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RAREware made Donkey Kong Country.


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
I'm interested to get new levels on e-Reader cards, so i can play them on my GBA.


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
Originally posted by copyRIGHThunter
Originally posted by LuigiBlood
I'm interested to get new levels on e-Reader cards, so i can play them on my GBA.

Look in the topic link in my 1st post. A link to a gamesave is there so you can play ALL of the world-e levels - including the ones that were only released in Japan. There's a total of about 30 of 'em.

No, i actually i did think new levels, that the hackers will make in e-Reader format.
I can play the real e-Reader levels with no problem with NO$GBA.
I have the Europe version of the game, and i have somehow unlocked the e-Reader things (i just need to test with a REAL US e-Reader, which i don't have at all), i did dumped that save with access to e-Reader things for Europe version.


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
Originally posted by Ersanio
Now this is one of the few reasons of why I should learn ARM ASM, and get into GBA hacking. I already have a SMA4 ROM ((U) V1.1), but I don't know how to access the E-reader levels.

I COULD search for data for SMA4, but I need to know 1 thing:

Those E-reader stuff, are those already in the SMA4 ROM by default, or do we really need this e-reader thing?

We really need this e-Reader, because levels are in that dot code (but all objects and enemies, even e-Reader exclusives ones are in the ROM, so you can say there's only Level Data in the dot code).
But levels, if finished, can be saved to the SRAM.
NO$GBA can emulate it, but for me, i need a real e-Reader so i can test the e-Reader on the Europe version, i have a SAV for the Europe with unlocked e-Reader access (actually, the program it does need for SMA4, can't reach the e-Reader with NO$GBA, but there's a save for the e-Reader with that program, but it's only for US version).


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
Originally posted by Ersanio
Ah, that will be convenient for the ROM hackers.

Perhaps I should just go hunt random data and dump my discoveries somewhere.

...Unless there is a document about this ROM already?

Some docs :

But for the dot cards, you have to discover it by yourself, with the help of this :


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
I'm sure you can help, especially with the e-Reader type levels, so we can get the levels to a real GBA, that would be very interesting (also, i will get a real e-Reader, so if it's compatible SMA4 Europe, i can do real testing of levels).


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
You can download e-cards here :

There's even a program that can create power-up cards, switch card and Demo cards.


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
Do you want a BIN file of a e-card SMA4 level ?


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
I have a real cartridge of the Europe version of this game, i did a 100% save without any cheats.
And then, i heard about a bug about the e-Reader access in the Europe version because of a corrupted save, something that only appears on the US and Japan version,
because the e-Reader was not released in Europe.
So, i did glitch my save, by removing the cart when saving, and i do that a few times.
And i got my chance, i did make the "Level Card" file appear on the File Menu :

(By the way, the game is in french, the unused e-Reader access are translated !!)

And i did dump the save, so i can get a better screen, thanks to VBA :

There's also a funny thing behind that, my 100% save did disappear, to reappear after that "Level Card" file got "unlocked".

I also did a whole video about it (Game in french as well) :

And i don't know if the e-Reader works with it, i'm waiting to recieve the US e-Reader with a new GBA so i can test.


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
Well, e-levels are not in the ROM, they are really from the e-cards.

But anyway, i will do a save file with the e-levels IF the US e-Reader works with the Europe game.


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
It's now possible to make your own Level Card :

SMA4 Level Card Compressor (original code by Randy, main routine by blackhole89) + Empty Level Card BIN file (add the compressed data, and it's ready to use !) :
UPDATED, Fixed by CaitSith2 :

SMA4 Level Card Decompressor (by Parasyte and DJ Bouche) + Uncompressed and compressed level files :

Now, you can create Level Cards, here's some docs for the uncompressed e-levels :

(And say thanks to me, because if i didn't ask blackhole89 to do the main routine, no compressor for today)


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
They are not in the ROM, it's really on the Level Card.
I have a proof : I made my own Level Card from scratch.

And the SAV file contains the level cards data, or else, why would it be 128K then ?


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
Buu > NO$GBA 2.7 is a fake. It's NO$GBA 2.6a with a spyware.

And for the save problem, it's about the save type.


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
You'll gonna like this eCard Maker i made by myself :
Solar Magic Advance 0.5 :


Blog about the editor (working on Level Cards right now) :


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
Graphics: Hotel Mario (Cutscenes)

Difficulty: Hotel Mario (I've played it, and it's seriously difficult at some Hotels...)

Gameplay/Physics: Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine.


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
This is the first eLevel Viewer in the World, by myself.

Solar Magic Advance 0.32

This zip must contains :
- Solar Magic Advance.exe
- Solar Magic Advance.txt (...)
- sma4savfix.exe (Thanks to purplebridge001 to make this.)
- nedclib.dll (Thanks to CaitSith2 !)

Changelog :
0.32 :
- Supports all datas in an Uncompressed eLevel.

0.31 :
- Better Support of Sprites Data.
- Adding Offsets to Datas.

0.3 :
- Uncompressed eLevel Support. (View Only)

0.21 :
- Support Demo Cards to SAV. (Copy Replay from Demo Card to the SAV)

0.2 :
- Support for RAW, BMP eCard Format (Conversion Only)
- Save Edit Support. (Saved Replays can be changed in 0.21)

Thanks to :
- purplebridge001 to make the SMA4 SAV Checksum FIX.
- CaitSith2 for his e-Reader DLL.


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
Solar Magic Advance can't edit eLevels yet, but it can view them, which can be helpful on making eLevels via Hex Editor. (On a hex editor, it's possible to get lost very easily, which i did.)

For now, about getting an eLevel into a save file, it doesn't do that yet, but soon enough it will. Use SMA4SAVTool to add eLevels on your save.


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
I've got to be honest, i like your hack.

Logup :
If you want to put all extras of SMA4 in SMW, you've got to be very patient, because there's so many things that you need to port in SMW.
And i know what i'm saying, since i'm doing Solar Magic Advance, TEH SMA4 eLevel Editor ^^

dogma :
In SMA4, there's many things that is not used in any level.
There's even things that is unfinished, like the SMW Goal, the Silver Switch, but it does not need to be ported, since they are already in SMW ^^


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
For fun, i did this :

Add this on your signature :


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
eLevel Doc by DJBouche (not really completed, and have Object and Sprite List) :

Upaluppa's Doc about Classic Level 1-1 (same thing) :

There will be a completed Sprite List later.


My Bandcamp, with my albums!
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