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Hello, GForce76 here, noob to the forums and hacking. Here with a noob question. I’ve been fooling around with lunar magic, learning overworld creation and level linking with pipes and stuff .... anyway today I was trying to learn map 16 but keep getting an error that “there is not enough room left to save the data” i’ve Never saved map 16 data previously and got the error when I tried to save my first new tile. Any thoughts?

Would this have anything to do with me constantly deleting my rom and reloading a fresh new smw one? Does this data get saved anywhere that might have a save file limit? I’ve even tried replacing the original smw rom from an independent backup and the issue persists

Thanks for your time and I look forward to being a part of the community
Originally posted by Korji
Howdy, I'm new here; it's been about an hour since I'm typing this that I came onto this website, downloaded the necessary materials to get started, and created a profile. My question is: Where should I even start? Should I try some of the community hacks, if so which ones would you recommend? Should I try Lunar Magic first to get a grasp on level design? Or is this even the right forum to ask this question? I'm pretty lost so if someone reads and answers this, thank you.

Just starting out myself, I found this tutorial extremely helpful

Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
SMW is half a megabyte large but custom Map16 tiles require much more space. This shouldn't be an issue, though, because Lunar Magic should expand the ROM to 1MB. You can manually expand the ROM by going to File > Expand and then chose any size. But again, Lunar Magic should expand the ROM automatically unlike in your case.

Thank you, wasn’t sure if I should have been messing with rom file sizes or not. Appreciate the assist
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