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On the level: Mama Luigi lake, It wont let me take the yoshi through the pipe, i hold it and bring i through the pipe and on the other end of the pipe the yoshi dissapears o.o

And, FYI: This hack is amazing and that its a first hack just adds to it, i hope you make more soon ;P
I think this is really cool and I hope some very cool things come of it.
I couldnt help notice the download file for the new version has the same name as the C3 version, maybe you wanna change it a bit?
Im not going to say anything previously said so heres MY problem:
Dont you guys remember SMB Forever (AKA Frustration)?

I thought if you were gonna take the name you were gonna do a remake but I was mistaken :o

Summary: You should change the title mainly to avoid copyright laws.
I would like to be a Bug Tester for anyones hack, I have ALOT of time on my hands and I check every possiblilty for a glitch :)
I use SnemulDS v0.6 for my DS
It DOES play rom hacks of SMW, BUT just like every other Snes emulator for DS, if its 4 mb it wont work so no Brutal Mario on your DS.
Originally posted by Meta-Khristmas
I've tried it, The hacks DO work but the custom sprites DONT. =[

Not true, they work for me, the problem probably is that, if a hack is gonna have a custom sprite, they will more then likely make it a big project, too big to run on the emulator.

There aren't a lot but there are some hacks that hack custom sprites that I have gotten to work.
Ninja's not a troll.

I have to admit, the Hack Rejections thread has provided me with a lot of entertainment and plenty of laughs. It goes on and on, the majority of them had huge, huge flaws. But there are SOME that looked good but still had fixable flaws. The thing is, the thread isn't completely about, haha, you suck, were gonna record your fail and show the world. Its to document the pros and cons so the creator knows whats wrong so he can fix them, get rid of any problems there may be, and use the pros to see what the people like and possibly do more things of that nature to make sure its good before you release it, I mean, you want all your work to approved, not shunned by the public, right?

The majority of people hear are actually pretty friendly and want to help. Theres one I could name thats a bit full of himself but some is not the majority.

As for GFX, if someone tried to pull that, they'd get called on it.

Your ending is where your thread goes off. They're not going to ban you for some basic criticism. (This isn't deviantart..) And did you just kinda threaten them a little with the "or youll just make yourself look worse" bit? An entire site isn't gonna change from one thread, stuff like that takes time, and not only that but I dont think they need to change anything anyway.
Originally posted by Mr. GreenThunder
The C3 is over, Nominations are now obsolete.

Fuck your bad vibes!

I nominate Megaman511 for a better America!
Originally posted by Mr. GreenThunder
Originally posted by BS187
Because the circles always glitch at me... :c
Well I am sorry. Sheesh.

Just don't give out wrong information again, circles are harmless.

I would heavily disagree with this, suggesting that circles are harmless, as plenty of users here use it to their own detriment.

Using the circle tool is very damaging to models, drawing shapes into surfaces in general can be problematic if not done with care.

Lots of people here carve shapes out of planes in order to create a hole or to extrude into a new shape. But when you carve a shape in, it creates horrible topology and tons of unneeded polygons.
The circle tool by itself isn't awful, but people use it in very harmful ways, and for each side that is added in the circle the more polygons are put in, so with a circle there is a very large amount.

For example, say I have a flat plane, 4 vertices, 1 polygon. Once exported it will be triangulated creating 2 triangles.

Now say I want to create a circle in the plane, here is essentially what it would look like if I used the 'circle tool' and deleted the polygon in the middle. For the time being it's still considered 1 polygon.

This is roughly what someone using Sketchup would see, no complications to the eye, but the reality is that when this is exported and triangulated, it becomes a complete disaster.

The mesh itself will look the same, no problems.

But you need to take a look at the wireframe of the exported model before importing it into the game.
All of these polygons are generated to make up for the carve into the mesh.

It's a complete mess, there's polygons everywhere, and if anything, this is a cleaner example of what happens to a lot of peoples models.
And especially when you couple it with the fact that most people make their models in quads, or more commonly, polygons with as many sides as they please, once it triangulates it will generate polygons randomly in order to have it all triangulated, way out of control for the user.

