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Posts by Azentiger
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Hi. I'm Azentiger and I joined this place a few days ago. I didn't really know what to do first here, so I guess posting here is a good idea. At least, I hope.

It's actually great to have found a place where SMW Hacks are submitted. It takes the gameplay to a whole new level.
Lately, I've been checking tips and F.A.Q to know more about doing SMW Hacks and I started doing one already. I'm not gonna say more about it, though.

Well, that's pretty much the story. I'm sure that I'll enjoy the whole site.

(Oh yea, as you can see, I sometimes make too long posts...)
A story about my username... Azentiger... hmmm...

I heard and said that too many times in my young years. Now I'm stuck with this username forever.

(Though I'm not really what my username says. If people thinks I'm a zen tiger, that's kinda false. I'm just a human, somehow sociable, but who sometimes have a short temper.)

Anyway, I just love that username and it's easy to remember it.
Mostly, I almost ALWAYS use the same username everytime.

The same goes on Youtube. It's still Azentiger.

And here's my channel. Though... for some ridiculous reason, I just don't have any idea how to send a direct link. I guess I'll send it, like that.

I have only 1 subscriber and 11 videos uploaded.
(Mostly the videos are about my epic failures at Super Mario Galaxy as Luigi...)

So I don't have much popularity yet, probably because of that crappy webcam that died a couple of days ago. (May it NOT R.I.P.)
Tag (span) was not closed.
That's not much, but it was quite shocking. I didn't slept for some time because of this horrible flash of a nightmare.

I don't even know if I should even post this. Anyway, there's no way back now.

That was last summer. No images. Only words. Shocking words that I heard.

"There's nothing better for a black gay person than being surrounded by a hundred more black gay people."

I instantly woke up at this time.
I have nothing against gays or black people, but this was just insane. Well, quite enough to freak me out for an entire day.
Hmmm... as far as I can remember, it was a friend who sent me a joke e-mail.

Instructions to make your laptop look like a bomb in a airplane.

There was even the countdown with it. It takes the full screen. Black screen and red-numbered countdown. Kinda scary.

Joke e-mail? That's pretty much a bad joke. I don't think no one ever did that in their life. If they actually did, then they are either stupid, or imprisoned.
Mostly I'm doing work in college, though I sometimes play video games and work on my SMW hack skills. Other times, I go see shdwdrgnix playing and sometimes reviewing SMW Hacks. He even tested what I've already completed in mine.
Most of the time, his verdict (summarized) remains the same: "Epic Fail", so I just work on it even more and try to find alternatives to some bad ideas.

Well, that's what I do most of my free time.
The opposite of Azentiger?

Hmmm... Dunno... TheAngryPenguin?
"Burn the witch!"

(Tristan (I think), on Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series: Episode 22)
I'd probably just give myself a new orange color to my username.
Nothing else, really. I just don't have the will required to be a mod.

I have already been a mod in another forum (a dead one), and trust me, I sucked at it so much. I just lost my temper too many times. It would be chaotic if I had to be a mod here.

So yea, in summary, I would just like it because of the color change.
I don't know how I can name it, really, but the problem has to do with the moving water in the original YOSHI'S ISLAND 4.
(If you remember the level, you know what I'm talking about.)

Okay, here's the thing.

I actually want to remove that "water" completely or then, make some other use from it, like errr... I don't know... turning it to some kind of lava...?

1. How to remove the water?

2. If I keep the water, can I change its properties to some lava (and that would kill Mario)? If it's possible, then how?

That's what I got for now. Thanks in advance.
Granted, both are in your refrigerator... ... ...since one month ago.

I wish I had a better new comp. (Hmmm... I already see the answer... Maybe...)
Originally posted by Ultor
Originally posted by DSMLMD
Hey, but is not doomsday ?

Doomsday will NEVER Happen, only if we make it happen.

Just hope that the humanity isn't going to lead us all to this.
Or else we would all have been stupid.
Granted, but that means your wish doesn't exist, and so... it doesn't work.

I wish my Internet was alot faster.
Oh, that was so simple? Right, I removed the layer 3. Thanks for the help.

If someone can help me out with my second question, please let me know.
Originally posted by Sonikku
It is possible to change the behavior of the Layer 3 Water, but it also affects the Animated Water tiles.*** Go to Editors > 16x16 Tile Map Editor > Click on tile 00 (The animated water), then click on "Edit 16x16 Attributes". Afterwards, in the bottom half of that new window, where it says "Gameplay properties of 16x16 tile", change 00 to 05. This makes Layer 3 water kill Mario when he touches it.

***To keep the original water, you have to click on the ORIGINAL water tile, and paste it on a blank Map16 page and press F9. To access the new water tile, click the Turn Block icon near the top of the Lunar Magic window, and click on the bar that says "Standard Objects", "Tileset Specific Objects", or "Extended Objects", and change it to "Direct Map16 Access (Lunar Magic)". After this, click on the Map16 page you pasted the tile on (In the new menu), and click on the tile and right click to paste it on the level.

Thanks everyone for the tips. Now I see this one...

I don't think I will use animated water anyway. So I guess I will test this and see what's happening.

I'm wondering... does that mean I could also use the new lava to do the "High and Low tides" thing so the lava will go up and down as time passes? (That question is clear enough, no?)

EDIT: Okay, I got another problem, and I think it's because of the water in YOSHI'S ISLAND 4.
No, I actually got rid of the water. I also made sure that when Mario takes a pipe, he comes back from another pipe in the same level.
Here's the problem. Somehow, when Mario comes back from the pipe, it caused the background to rise by 4, 5 or 6 tiles high, I don't remember exactly. So the background rose, leaving glitched background behind. So the bottom of my background is glitched. How can I fix that?

Note: I can send screenshots showing the problem if needed.
Originally posted by imamelia
Edit: Dang it, somebody beat me to it!

At least, you told me some more details about what to do.

And... the problem has been fixed. Like you said, it WAS 00. Thanks for your help. ^^

Well, the 4th level is complete. Now to the 1st castle.
Well, I can test it for you, too, if you want.
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Azentiger's Profile - Posts by Azentiger

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