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So, i want to know if there's anyway of make mario loses yoshi instantly if he gets hit, so you can't catch him anymore.
Hello, I want to know if there's any way to stop the player from going below the floor in water levels without simply put tiles everywhere, is there a patch or something like that?
Yes, I did insert as uberasm tool, yes, I did put "init:" in the beginning, yes, i did put RTL instead of RTS, i did this before in a hack that I was testing the hdma gradients, and it did work.

I'm using LX5 custom powerups, together with DKC style status bar, does this do something to the HDMA gradients? Or I just blind and doing something wrong?

Anyway, I hope someone can help me with that, I will be grateful.

(Just to have more information, the level doesn't glitch or anything, it just literally nothing happens)
Originally posted by Hunter-
Just to clarify, are those other patches level asm? You can only use one file per level.

There are no other patches besides the ones I mentioned and sa-1.

Not asar patches, neither uberasm patches.

Don't know if that's what you wanted to know...but there it is.
Yep, that was the problem, thank you, this was really helpful. #tb{^V^}
Are you sure you aren't putting the extra bits in the extensions?
No, it go in the extra bit, I was just asking if you put in the extension instead of extra bits slot
This probably have been asked before, but I would like to know how to fully disable the status bar, together with the item box using lx5 custom powerups, I know it just not a simple configuration in the asm file.
Hello, I would like to know if there's a way to completely remove the status bar, and if so, how.
Apologies, I thought I could ask here since is about removing the status bar with the custom powerups installed.
Don't' know about the bonus room, but the overworld pallete swap, go to the overworld editor -> overworld -> change special world levels, them change what level will trigger the color swap.
You did put the goal sprite right? the goal object alone doesn't work, if you did put however, keep in mind the animation doesn't play in vertical levels.
So, it disappear during the fade out right? Is there a way to make so them won't disappear?
This may be a ExAnimation problem, check if you didn't copy anything that used a ExAnimation.
The 8x8 editor? did you press shift + F9 to save and them insert the graphics by pressing #lm{insgfx}?
If you change the Mario's overworld position you need to delete the save file in the emulator and start a new one, or else won't work.
Hello, I want to know if there's anyway to edit a CUSTOM sprite to make it stay on ledges.
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