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Posts by Dan Drigues
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Just finished my first vldc entry.
Since im very new to SMW hacking, the level is kind of directed towards being simple , with the main gimmicks being about grinders and spring boards, with eventually some other hazards, I hope to atleast get a decent score.

Can you give my level a try?
I really dont know what score i should be expecting.
I know that it is very late, but here's my level
Thanks a lot for the suggestions and everything else!
Im glad that most of my level's flaws at the design category are kind of easy to be fixed, and that the difficulty is balanced, I probably wont do a lot regarding the creativity category except replacing some uninteresting sections with new sections based on the ones that you you said that were interesting.
Forgot to answer this and update the download link to version 3, thanks for the feedback you two!

Originally posted by Hobz
Easily my favourite platforming level so far this year (and of the past few years as well)!
Oh god, wow, im really glad that you think that i have managed to make a good level, it makes me wonder how a full hack might turn out, guess i need to make one
Originally posted by Hobz
Dan Drigues - Bouncy Ruins: fantastic

oh sweet
I cant express how HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW
Originally posted by Emerald Shell
And the last, but not the least, shoutouts to anyone else who placed in top 10, in particular Christian07 and Dan Drigues who surprised us with amazing talent for designing levels as well as anyone in top 3, in particular those both users with white usernames!

Originally posted by ECS.98
And shoutout to everyone in the Top10! Especially Dan Drigues, for being new and making such a great platforming level; and Emerald Shell, you asked me if your level was Top10 quality, so there's your answer! xD

Originally posted by ft029
Wow, that far exceeded my expectations! Congratulations also to Lazy and idol for that wonderful level, as well as some of my favorites Dan Drigues, Pyro, Sixcorby, and ECS.98.

This is so sweet, I guess that playing around with SMBX, SM63 Level editor and watching level design tutorials really did help me at something!

Seriously tho, i want to thank Lazy's VLDCX level and give a congrats to everyone else that has participied this year, tbh my level for this contest would have been completely different if it wasnt for the inspiration that i got from Swiss Nazca; I just wish that i could have made the level a bit smaller because of the 500secs time limit and that i could have focused more on aesthetics, my original plan was to make the background scroll in the first half of the level(i dont even know if/how i could have done that #smw{-_-2})
Even tho its a song from a Wii game, it is an 8-bit song anyways, so it counts?
Megaman 10 - Wily Stage 1 (0:51)=
Youtube video
Id like if you made it sampled, maybe using Super Mario Kart or MMX instruments.
Dunno about echo tho, choose what makes you happy.

Good luck on making the other ports too, I know that its not an easy task, so work only if you are feeling like you want and can do it!

Fixes = Map 16 numbers changes
Added Lava and ceiling to some parts

(theres an extra file with some fixes to the level design overall but i doubt it will be accepted lol)
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Dan Drigues' Profile - Posts by Dan Drigues