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How the fk do I 'build' PIXI from source? It doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever.

It used to be a pre-compiled application that resided in a ZIP/RAR archive.

Now I've found myself signed up to Github, jumping through hoops left right and centre, with not a lot to show for it.



#2 - Where was this link originally posted? I've been googling every variation of "SMW PIXI" I could think of!
@WhiteYoshiEgg - Yeah, I figured that, I did obtain the source files for PIXI through the link here on SMW Central, but I was unsure how to physically compile everything that was provided (I do have VS2017 Community installed, but still had doubts about compiling anything)

Thanks for that though, appreciate it.

Just a final thing, the ../pixi/list.txt wasn't in the compiled download posted earlier.
Am I safe to just create it, and look at SMWC tutorials to understand the correct format of adding sprites, or are there default sprites PIXI expects to be in the list?

Thanks for the advice regardless! :)
Originally posted by RollingRigatonis
No, you can just create it. As that's what I had to do when I first downloaded it.

Thankyou! :)
Originally posted by MajorMuff
Originally posted by shidouri


#2 - Where was this link originally posted? I've been googling every variation of "SMW PIXI" I could think of!

In the tools section for PIXI there is a link to the source but there's also a simple 'Download' link below that. I'm guessing you missed that :)

LOL, yeah, I saw the 'Link' hyperlink and the direct link to the github repo. My bad, just call me Mr. Blind >.<

I'm using the Retry System (+multiple checkpoints) patch found here:

Whenever I take a death, the "Retry/Exit" prompt appears, but selecting Retry takes me to a Level 0 infinite bonus room instead of restarting on the level I was originally on when I took the death.

I can get around this by setting a midway point at the start of the level and it'll respawn me at the midway point, but I'm aiming not to do this.

Can anyone explain to me why this is, and how I can resolve it please?

Thanks in advance. :)
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Remember to check "Use seperate settings for midway entrance." in any level and save that level because it relies on specific Lunar Magic hijacks which are only set with that setting.

Thanks, but if this is what you're referring to then it was already set and doesn't work if I uncheck/recheck and save.
Originally posted by worldpeace
From my recent comment on the patch section:
I apologize that I should have mentioned that the patch is not compatible with old save data (sram) saved before this patch, so loading it after applying the patch may cause various problems such as game freezing after selecting retry, or sending players to level 0.

To resolve this, you need to remove the old save data. You could use the erase data menu in the titlescreen, or remove the save file from your system.

It seems like your case is relevant to this. Plase try erasing the old save data.
(Technical note: The problem happens because the patch makes use of extra sram space which is not initialized with a proper value in vanilla.)

This was my issue exactly. Thankyou for the information and the fix! :)
Hi there.

Looking to lockout the star powerup timer so it keeps you invincible for the entire level.

Only planned for one level in my hack, and this level will be the only one that contains a star.

Is this possible, and can someone please enlighten me?
Originally posted by Thomas
Put this into UberASM for the level:

	LDA $1490|!addr
	BNE +
	INC $1490|!addr
  +	RTL

Thankyou :)
Initially, this worked for the first run, the star power timer just didn't run out as intended.

Since resetting however, the star isn't functioning as a power up any more. It gives you 1000 points but thats all, no invincibility or animation.

I've ran UberASM with the above code removed, as well as inserted the disassembled version of the star as a custom sprite alongside the original star, and this issue persists.

Any advice?

I'm trying to edit Sprite Map16.

I've used CTRL-SHIFT-DOWN and LM Map16 Editing Window says Sprite Map16 editing is unloacked, but the background Map16 tiles are still there instead.

I've restarted LM several times and no luck.

Using LM v3.02.

Any help? Thanks! :)

EDIT: I've also gone page by page down to 80 & directly jumped there with the page number.
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
It's actually Ctrl-Shift-PageDown, but if LM says the sprite Map16 viewing was unlocked, you probably got that right.

Are you sure you can't go past page FF? The sprite Map16 data starts at page 100, so what happens if you enter that into the "page" box directly?

Was quite late for me when I wrote this but yeah, I did mean PgDown.

Thanks for that reply though, from what I googled I thought it was on Page 80. Going from FF to 100 works correctly. Appreciate it!

This isn't so much a request thread, more looking for things that already exist.

A block that bounces back a thrown turn block, and the block/patch that freezes all sprites X/Y pos and speed for several seconds before releasing them again. (essentially a 'sprite pauser')

Both were featured in GPW2, and allegedly have been released to the public but I haven't been able to hunt them down.

Any assistance would be appreciated. :)
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