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Not much. I have an implementation in the CustomPlayerPatch for reference. The biggest issue is you'll want to recode vanilla blocks probably. Other than that it's pretty straightforward. (You might be able to keep vanilla blocks with a little effort. I didn't really try)

*(Sorry I never gave the 32x32 collision a go btw. I realized you'd probably need a third collision pt and that would necessitate the thing you're talking about now. Which seemed like a major hassle custom collision, GPS, etc wise for you to deal with)
Only 1 question: Can we do more than 2 for the mix? Or is that rule RAW?
Bowser + Peach. You may now cherry pick from a full bank of code #smrpg{:D}
This should be fun tho
Red koopa + gallomba = goombud
???? + ???? =!?!??
Excited to see what people come up with.
Who would you hire from SMWC to be in the Credits, if you were Nintendo, if only one person could do a single area or coordinate areas?

(graphics lead, player graphics, enemies, Overworld, music, music engine, etc.)
You can have more than one person per title, but not one person in more than one title.
Feel free to:
Break your own personal credits down as far or as un-far as you want.
Pull some names from the past who've snuck into all our hacks (looking at you SMKDan) or keep it current.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
but if he let Babylon Bee (the only one of the "right-wing" accounts I actually care about) out of Twitter jail

Was actually unaware of them until I looked this up. I'm usually a big proponent of Freedom of Speech and letting the artists and funnies (satire here) do their thing regardless of how it looks/sounds. But you do realize they have followed up some of their more inflammatory posts with "btw we aren't actually joking this time"?
Originally posted by K.T.B.
I'm breaking the rules a little bit by naming multiple users for some categories. We have too many amazing people here to limit it to one!

I felt I worded the Q a little iffy. So that's why I put "You can have more than one person per title, but not one person in more than one title." you were spot-on!

That's a solid lineup! Let's hope they met the 2yr deadline! #smrpg{:D}