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Whenever I download ExGFX and put it into my rom, the ExGFX works, but the colors are always distorted. Do you know how I can fix this?
My Custom Super Mario World Levels

I am using the yoshi coins from the map16 editor because I am using a custom palette, and every time when I get a yoshi coin and go through a pipe, the Yoshi coin is there again when I come back out. Is there a way to fix this, or do I just have to use the standard yoshi coin?
My Custom Super Mario World Levels

Just figure these basic things out yourself instead of having someone telling you how to do everything.

I get my roms from [link deleted]. They always work fine. Download a hack, it will most likely be a lunar IPS file. Click on it, then when it says to apply it to your rom, click on the blank rom you downloaded. It is not that hard...

EDIT: someone beat me to it...
My Custom Super Mario World Levels

I downloaded an ExGFX from this website, and it contains two ExGFX files. I insert one of them, but when I insert the other on a different page, they both become the second ExGFX I chose. Can someone tell me how to get them both?
My Custom Super Mario World Levels

I try to make a custom title (Where is says "nintendo Presents")and I fix the palette, but no matter how many times I try to make it right, it always changes back to black, which is the same color as the background, when I play it. Does anyone know how to fix this?
My Custom Super Mario World Levels

That part's working now, but how do you get the correct palettes from super Mario world? The ones now are the wrong colors.
My Custom Super Mario World Levels

Originally posted by Broozer
@Aiedaiil: Of course you can! You can't, however, use one ExGFX slot for more than one ExGFX files, I mean, if you're already using BG1, for example, you cannot use it for another ExGFX file. You can use all of the slots available for your ExGFX files, including the Extended Animation slot.

Yes, I realize that. What I am wondering is can you use two Map16 pages for the same level? so you can use two completely different ExGFX by using FG3 and FG2? It doesn't seem to work with me.
My Custom Super Mario World Levels