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obligatory one and done post to edit profile

hi, im a lurker and i had another account, but i think the email's dead, so welp (dont worry, i was not active). im a novice at asm and i also like to learn more about level design, so that's why im tinkering around with smw

you might see me in the comments section of some patches, idk
hi, just a small question. i was wondering where it's determined that the tile for the exploding turn block and throw block sprites should be mirrored horizontally. i'd appreciate any info, thank you!
i did learn that Exploding Block uses the generic SubSprGfx2Entry1, although im still unsure why it's x-flipped. i think a few other sprites use this and are mirrored too, so i'll leave this open in case anyone wants to add to this.

for now, i wrote this to pre-set Exploding Block's direction before it calls gfx routine (doesnt appear to affect its spawned sprite):
org $02E41F
autoclean JSL FIXME


LDA #$01
STA $157C,X
JSL $0190B2 ;restored code

Originally posted by Romano338
Question about overworld paths:
Do you guys have a way to link 2 levels spaced that way?
isnt that setup already in vanilla?
Originally posted by SMW ROM Map
$01C8D3 | 1 byte | Sprite tilemap related | Tilemap: Swinging Platform's Chain 4 (Sprite 5F)

Originally posted by SMWDisC.txt
CODE_01C8D3: A2 03 | LDX.B #$03
CODE_01C8D5: 86 02 | STX $02

im not sure how to report it otherwise, but it appears someone confused LDX for tile A2. also, i dont see chain 2 in gameplay; it may or may not be overwritten by chain 3

STEAR also uses chain 2 and [more importantly] 4, unfortunately
that looks like the generator, rather than the actual sprite you need to edit
you can probably make that block in Blockreator with the ON/OFF conditions and inverting the block interactions for Mario/Sprites
unless you've repointed your additional code to freespace, you were most likely overwriting old code, this case being the 1-up code. it's probably not too hard to change fire's animation to mimic cape's or to disable the palette flashing with just a hex editor, but if you want also the smoke particle, you'll need some freespace.

based on the information written for ram address $71 on the ram map and smwdisc.txt,
i found a visual bug in vanilla with red/green koopas if you get hit by them right when they turn into a bipedal koopa from walking into a shell.

i believe it's frame-perfect, so it's hard for me to get this consistently. anyway, i was wondering if this was already discovered and/or someone has a fix for this. thanks in advance
the sprite was purged in mid-2017 and supposedly moved to the smw uberasm section, although i dont see it in there right now (i might be blind)
i had to look through 100 results for "Koopa" on that page, but haha, they are buggy little guys, arent they? i guess that's fine if there's no known fix right now, since there are a million other koopa glitches
sounds like you're looking at a PC address, rather than the SNES addresses that both the smw ROM map and smw disassembly use
EDIT: read my post for the short version, read WhiteYoshiEgg's post for the more detailed version

when you place an exit pipe (says "...with exit enabled.") or a door, check what screen it's on with F1. the top left corner of your exit screen border will have a hex number. then head over to "Modify Screen Exits" #lm{sex}. in the Screen Number dropdown menu, pick your screen number. next, put the level number you want to use for your destination. this method will take you to the main entrance of your specified level.
yup, the SMW ROM Map has you covered:

Originally posted by smw rom map
$01EC36 - Change from "D0" (BNE) to "80" (BRA) to disable the Yoshi rescue message.

this requires modifying code in the ROM, so i recommend making a patch (write your code in Notepad and save as an .ASM file) and then patch your .ASM file onto your ROM using Asar.

you could also look here for more information about patches and Asar
horizontal scrolling:
lunar magic tends to automatically adjust the number of screens your level is, if there is empty space. put a coin or something at the end of your gap and save the level

vertical scrolling:
change the scrolling over in the Header Properties. #lm{MARIO69}
there was some very active moderation yesterday that turned a lot of very old patches into uberasm code, although not all of them were submitted to the uberasm section. keep an eye on the Moderation Questions section for any removal of content
hello! i want yoshi to not kick mario off if he steps on crumbled dry bones. what i've done so far is make mario not die if his body touches the Dry enemies while he's riding yoshi and i've also tried to grant yoshi conditional immunity to them. the problem is that he's now 100% immune to them, so they will never hit yoshi.

this is especially noticeable if you jump into one from below. im using the crumbled flag $1534, but it doesnt seem to work the way i want it to in this instance.

primary question: how do i make yoshi immune to crumbled dry bones?
secondary question: what did i do wrong in my code?
oh, thank you very much Maarfy! i really do need to pay attention to what registers are being used then

if you were wondering about the hurt hijack, i'll still be needing that, because yoshi's hitbox doesnt keep mario's head/back 100% safe (or at least vs this particular enemy). regardless, problem solved!
i found this in the SMW ROM Map:
Originally posted by smw rom map
$00D63E | 1 byte | ASM | Change from 10 to 80 to disable Spin Jump.