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Hi and welcome back. Since the server went down i am going to continue this. We left off at...

lemonade So think of a food item that ends with E people.

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Originally posted by Unfortunate Spelunker

EDIT: also you should maybe explain the game for some people.

Oh yes..... Well the point is to name a food item or something associated with food starting with the last letter of the last post

aka i started with "bun" Last time. the next person said Noodles and so on and so forth..... also you cant say the same thing twice aka i say bun you say napkin i say napkin well the thing in red is the thing you cant do. have fun. i will post time to time but will leave most of it to you. also 1-2 words not much else.....

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watch every movie he made.

Would you rather shoot your best friend or shoot the president?

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I fall asleep in a space suit for 4 days.

I will tell mario and luigi that the next poster took peach and killed yoshi.

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I was wondering how darthriko helped in the server assault yesterday? he doesnt seem the kind of person that would do that.....

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Originally posted by Flandre Scarlet
This looks really interesting. I never would have imagined an editor for this game.

you and me both

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There was a game before the rollback and i want to put it back in circulation. What you have to do is slightly edit the photo to make it funny. Please dont mess it up since i worked on it for 4 hours.....

1. No editing someone elses drawing unless you ask permission
2. Please dont use sprites from the internet, draw your own things

Thats all so have fun.

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Originally posted by Tama Yoshi
Originally posted by PY
Eel (people consider them a delicacy in a certain part of the world)

Why you say that? I like eels. It ain't my comon food, but people use to put it in sushi... Sushi rocks.

Hot dog (..What elsestarts with H!?)

Didnt count....... Its too close to hawt dawg (which is hot dog in leet?)

I would say hazelnut.

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(Lol 3rd game:))
This text rpg is just a somewhat advanced rpg game.
How to:
1. Say the command that you want to execute Ex:
Player 1: 'Look'
Gamemaster (me): You look around and you see that W is a path, E is a potion shop, N, NE, S, SE, SW are blocked, to the NW is a treasure chest.

2. I will keep track of all the players locations, the currently discovered map, Player levels, player items, so forth.

3.Battle is somewhat complex but i will be taking care of that. To attack you say your command that you want to choose.
Player 1: 'sword slash'
Gamemaster (me): You do 5 damage to the goblin. 1 of the damage is blocked by his his armour. 1 of the damage is blocked by his natural armour.
Hp: 17/20
Mp: 10/10
(We are assuming that you already scanned him in the past)

Gamemaster (me): The goblin attacks with power cut using 2 Mp. Your attack goes down by 1/4 for 1 turn.

Player 1
Hp: 50/50
Mp: 15/15
Attack: 1.25/5

Player 1: 'Ultra Blast'
Gamemaster (me): You use ultra blast using 10 Mp. (The code is 1.25* 1.5 (Ultra blasts power up)-1-1 (The goblins armour)=1 (I round off and its very hard to do 0 damage) *CRITICAL STRIKE*</i> (*2=4 damage) You do 4 damage.

Hp: 16/20
Mp: 8/10

Gamemaster: Goblin Flees. (3/4 chance) You quickly run up and slice him in theback (1/10 chance) *Critical Back Strike*</b></i> (That ignores defence and * 3 * 1.5) 23 damage!!!!!!

Goblin dies

You get:
5 XP
1 Potion
80 Gold

Current Inventory:
6 Potions
1 Fire Blast
583 Gold

XP total

Hp + 3
Mp + 2
Att + 2
Def + 1
Spd + 2
End + 3

Bonus Stat
Fire Stat
Ice Stat
Lightning Stat
Wind Stat

Player 1: I choose Wind Stat

Gamemaster: You Get +2 Wind
You are eligable for a new spell or skill

Wind Blast
Wind Bolster

Player 1: Wind Bolster

You learn Wind Bolster

Wind Bolster Adds +2 Attack To any one of your team mates.
Cost: 2 Mp

Current stats
53 Hp
18 Mp
7 Att
1 Def
3 Spd
7 End

1 Wind

4 Sword
2 Summoning Magic
1 Buffing Magic

I only List your sats you have points on to make it faster.

4. Parties
You can create a party with anyone currently playing as long as your within 8 spaces of each other. Also you can have up to 8 members in your party.

Party Rules
The XP/Gold is devided fairly.

1000 XP gained
Player 1 (Level 8) Gets 400 Xp
Player 2 (Level 6) Gets 600 XP
1000 Gold Gained
Player 1 Gets 500 Gold
Player 2 Gets 500 Gold

The Player/NPC with the highest SPD Goes first.

You can Choose who gets the items.

1 Potion Gained

Player 1: You Can have it player 2
Player 2 gets 1 Potion

If you fight over an item I will do a random coin flip for it.

