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I am currently building a kaizo romhack and i wanted to build a level based on the ON/OFF projectile sprites from the_bios and the fireflower.

The idea is simple using the fireflower to hit ON/OFF switches.

But i quickly realised that the sprite used to Do that wich is the projectile trigered ON/OFF block have a big hitbox issue. Mostly because the fireball hit the ON/OFF block instead of the sprite wich make the level infuriating sometimes. Hitting the corner of the block just don't work.

I tough of a few way around but i am no asm programmer expert. So i want to know if one of thèse might be possible.

#1 try to extend the hitbox of the sprite only by a few pixel.

#2 make so that the fireball specificly don't interact with the ON/OFF block. It Will hit the sprite anyway.

#3 Make so that the fireball won't interact with layer 3 or 2 object and put the ON/OFF switch in There.

Let me know what you think of this or if you know another way to Do this because that might open the Door for alot of creator Who want to use this mécanic.
I had the same error with some other songs (I can't confirm for the ones you posted) but i noticed a consistency. All the songs that returned this error were #amk 2 songs. #amm and #am4 work perfectly. I hope this help because i seen post on some song that this had happened to several user.
I have been working on a hack for a while now and i also been learning a lot about asm. That being said i ended up breaking my hack (Probably not a surprise for anybody).

Anyway i used the vertical wrap code made by kaizoman666 / Thomas, based on the patch by Noobish Noobsicle. And it worked like a charm, until recently...

I wanted to go back and modify some stuff in the level as i tend to never be satisfied with what i do. But as the level started the screen turned in a bunch of gibberish before completely crashing the game.

Take note here that i have added several patches since then so i am not sure which one caused this. The one that i think might have messed it all up is the Single screen v1.1 by TheBiob.

However i have been able to pin point which line of code cause the game to crash.
SEC : ROR $1B96 |!addr

This line allow Mario to go trough the side of the screen (At least that is what i think it does).

I have tried some stuff to try to go around this issue with no result other then making it worst or cause Uberasm to cry at me. I am now out of idea. Does anyone know what could have caused that or if there would be a way around?
Thank you for the fast reply it is now working like a charm. Thank you for taking the time to answer a noob like me. Your work is greatly appreciated.
So, i have been experimenting with some code.
I worked with the LX5 patch for additionnal power ups, combining it with Darolac L/R Power-up selector. Wich mean switching your powerup state with L or R.

They work together no problem. But, i wanted to get a bit more from it. I tried to add some extra to it. Right now i am switching from the shell suit powerup and the cape. When i switch to the shell suit, i wanted it to always be in it,s shell state. I pretty much got this part covered.

On the other hand, i wanted to make so when i switch back to the cape, that i go into regular flight state. I tried to find something in the ram/rom to help me achieved that but all my attempt so far was unsuccessfull.

Anybody know which value i should check to achieve that?
So i have been trying to get around some issue.
I have tried to compare the flight value to prevent mario from initiating the flight everyframe. However it does not work as i was expecting. I keep getting the weirdest result.

This is what i got the closest to what i wanted but it still get mario in a weird glitched state where physic is barely a suggestion. I isolated the part that i added for flight betwen lines in the example below. Without that addition the code work fine (Except for the fact that i want mario in a flight state when pressing R).

What am i still doing wrong?

;  Powerup selector with L/R, by Darolac
; This code allows to gain a configurable powerup after pressing L, R or both. 

!powerup1 = $02 ; powerup status that is gained upon pressing R: #$00 = small; #$01 = big; #$02 = cape; #$03 = fire.

!powerup2 = $0F ; powerup status that is gained upon pressing L. 

!R = 1  ; set this to 0 if you don't want to gain a powerup after pressing R.
!L = 1 ; set this to 0 if you don't want to gain a powerup after pressing L.


lda $9D
ora  $13D4|!addr
bne .ret
lda $18
if !R
bit #$10
beq +
ldy #!powerup1
sty $19
LDA $1407	; load the flight state
CMP #$00	; compare the loaded value with 00
BEQ .once	; Execute the code below if equal
LDA $00		; load the flight state 00 in the accumulator
STA $1407	; Set the flight state
.once		; End of comparaison

if !L
bit #$20
beq +
ldy #!powerup2
sty $19

Also i just realised that my added CMP might be messing with the .ret one
I have been able to solve the issue with your help.
It,s a bit weird but it is consistent.
Now let's see if it is possible to make something actually fun with it..

Anyway thanks for the support once again.
One of these day i will get gud at asm.
First off, these are the patches concerned in this topic.

SA-1 Pack v1.40
Retry System (+ Multiple Checkpoints) v2.06c
SRAM and BW-RAM Plus v1.3
No Overworld 1.2 (Uberasm)

So, i have been trying to make these work togeter. Wich mean making a SA-1 hack that has no overworld with retry that save in every transition.
Most of everything has been working fine. Except that i got 2 issue.
1: The midway in every transition options never worked. This option is located in "No Overworld" and mention that it needs retry to work properly which does.

2: Probably the biggest issue. Sometimes, mario di, but instead of just resetint, it plays the entire death jingle. Then the level get tagged as clear, give the player the exit and
send them to the next level on the list.

I have already look up all the options of all of the patches.
I remake the entire patch process multiple times.
The order that i patched things: SA-1, BW-RAM, Retry, No Overworld.
I did use the tasble from retry in BW-RAM.

I have no idea what caused these issue, but all the files suggest that they should work fine togeter.
I am asking for your help once again to help my dummy brain doing dummy things.
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