Now lets push the example a little further. I've made four carves into the plane and it resulted in this:

This is how bad the model can turn out just from carving into the mesh with the circle tool or otherwise.

The reality is that this can be easily avoided by not using these tools and keeping these shapes as separate objects not actually attached to the mesh.

No extra bloated poly count and no wrecked topology.

I think this is certainly something people here can heavily benefit from and that everyone here should be encouraged to investigate how to use your 3D tools as a modeler, not just a designer.
This is fairly easy to reproduce, all you need is to export your models and triangulate them then import it into a model viewer.
This is what is being imported into the game, it's very different from what you've created in Sketchup and everyone should be very conscious of this fact.

I know some of you realize this but there are many people who seem completely oblivious to this and create crazy complications in their models.
Originally posted by Frike The Dragon
Your modelling skills never cease to amaze us...

Honestly the modelling skills shown in that picture aren't really all that exciting. You're all getting super excited about it, but I don't see it.

The model has poor topology and isn't triangulated properly, so when he exports the model and it automatically triangulates the model it's going to bloat up the poly count. The nicest part about it is probably the textures, but I don't know if he even made those.

Obviously I'm not here just to be negative or anything, but I don't see what everyone else is seeing..

Anyways, Greenthunder, the design seems fine enough, but I think you should really consider talking to an actual modeller and see if they can teach you proper topology and how to keep the model clean and precise. I think it would benefit you heavily.
Originally posted by Frike The Dragon
It's "poorly sculpted" because it's WIP (work in progress). Go check his other models to see how this could turn out, and please don't be such a hater!

Okay, let's start here. At no point did I say "sculpted" so you can drop the quotation marks. Secondly, Work In Progress is not the same as Low Quality.

All good modellers practice good topology and clean modelling at ALL TIMES. Not just at the end or when they feel is good. As he learns he will constantly use better modelling techniques, and the fact that you can't handle any criticism doesn't mean that he can't.

Criticism is not at all the same as hate, criticism is what helps identify faults and work from, this is what Greenthunder needs, this is what anyone learning a skill needs.

I have seen his other models, from what I have seen topology is a consistent issue.
Originally posted by Flame8765

I'm sorry, poor topology? We aren't exactly talking about modern high-poly models here. Also, I doubt that a few extra polygons will kill the game considering that the Level Importer supports 20,000 polys per course. Critiquing such minor details is a waste to be honest. Looks fine to me.

Bad topology is a root to plenty of problems. The fact that he's going to have a bloated poly count is just one of the nasty side affects. And while we are talking about SM64, we're talking about 3D modeling as a skill which is applicable everywhere. Good habits should always be striven for. If he keeps up poor topology, he's going to have that problem, sure, but nasty shading problems in the future, poor edge flow, which will really bite him if he ever plans on making more organic objects, especially ones that require animation.

Further, the less control he has over his own mesh just means he's going to have more trouble editing it in the future. Good topology and clean modeling are overall beneficial things.

But ignoring all that, you say that these are small details that might not affect him too much in the current situation. This may be valid, but I'm talking about his skill as a modeler, and so were they. I'm saying his modeling has issues that can be worked on that would improve his work in ANY THING he models in the future.

They say his modeling is great, I say it's not particularly amazing. Does that mean the work is bad? No. But if he can get advice on how to improve he should be given it.
Originally posted by SuperZora
UnknownToaster: Is it your hack? I dont think so, so Mr G can do as he please. Why are you not creating your own hack instead of criticize other people work? Then you could show us what ''good'' modelling is. #smw{-_-2}

You seem to think that criticism is a bad thing. I don't dislike Greenthunder's work, I don't dislike him. I'm not forcing him to do anything, I offered an idea to him, he can take it or leave it.

If he doesn't want it, he doesn't have to listen, I'm not going to push it on him again. You do not have to get yourself involved in this nor does anyone else.

And that is all there is to it.

