miralles," but I went back and beat it again after clearing the rest of the exits, and there are 11 exits total rather than 10. I recommend playing through the whole hack from start to back and seeing what you have for exits on the main menu so that you can confirm the number. That said, this wouldn't have been reject-worthy on its own; it's just something to note in addition to the above.

File Name: versuch zwei
Submitted: by Anko
Authors: Anko
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This Hack is for a Youtube Chanal RBTV "Kaizogehtdas"
the most Level are quick but tricky
This has the bones of a good hack, but there are some major concerns that would need to be addressed before acceptance to the site. The first things is that there's a lot of cutoff all over. I get that the overworld is supposed to look like a face, so I don't mean that. I've attached an image as an example of what I do mean.

In the level "Bomb, Fly and more," you can skip the spin jump with as big Mario and keep the mushroom through the rest of the level.

In the second half of "good luck," I just jumped over the top of the level, going off of Yoshi, instead of risking going under. In the final room with the Green Switch, the koopa walked away from the shell. If that was intentional, cool; if it wasn't, that's an issue.

In "two ways," I just grabbed the cape out of one of the switch blocks and flew over the level twice. To enter the pipe, it actually wasn't that hard to cape down there, fly up, and get in the pipe even without the Yellow Switch activated.

In the level "give Yoshie to eat," the death lava tiles after you get Yoshi exist in such a way so that you can just run under them and not jump off Yoshi over them. I took Yoshi up there via shelljump, and over to the right, with the five shells and another baby Yoshi, it all seems like leftovers from a potential next section? It was all just confusing, and I'd recommend removing it, though obviously there's nothhing "wrong" with it being there I think?

The "STAR ROAD" level is on the Forest of Illusion overworld from vanilla.

The messages from hitting the Green and Yellow Switches are blank, which I'm assuming is a mistake here.

From my count, there were 7 exits, though I'm not sure if the Switch Palaces counted, since the Yellow Switch Palace didn't seem to have an event? That said, I didn't get to check since there was no save after the fourth exit, and I didn't bother to go back when there were a bunch of other concerns as well.

Overall, like I said, this is a neat little hack; it just needs a bunch of polish and maybe a good playtester or two. I look forward to the resubmission.
File Name: Super Troupe World
Submitted: by GRIMMKIN
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: A demo of my very first SMW Rom Hack.

Currently there's only a singular world and five different levels.

Any Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

*insert hollow knight reference
I'm gonna reject this for now and just list out some of the things as I find them. Let me note first though that I'm having fun, and it's not, like, a fully trash-able mess or anything like that.

- In the intro, I jumped up at the slatned ceiling and just died.

Yoshi's House

- In the Yoshi's house, you're exiting a pipe that isn't there to start. The water at the top of the tutorial room also kills you? There's cutoff all over the place in the tutorial as well.

Dichromatic Nights

- Mario starts again by walking out of a pipe, but there is no pipe. More kill water on the rex jump, and the color is different from the colors in the Yoshi house due to the thematic palette here. The method of taking away the checkpoint mushroom is the tile below it being a muncher or something similar, but then the next few tiles also are the same? That said, you can cheese the mushroom with a duck jump.

When I beat the first level, this happened:

When I died in the second level, it changed:

Koopa Wastes

- It's very difficult to tell what's foreground and what's background with the pipes. At least one muncher next to the red flying koopas after the ckeckpoint are lava or water. As is one of the pipe tiles later, which I understand is so the shell can come out, but there are other ways to set this up.

Vestigial Swings

- You can skip the last dino torch and just jump to the other side.

Sapphire Mines

- The level starts with a pipe entry and no pipe. This is the checkpoint I like the most, as there's nothing randomly hurting you to get rid of the mushroom.

The black box is a level, it turns out. Still kinda frightening.

Blood Rush

- You can just skip the bowser statue fire after the pencils, if it's intended. I don't know if I double spawned the koopaling for the disco shit, if there's an extra koopaling for some reason, or if that's a broken sprite, because it kinda looks like it. I'm not sure why there's a checkpoint right before the ending - maybe it's something else, but I hit the shell jump right away.

