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okay so i have been *attempting* to make item box special 1.3 sa-1 compatible here more
obviously im stupid im assuming im not pointing to the right area help would be awesome
im guessing im close but still no luck im missing something somewhere i think
heres the finished SA-1 conversion for anyone that wants it

i will post to the patches section when i have a chance
I have this:

I really have no idea what im doing when it comes to music ive tried a bunch of stuff I just need it to play the .brr once at boot when the Nintendo logos shows I can provide the .brr if any one wants to just make a .txt file for me as I have also tried that, musical notes are not my forte ill stick with JAVA and C

I have followed Wakanas music porting tut
and how to use custom .brr in SFX

it just beeps it does not play the .brr

Thank You in advance
EDIT: link removed as clearly no one has any intention of helping me with something I dont understand apparently that makes me an idiot and I should be ignored, you told me what I did wrong but not how to fix it

edit: I do have it registered in Addmusic_sample groups and tweaks.asm
i used brrplayer to fine the proper tuning

thank you for breaking it down
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