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I am using this version:
7hero, Cheep, FF6 and Overworld Demos: http://dragon.s151.xrea.com/cheap_demo.zip

What are the necessary components to get this work? Does this hack work on your computers?
How do I convert the hack to a .smc rom?
Could anyone identify the music in this video?

What is that ROM hack with these features, I can't remember what it was called#smrpg{sad}:
-Mario's model was based off his Super Mario Bros. 2 on All Stars.
-It is incomplete
-Bowser's World is based off of Luigi's World from Brutal Mario (from Demo 7)
-The open world music is Peaceful Days from Chrono Trigger
codfish1002, you are correct. Thank you.
I would like to play Brutal Mario/Super Kitiku World Version 7.5: Link Deleted
How I get the game as a SMC file when I want it to be a IPS one. How do I fix this?

~Mod edit~
Do not upload or post links to commercial roms including hacks.
I tried Googling it, but I found nothing.
I tried Googling it, but I found nothing.
Is there something that is like Mario Paint in that you can create music, but with Super Mario World notes?
For example, I want to get the underground part of Yoshi's Island 1. How do I do that?
The key word is make, not add.
Originally posted by qantuum
Beautiful. So many hours of sweaty work summed up in two sentences.
If I may add, if you want to stay true to SMW and the marioverse, you can teach yourself the Mario-specific composition style (video) and use only the built-in samples.

Learning how to port isn't so hard by my experience. I started at last October and now I've got somewhat decent. The difficulty level takes a hike when you try to emulate foreign instrumentations. You need patience to decipher the midi of whatever you need to port. You can get started here (tutorial).

Software-wise, there are the SF2 thingys maxodex has mentioned, I don't know whether a SNES pack exists. I think the one bundled in Anvil Studio may do the trick...
If you like more GBA or NES sounds, there's a soft for this too: LMMS. It comes bundled with a variety of chiptune-like sound generators.

I don't want to import music. I want to create it by myself.
I plan on uploading some Super Mario World custom music to YouTube.
With backgrounds like these:


And models/sprites like these:

All credit for image above goes to Mit: https://mfgg.net/index.php?act=resdb¶m=02&c=1&id=34981

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