Overall, there are just a lot of little things to fix up. I recommend somehow finding a way to get asar to work as well, for quality of life purposes, but I strongly recommend getting a playtester or two before submitting again.
File Name: Super Souls World
Submitted: by Phyll
Authors: Phyll
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Hello my name is Phyll
I started with this hack on september 27th and finished today on december 31th.I hope you enjoy.
This hack includes:
-fast retry
-open overworld
-custom back and foreground
-custom music
-17 exits
So, there's a lot of good going on here and some not so good. My favorite levels in this hack, by far, were the ones where I couldn't see the direct inspiration and/or direct lifting from Grand Poo World 2 or Invictus. "Road of Sacrifices," for example, was a perfectly fine level. "autumn breeze," while a little tight with some of the jumps between munchers, was still fun. I really enjoyed "Factory" and "Caverns."

Before I go level-by-level for the rest of them, I want to point out again that there's a lot to admire here. This reads like a beginner artist who copies the "masters" or whomever in an attempt to study how they make their creations work. In this case, enough of it seems taken from Grand Poo World 2 that it's a concern. There are some other things to mention - and I recommend getting playtesters to go into specifics on some of the blind drops, tight jumps, and unevenness of difficulty in some levels - but this stuck out a lot in moderation.

"Castle of Lothric" is where the influence gets a little more obvious. The song and aesthetic is very reminiscent of "The Eyrie" from Grand Poo World 2. I also flew over the last few sections of the level (you can get flight where the disco shell is and go over).

With "Green FORTRESS," the spring jumps at the beginning made me a little dizzy, but the rest of it was fun. The music as also from GPW2 (Thousand Halls?) and had a similar aesthetic.

"Petra Desert" was similar in sprite and trick usage (lots of pokeys, catching a mushroom midflight to spinjump off blocks). This is all still okay as far as similarities. In addition, the two-gap space you fall into after the first pokey is somewhat RNG dependent.

"Skyfall" mentions "Marathon" from GPW2 directly. It has the same foreground bridges, the same kinds of jumps (though not exactly the same), and the same music as the GPW2 level.

"Pinkman" was cool. I enjoyed it, and it was more original. That said, when I got the blue shell and the yoshi, I just flew over the rest of the level.

"Pipe Maze" mentions "Deuce Lair," has the same foreground (with a lot of cutoff on the pipes), and a lot of the same tricks (throwblock swimming, jumping off shells that koopas kicked from above, the backshot into a jump off a koopa while grabbing a shell into another backshot). It also has the same music at the GPW2 level.

"Night Rider" was a really fun, more unique level, and other than the three tight jumps in a row (after the chuck gate)," it flowed really, really well. I feel like you could remove the levels that are directly inspired by levels in popular hacks - or keep one or two - and this would be really solid. The way you forced the chuck to be in the right position for setting up that chuck gate was ingenious.

"Valley of Drakes" is a little more nuanced in what its lifting. It looks/feels a lot like Mirkwood, but really I'm noting this here in the context of the rest of the hack.

"Red Fortress" had some bits lifted from parts of "Thousand Halls," but also had a song from Invictus (this will be relevant later). The midway placed away from the bars also seems taken from "Danger Zone" in GPW2.

"Ash Lake" has a lot of similarity, in its use of falling platforms and re-jumping on them, to the first level from Invictus, as well as using the same song. Also, small note, the first half was much longer and more difficult than the second half.

"Darkroot Garden" had a blank message block, but I feel like it probably mentioned Mirkwood from GPW2 as well?

"Ice" was a level that bridged the line between derivative (Caradhras) and adding a more unique twist on the concept, what with the falling spikes and stuff like that. It also flowed really nicely, other than the blind drop after the chuck gate.

Finally, "Valley Fortress" was a really fun level. I might suggest splitting it into two sections, as it was very long, but I enjoyed it immensely.

Again, a lot of this was very fun, but between the broken pieces and the evident lifting from GPW2 in a way that I wouldn't consider it intentional plagiarism, I couldn't accept it as it is. It's a great attempt, but some things need to be edited, perhaps even cut, for this to find approval.

