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Recently I've been trying to insert custom music into my hack. However, when playing the music in a level, some sound effects become garbled (specifically, the mounting yoshi sfx, yoshi drums and p-switch timer). I also have some levels that include custom blocks and patches, and doing a wall jump plays the jumping sound effect high pitched (same thing happens with these blocks). Collecting a coin in a level with both the wall jump and midair twirl patch plays a really distorted, random, high pitched sound. Sometimes the music track also changes the way these sounds are distorted.

I'm relatively new to smw hacking and even more new to custom music. I saw a couple other threads with similar issues but they all vary a bit and no solutions worked. I also tried with a clean rom - the problems with yoshi and the p-switch still persist.

Am I missing something really obvious here? Are some patches not compatible with certain custom tracks? Sorry if this is a stupid question to ask, but any help is very much appreciated.
Alright, I've tested using this track, this track and this track, all of which have issues and none say anything about it.

The sfx is garbled in every level, but only with specific objects - yoshi mount sounds very wrong, and the yoshi drums seem to be replaced with the shell hitting wall sfx or something similar.

I'm not using any custom sfx, only custom patches, sprites, GFX, etc.

Again, these problems also occur on a clean rom.
I redownloaded AddMusicK and the problem is half solved. I think I tried messing with the sample groups in order to try and solve the problem, but this must've caused the yoshi and yoshi drums sfx to become garbled. However my problem with the other level (the one with the patches) is still there. I looked in the AddMusicK comments and some say that the jump sfx is often played in a higher pitch and other similar issues, so maybe there isn't a solution with this version of AMK?

Edit: I forgot to try with a song that has no samples; the weird garbled sound effect with the coins is now gone in the level with the patches. I'm now left with the higher pitched jumping sound when jumping "not on the ground" (wall jumping), but this seems to be a problem with AMK in general (as well as other sfx like rope or grinder). If you have any other suggestions on getting rid of the garbled sfx with the samples, then please say, but my main issue is solved, so thanks for the help!
Alright, things seem to be working now. Sampled songs don't seem to work for the patched level, so I'll just find an unsampled song to use.

That said though, I have a backup of before I inserted the music, and I might just wait until everything is done in my hack before inserting the music in case there are any other problems.
I want to edit the colour palette of the falling spike, however changing this also directly affects Mario's palette. Is there any way to remap which palette row the falling spike uses, but only for a single level?
I didn't even think of that. Thanks for the help!
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