Edit: Just so I don't have to clutter the place with more comments, I just wanted to say to Flame: I'm glad we could come to an agreement and stay reasonable. I do appreciate it, glad we could conclude the conversation.
Originally posted by Wario man21
And you say you don't have anything against Mr. G, Yes, I believe you. This seems extra friendly, He has been ignoring since all along and ignoring a bully

To clarify, that comment was taken out of context.
"Fuck your bad vibes bro!" was just a joke playing on the idea that he was saying that no one needed to vote anymore, and that regardlss I was going to vote anyways, even if it wouldn't count anyways, since public voting is more for fun than it is for a serious contest.

It wasn't a hate or spite filled comment. Had I wanted to say something hateful towards someone it would have much more substance. You went and picked the ONLY comment I have made to Mr. Greenthunder outside of here and it was intended to be light hearted. Again, I have nothing against him, if he took offense to it then I am sorry, but there's nothing to the words.

As for the the rest of what you said, I have nothing more to say on the subject. If you want to argue with me, just message me, I'd be happy to talk with you, but I refuse to talk about this subject on here anymore. I did however find it necessarily to respond to the rest as clearly there was a misunderstanding.
Originally posted by Jesse
Originally posted by MilleniumLuigi
Originally posted by Kazeshin
Originally posted by mosky2000
Originally posted by MilleniumLuigi
Mod edit: Flattened quote pyramid.

POWER OF 9000 😈 #smw{B)}#w{>=)}O.O#smw{O_O}

moskimode - quoteception engaged
complexity seems okay, but please use UV mapping...

Oh, and your UV mapping :P

lol but yeah I will actually try to UV map something for once...wish me luck xD

I actually worry about some faces in the model, they can make the level glitch like hell.

I agree, though I'd also say that some of the trees get oddly thin up high, and the brick texture inside the building (hall/doorway) looks quite odd. Overall I'd say this looks quite good.




19)Mr. GreenThunder
23)Mosky2000, Pilzinsel64, supermariosan100
37)Entire SM64 community

38)messiaen, Kazeshin
39)Mr GreenThunder, Blackstone187



Having been attached to the SM64 community for some time now, I've noticed plenty of things that have been missing. I think the greatest thing we can do for the community is develop and release resources for use by others for their own projects!

That said, I'm releasing my private collection of Kaze voice clips for use in anyones hacks or projects! Just make sure to credit Kaze and say something nice to him! :D

I can't wait to see your fantastic releases using these sound clips!
Now for what you've all been waiting for!
Download- Kaze Clips 1.0 Release!

This contains a variety of sound clips from Kaze himself!

Such classics as:

Kaze - Hesitation:

Kaze - Exhale:

Kaze - Okay

Kaze - No

Kaze - You Think So?

Kaze - That's Okay, Right?

Kaze - I'm Sorry For You

Kaze - I Hate You


And now for some of my favorites! :)

Kaze - No Zero Percent have AIDs!

Kaze - No We Don't use Condoms!

Kaze - We Push Our Women Down The Stairs!

Kaze - Tell Him to Wear a Condom!


Any many more in the download!

I hope you've enjoyed this presentation sponsored by Kaze himself!
I hope to see people using these in their projects, and the best of luck to the other presenters!

Please, use these in your projects and share your thanks with Kaze!

And as a special thanks, I'd like to give a shout out to Kaze himself!

Kaze's own C3 thread!
Kaze's Official Youtube Channel - Subscribe!

Again, I really hope you've enjoyed this, have a great time!
Thanks for stopping by!
I can definitely appreciate this work, it's great to make things available for the community and to share things, but further I think it's great the amount of work you put into this. Clearly it wasn't half-assed and I can appreciate that. Good work, hopefully more will follow suit and work to make more content availabe, especially big assets like these.
I do quite like this!
I got around to playing it any it's fun, I did enjoy exploring around in it and think it has a lot of potential. As a hack in general, if nothing else, has a nice eye-catching style that won't bore you which is great, but I feel it has a lot more to offer overall. I can't way to see more in the future and I think this hack could end up being quite interesting.

Good luck!
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