Also, the exit count is wrong. Only one of the levels (I have no idea which) triggers an overworld event. I made sure to beat "Factory" a second time to save before resetting, and the counter showed 1. I think this is a byproduct of the open overworld, but an easy way to check on the number is to beat all the whole hack, save, then reset the console/emulator.
Hack Moderation Log: shovda

Hacks Moderated: 128

Accepted: 104

God do Shell (2021-1-2)
Shell Out (2021-1-2)
3 Islands of Shells (2021-1-8)
Super Swunsh World 2 DEMO (2021-1-8)
Cangrejo Kaizo Lands (2021-1-12)
ShyGuy Kaizo Dream (2021-1-15)
Shell is Cool (2021-1-20)
Mario's Redemption Quest (2021-1-21)
Kaizo Dreamland (2021-1-25)
Super Hark Bros 2 (2021-2-3)
Super SGES Races (2021-2-6)
4 Yumps for Yoshi (2021-2-9)
Super LSG World (2021-2-12)
The Darkside REMASTERED (2021-2-16)
Cute Kaizo World (2021-2-22)
Don't Panic (2021-2-26)
Super Fast World (2021-2-27)
Save Luigi (2021-3-5)
Nissay's beginning (2021-3-8)
Speed Shell (2021-3-9)
El Dorado (2021-3-13)
Newbie Kaizo World (2021-3-17)
Think FastThink Fast (2021-3-17)
Ides of March(2021-3-19)
Tower of Shells (2021-3-24)
YoHo (2021-3-30)
Cangrejo Kaizo Land (2021-3-31)
Super Big Super Shy World (2021-4-2)
Super SGES Races season 1+2 (2021-4-14)
The Reapers Shells (2021-4-16)
ITS EEZ WORLD (2021-4-19)
Timeline Death Challenge (2021-4-19)
Cube's Kaizo World (2021-4-20)
Super Mario: The Five Castles Challenge (2021-4-21)
Lost Places (2021-4-21)
TDC Shells Edition (2021-4-26)
Streak of Tigers (2021-4-23)
Stardust (2021-5-1)
Shellax (2021-5-1)
Super NemMeViu World (2021-5-4)
Intrigue of Kittens (2021-5-13)
Mura World (2021-5-14)
Cube's Kaizo World (2021-5-14)
R-ACK (2021-5-19)
Romp of Otters (2021-5-20)
Nightmare cafe II (2021-5-20)
G-FazO (2021-5-20)
Mura World (2021-5-20)
Akogare 2 (2021-5-26)
Nightmare cafe III (2021-5-27)
Sleepy World (2021-6-1)
Nightmare cafe IV (2021-6-7)
Super Mona World (2021-6-11)
Cazeaje World (2021-6-16)
Nightmare cafe V (2021-6-17)
Super World (2021-6-17)
The United States of Mario (2021-6-18)
Bearded Comedy World 1.1 (2021-6-18)
Full Bloom (2021-7-1)
Fast Food Kaizo (2021-7-20)
Nightmare cafe IX (2021-7-20)
Nightmare cafe X (2021-7-21)
Anita Kaizo Land (2021-7-29)
Heavenly Host (2021-8-1)
Cornucopia of Kaizo (2021-8-6)
Kaizo Kidz (2021-9-7)
Titan Mario (2021-9-10)
Toadventure (2021-9-10)
therapy! (2021-9-16)
The Last Journey (2021-9-17)
Heavenly host 2: Master class (2021-9-21)
Heavenly host 3: Forever faithful (2021-9-22)
Quickie World: With a Vengeance (2021-9-27)
Chocolate Sunday (2021-9-28)
Sio's Dino Mayhem (2021-10-2)
Short and Sweet V1.0 (2021-10-4)
Allstar's dream (2021-10-6)
Boogie Wonderland (2021-10-7)
Super Husky World (2021-10-8)
The Sweet Sweet Love (2021-10-18)
Blue World (2021-10-18)
Darkside 2 (2021-10-20)
Halloween Islands (2021-10-20)
At Least The Music's Good (2021-10-23)
Mario and Luigi Go to White Castle (2021-10-23)
Yikes Kaizo World (2021-11-4)
Tricky Mario 2 (2021-11-6)
Briefly12 World(2021-11-13)
Super Yeet World (2021-11-13)
Super Yeet World (2021-11-18)
Memento Mori (2021-11-18)
The Hackening (2021-11-19)
At Least The Music's good (2021-11-23)
Kaizo 3 Styled Hack (2021-11-23)
Chocolate Sunday (2021-11-23)
Dim Spirits: In-Blood - Complete Edition (2021-12-6)
Luminescent (2021-12-9)
A Christmas Gift (2021-12-10)
Groovy (2021-12-13)
Cube's Kaizo World 3 (2021-12-17)
Super germdove World (2021-12-23)
Day In the Life (2021-12-31)

Rejected: 24

Super Souls World (2021-1-1)
3 Islands of Shells (2021-1-7)
Mario in the Klasky Opusc Island (2021-1-8)
Insomnia1.0 (2021-1-21)
Super Mario World The Blue Island (2021-2-6)
SUDP (2021-2-16)
Think Fast (2021-2-23)
Newbie Kaizo World(2021-3-2)
Super Mario World The Blue Island (2021-3-9)
Kaizo Pipes (2021-3-11)
Super Big Super Shy World (2021-3-16)
Super Big Super Shy World (2021-3-19)
Fedora (2021-3-26)
Super SGES Races (season 2) (2021-4-9)
A Goblin's Quest to Leave Her House and Get a Gyro For Lunch Because She Was Hungry (2021-5-4)
#DGR (2021-6-8)
Shell jump practice demo (2021-6-26)
Sonic's Adventure in Mushroom Kingdom (2021-6-29)
8;40 (2021-8-10)
Kaizo 3 Styled Hack (2021-10-13)
Super Kroeti Kaizo World (2021-10-23)
Griffy World (2021-11-18)
Shizu's Seasons: Halloween 2021 - Luigi is on holiday (2021-11-19)
Heckin' Spoop World (2021-12-6)
File Name: 3 Islands of Shells
Submitted: by Gulaschko
Authors: Gulaschko
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: After Yoshi had a leak in his boat the boat sank and Yoshi found himself on a lonely (?) island...

Come with Yoshi and discover three Islands which were never seen or explored before by anyone. Push yourself through all kinds of environment with only the ability of having shells you found on your way through and discover the secret about these three Islands of Shells...

A Shellhack which is neither too hard nor too easy for a standard kaizo player. The point of this Hack are shelljumps so do not be suprised if there are a lot of them in this Hack.

Creator was in twitch while I streamed my moderation and plans to resubmit with fixes. The biggest issue is that level one can be broken wide open by giving Yoshi a blue shell. In addition, the exit count is off, and the last level is beyond a significant difficulty spike (4 hours on it when I stopped vs 2 on the rest of the hack). There are some other smaller things the author wants to fix too, mostly spelling/grammar related.

As an aside, it is not an average difficulty hack. Even the first, shorter levels are difficult, though fun.
File Name: Mario in the Klasky Opusc Island
Submitted: by jesus angel
Authors: jesus angel
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: this is an only one level hack, mario is starting his adventure in an unknow island named klasky opusc island, after completing his adventures on the yoshi's island to valley of bowser
i hope you enjoy this hack !
There's no checkpoints and like 12 long-ish screens of fairly difficult setups. That said, "Top Secret Area" is accessible and lets you just get capes and fly over the first screen. There's also cutoff everywhere, map16 edits that take trial and error to figure out. It seems resolutely not RTA viable. Also, the level doesn't trigger any actual exits, meaning the count is off.
File Name: Insomnia1.0
Submitted: by Dr.Moe
Authors: Dr.Moe
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Hey guys, this is my first full release SMW Hack "Insomnia".

If you dont want to read to much just watch this trailer:

This hack has 4 Worlds, 17 Exits,
I tried to focus on mostly platforming and a few shell jumps, while difficulty is somewhere between Kaizo Kindergarten and Invictus...

Mario wasn't able to sleep for a long time. While still wearing his pyjama and not knowing what is real or a dream, he finds himself in a strange world.
Find Bowser to get some sleep!

This Hack is chocolate style, so includes:
-Custom Gfx
-Custom Music
-Custom Sprites
-Custom Blocks but
-Original Mario Physics!

Credits can be found after beating last boss ;)
Thanks to everyone who supported stuff,
You made me have a good time!

Pls Comment, rate,
Would be nice to have some feedback on this

I hope you enjoy playing this!

Before getting into the weeds on why I rejected this hack, I want to just state my admiration for the amount of work and polish that went into some of the levels, especially RGB Jungle, the first level. The aesthetics were wonderful, including the background shifting colors at fixed points. I was actually stunned during my playthrough, and the creative setups only fueled my desire to continue playing the hack.

When we hit Purple Lake, some things started to show themselves. I did appreciate the hints for secret exits, by the way, as I watch back through my playthrough. I swam under most of the level though, for both exits, climbing back up either at the flying hammer brother platforms or near the fugu. In addition, I was able to get the powerups from the flying question mark blocks, resulting in a cape and an easier time cheesing the rest of the level.

Castle Crush was good and functioned as intended.

Yellow Switch Palace's custom background raised concerns about photosensitivity and caused nausea in some of my Twitch viewers. I like the blocky aesthetic as a unique little thing, but again the flashing was troublesome. This isn't worthy of rejection in itself, but it's definitely a concern and would require a content warning if it's not changed before acceptance.

Also, in YSP, the troll at the end was very upsetting, especially the fact that, once you enter the room with the fake switch, you respawn in there and cannot go back until you reset your console, unless I'm missing something. Perhaps a fake pipe or something instead of the dead-end room would be better, I'm not sure, but I can imagine quite a few players putting down the hack out of frustration at this point.

Slippery Bridge and Mole's Passage were both enjoyable levels, the latter especially being very creative and something that stood out as incredibly enjoyable. Maybe the best level in the hack? Definitely an A+ experience in any case.

Grand Canyon as well was enjoyable, though it felt like there was some overly tight setups with the spinjumps off the banzai bills. Witch's Woods was disturbingly creative. Leading the Mario Rexes around was a little...strange at times, but also just fun.

Red Switch Palace had the same issue as the Yellow one, though less so. The fact that you're focused on the solid blue alleviated some of the issues with the flashing lights, though it's still a concern for players with photosensitivity disorders. Not having a major troll at the end was also a plus.

Creeping Up was fun, and I liked the troll at the end because you can see the tops of the blocks to know you should move left or right. Beetle Juice was similarly enjoyable, though I cheesed some of it just due to the nature of having a portable pink triangle. Strike! was also really, really cool. There was quite a bit of trial-and-error that could throw people off, but that's the nature of levels where you're moving really fast, and it was easy to figure out what to do after just one or two misses. Some of the setups with the chucks were A+.

Front Door was intensely creative, and I wish I had the patience as a creator to make something of similar intricacy. I also laughed out loud at the falling-ground trolls throughout; having them introduced early on mitigated some potential annoyance at the later ones.

Run Run Run had some graphics issues in the second half, most notably the ground tiles in the upper-left corner. Overall, the level was alright and almost thematically necessary, but also the fishing boo in the second half had some frustrating jank that depended on how long you ran on certain fast-falling platforms and/or your jump heights to a very precise degree. Even when I thought I'd figured it out, the flame would end up in a position it'd be impossible to progress beyond for seemingly no reason other than chance.

These first 16 exits took something like 4.5 hours, so the final level taking 1.5, nearly 2, was a major step up in difficulty that was kind of frustrating, especially since a lot of the difficulty came in how long the level was, with the first parts becoming seared into the player's mind. I did get to a point where I knew exactly how the hammers would come out depending on my position/timing, but then the first 40 seconds of the 60 second boss fight was simple repetition where you could still randomly die to a weirdly short spinjump off Bowser (especially when you're supposed to jump off him on to the grey falling platforms) or to a hammer that came out when you couldn't avoid it because you were a tad too fast. Again, this isn't something to reject the hack on by itself, but I wish that it could be reworked into something shorter.

And again, overall, this hack was superbly creative. The levels I liked I was absolutely thrilled about, but there were also some very strong concerns, mostly the level break and the photosensitivity potential.
File Name: Super Mario World The Blue Island
Submitted: by jesus angel
Authors: jesus angel
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This Kaizo Hack consist that mario went to an island named the blue island and he decide to see whats in there, there are green blocks that are used with the p switch, some are blocks but when the p switch activates it will still a block but it will act like a coin, there is also grey or red blocks that will hurt if mario touch them, this is an only one level hack
i hope you enjoy this hack !
First off, this is a lot cleaner and more fun than the first version of this hack. That said, while the sections of the level are - I think - a tad shorter, they're still very long, multiple screens without a checkpoint. In addition, there's a leftover overworld event to the left of the island when you complete the level and significant amounts of cutoff on the ground tiles inside the level. The green blocks that acts as coins (then act as blocks when the p-switch is activated) and the green blocks that act as blocks (then act as coins when the p-switch is activated) look exactly the same.

To get more into some specific things:

In the second sub-level, there's pretty much no danger and no specific way to go through. The bowser statues also don't shoot fire, which could be a mistake, but maybe not. In the third sub-level (and when you come back to the other side after the checkpoint), the pipe you enter is off-screen. In the fourth section, there are off-screen muncher right above the dolphins when they're higher up. Some are on the screen, which is great, but it's the ones you can't see that are a problem.

The end of the fourth section gets really confusing, actually. I do like that you can either ride the dolphins or ride the saws across, but there's just so much going on at a couple points that it's too much for the eyes. In the sixth sublevel, no checkpoint yet, you spawn the player coming out of a pipe above koopas on 1f0s, which is very rude. There's also some rope-corner cutoff here. This paragraph is all stuff that isn't reject worthy in a vacuum, but there are just so many issues that it overwhelms.

Some of these are larger or smaller concerns than others, and not every piece is worthy of rejection on its own. I do want to say again that I appreciate the amount of effort that's gone into this version of the hack from where it started. That said, I think it needs quite a bit more work and perhaps a few playtesters to help you get this toned down a bit more and ready for acceptance on the site.
File Name: SUDP
Submitted: by ninj
Authors: ninj
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: SUDP (Stupided up dummy party) is a "kaizo" hack with a very "mixed" level design style (because i cant decide on a single style). Do not play if

you don't like horrible glitchy messes full of stupid memes, bad graphics, and dumb "jokes". SUDP

is a parody of many other hacks including:



Vip & Wall mix

JUMP 1/2

Brutal Mario

Kaizo Mario 1

Xka Shack

Mario's Mystery Meat

A few Kldc 2020 entries

Kaizo things in hack:

block dupe

shell jumps

hard jumps

disco shelling

So, there's quite a few concerns, some of which are rejectable and some that aren't. I'm just gonna list them out. The overworld needs a seizure warning, and it's also a vanilla edit. The Yoshi House level is confusing and leads to nothing afaik looking in lunar magic. It's very possible to have good-looking "bad graphics," as in something like Unintended Consequences, but this doesn't hit that mark. "Mario's Soupes Remagter" is roundabout, has superfluous things all around, you can cheese yoshi or the galoomba wherever you want, things like that - it doesn't feel like a kaizo level. The flashing colors in the castle level are also potentially seizure-inducing.

"D-day" the level has a goomba with a Hitler-esque moustache and is an imagining of storming Omaha Beach; it seems very glib about all that, which was maybe funny a decade ago but isn't now. It's also a vanilla edit of Donut Plains 1. The disco-shell level also has flashing lights. "Not a KLDC 2020 entry." is a garbled mess of graphics. I get that it's intentionally so, but it doesn't really serve a purpose and is just...yeah. The "SUPER" level has some double-sprite death issue potential at the three disco-ball spinys the kaizo blocks above them. I had to just take the 50/50 on if I'd die there, but it felt more like 70/30 in favor of dying.

Overall, this felt like a submission meant for Linkdeadx2 to get a kick out of during his stream. I don't know how much of what I mentioned needs to be fixed up so that it's acceptable, but at the moment it doesn't seem to settle down into one of the categories of "good hack with silliness" (JUMP, JUMP 1/2), "ridiculous jank that's still fun" (YUMP 2), or "intentionally overwhelmingly frustrating and in your face about it" (KEK 2). There's a chance, if it finds its footing and it's in the first grouping that it could be accepted, but that'll take a lot of revision.
Originally posted by shovda
File Name: Think Fast
Submitted: by Desert
Authors: Desert
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 14 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: -------------------------------------------------------------

Travel through vivid environments and beautiful locales as you embark on a journey to find money to restock the powerup shop. Think Fast is my first TRUE hack.

I'm sad that I need to reject this, but it has a couple things that make that the outcome, and there are a couple other things I'll suggest based on my experience as well.

The biggest issue is a softlock in the "Secret Slide" level, the bomb killed the first spiny on the 1f0s that you need to butt slide. You can actually then drop onto the second enemy with a spin jump, but you can't get back out. There's no start-select to exit the level or apparent timer to wait out, so you have to reset. If there is actually a timer that's just invisible, I missed it and reset too quickly, but the point still stands.

Besides that, the biggest issue is how much the difficulty spikes, especially with tightness, starting at "The Final Challenge," which is about the 4th to last level or so. Any jumping into our out of one-tile gaps, especially with a muncher ceiling, seems so far removed from the earlier stages that it's less of a difficulty curve and more of just a straight shot up.

I want to clarify that, if only the softlock were removed, this would likely be accepted with some caution to future players, but I believe this has the chance to go from an okay hack to a pretty good hack with some more softening of the difficulty spikes.

I look forward to the resubmission.
File Name: Newbie Kaizo World
Submitted: by Azula16
Authors: Azula16
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: ♥ It's a fairly simple and short Kaizo. :)
♥ It's not a kaizo tutorial, you must have played other kaizos. :P
♥ This hack was done in no time and I wanted to send it fast.
♥ I tried to make it as vanilla as possible; It is inspired by Quickie World & Hazuka World. :3
♥ Has any% and 100%.
♥ It is my first kaizo, I hope you like it very much. I did it with a lot of love! uwu
♥ Do not forget to comment and I really appreciate the opportunity for you to play it. n.n
The major reason I'm rejecting this is the difficulty spike with the last boss. The rest of the hack took me about an hour, and the boss took over 2. Beating the boss also felt like pure luck and like the RNG just fell in my favor that particular time. The creator was in chat while I played the hack and agreed on making changes, asking me to write out some more feedback if possible, so I'm going to do so here. Just to mention it, I think this would be an acceptable hack if not for that boss, and it could be accepted still, but the creator seemed to want to make other edits. If a level isn't mentioned here, I don't have anything in particular to comment on. The hack overall is very enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to the tuned up version.

Super Wario World 2: I think my only small complaint is that the jump right after the checkpoint to the thwimp is very tight. The skewers overall make this level a little more difficult than "newbie" in the hack title would lead me to believe. Overall, the hack tends to be a bit more difficult than I'd expect, but the levels are usually short enough to make up for that in my mind. That said, I think the difficulty is more "intermediate" than it is beginner.

Garlic: The reznor boss is hilarious, but I might knock down the hits to kill to like 10 or 12 at most, maybe 9 or something. We talked about making this the end boss instead of the koopa kid, which I still agree with.

Princess Kaizo Land: This level is incredibly easy compared to the rest of the hack. It's the only case where I'd recommend making the level a little more difficult.

Shell's Retriever: I just wanted to mention I really liked the idea of this level. It's probably the most creative thing in the hack, and it's unique in the wider context of kaizo, having to balance when to hit the switch to get in the pipe with minimizing how long you want to have to dodge the fireballs.

Overworld: It was a bit confusing on where to go, actually. I only accidentally found the level "Fly Me to the Stars" a while after unlocking it, and I didn't complete "Shell's Retriever" until a long while after I found the message block in "Garlic" that said I'd hit a fake switch. So it's very easy to do things in a way that might seem out of order. This is fine, of course, but the message block I mentioned implied that you were hoping I'd go through the game a different way, so I wanted to mention it.

Music: The music from level to level is unbalanced and overall tends to be on the loud side. This isn't a big deal, and it's not even close to being a reason for rejection as long as it doesn't cause ear damage, but, if you're interested, you might be able to get some help in the SMWCentral discord or forums with how to fix it.
File Name: Super Mario World The Blue Island
Submitted: by jesus angel
Authors: jesus angel
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This Kaizo Hack consist that mario went to an island named the blue island and he decide to see whats in there, there are grey or red blocks that will hurt if mario touch them, this is an only one level hack
i hope you enjoy this hack !
The big thing is that the checkpoints are broken and all of them, including the first and third, take you to, I believe, the second midway. There are other minor things like finite lives (seems odd in kaizo in 2021), and if you game over you lose your midway. There's still offscreen pipes and other things like that throughout, which I recommend fixing, but that's less immediate.

Here's the tool for multiple midways: - the readme file should have all the explanations, but you can also ask on the forums or in the discord for more help if needed.

I heavily encourage both playing through your hack without savestates multiple times and having at least one playtester before submitting again.
File Name: Kaizo Pipes
Submitted: by Blueperry
Authors: Blueperry
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 24 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: a hack that changes only the pipes and the castle of the first world and the palace of the yellow switch

My first hack and this is the first version
Exit count is wrong, as you can get all 96 of the original exits. Everything is just vanilla edits, including what seems to be a 99% vanilla overworld. The graphics are very messy, including sprites that I have to interact with to understand what they are. The stacked munchers are concerning, and it feels very much like not a lot of time was taken with this hack.

A couple of core values that are undermined here include:

- Levels are made from scratch, excluding translation hacks
- Levels are distinguishable from one another in design quality
- Clean use of graphics (e.g. avoiding 'cutoff', 'glitched sprites', and 'background garbage')

Please do not resubmit this.