You can trade items

5. Movement

Just say the directiopn you want to go to.

Player 1: 'N'
Gamemaster You move North.

6. Pvp
You can kill another player for a cost

1. You start with a disadvantage of 1/10 of your stats cut for 5 turns.
2. You can take items depending on your level

Player 1 (lvl 100) Wins
Player 2 (lvl 101) Loses
You can take 500 Coins worth of items.
Player 1 (Lvl 20) Wins
Player 2 (Lvl 16) Loses
You can take 100 Coins Worth Of items.

3. For 10 Turns after battle you cannot enter any shops.

7. Quests
You can take on a quest for items, fame, gold, and other. You just have to say 'talk' to a non hostile NPC character and there is a chance he may ask if you want to take on a quest.

8. Character Creation (final)
1. Choose Your Nickname
2. Choose Your Gender
3. Choose Your Race
Half Elf
Dark Elf
Light Elf

4. Choose Your Main Class

5. Choose Your Element (Any non-stupid ones you can think of)
Suggestion (Other ppl chose these)
6. Choose Your Alignment
True Lawful
True Neutral
True Evil
7. Choose Your Specialised Weapon
Short Sword
Long Sword
Bastard Sword
Half and Half Sword
General (No specialized weapon)

8. Start The game

New Rules+Info</b></i> All Changes Are Instantanious

1. Choice stats (What stats go up and down when you chose a char)

Human +2Hp +2Def +2 Hp -1 Spd -2 Mp +1 Sp -1 Acc -1 Eva +2 Att
Part-Human +0 All
Elf +3 Spd -2 Str +2 Wis +2 Int +2 Mp -1 Hp
Half Elf +2 Spd -2Att +2 Wis +2 Int +2 Mp -2 Hp
Dwarf +3 Att +3 Str +3 Hp -2 Spd -2 Acc
Halfling -2 Att -2 Str -2 Hp +4 Spd +1 Acc
Dark Elf +3 Spd -2 Str +2 Wis +2 Int +2 Mp -1 Hp (Alignment Must be Evil)
Light Elf +3 Spd -2 Str +2 Wis +2 Int +2 Mp -1 Hp (Al. Must be Lawful)
Giant +10 Str +10 Att +10 Hp -999 Wis -999 Int +10 Def (Cant learn any magic)

1.1. Element stats
Rock +3 Def +3 Hp -2Spd -2Acc -2Eva
Fire +3 Att +3 Str -2 Eva
Lightning +5 Spd -2 Eva -2 Acc -1 Hp
Arcane +2 Status Points
Ice +2 Def +2 End -2 Spd
Time +3 Spd +2 Eva +2 Acc

1.2 Class Stats
Fighter +2 Att +3 Hp +2 Sp +2 Str -3 Mp -3 Int -2 Wis
Wizard -2 Att -3 Hp -2 Sp -2 Str +3 Mp +3 Int +2 Wis
Archer +3 Acc +3 Eva -2 Hp +3 Sp +1 Int

1.3 Weapon Stats (Yes your original weapon changes your stats)

Sword +2 Att -1 Spd
Short Sword +1 Att
Long Sword +3 Att -2 spd
Bastard Sword +5 Att -5 Spd
Half and Half Sword 4 Att -3 Spd
Bow +2 Att -1 Spd (Requires 1 arrow) +2 Acc
Longbow +3 Att -3 Spd (Requires 1 arrow) +2 Acc
Shortbow +1 Att (Requires 1 arrow) +2 Acc
Crossbow +3 Att -2 Spd (Requires 1 bolt) +2 Acc
Staff +1 Att -3 Spd +2 Wis +2 Int
Stave +1 Att -2 Spd +1 Wis +1 Int
Wand -1 Att +4 Wis +4 Int
General +0 All
Dagger -2 Att +3 Spd

2 The stats
20 Hp
6 Mp
13 Sp
0/100 Xp
15 Att
17 Str
15 Def
14 End
5 Wis
5 Int
8 Spd
7 Acc
9 Eva
15 Lightning
5 Stat

(Leonard (Grishnax) Current stats)
Hp (Health (Hit) Points) = How Much damege before you die.
Mp (Mana (Magic) Points)= The amount of magic you can channel before getting exhauseted.
Sp (Stamina (Skill) Points)= The amount of stamina for skills you can use.
Xp (Experience (Exp) Points)= The Amount of experience before you get more dangerous and powerful
Att (Attack)= Your current damage level
Str (Strength)= Your power
Def (Defence) = Your natural + Armour defence
End (Endurance)= Your resistance to desease
Wis (Wisdom) = Your skill at puzzles and riddles
Int (Intelligence)= Your skill at grasping things
Spd (Speed) = Your speed
Acc (Accuracy)= How accurate your attacks are
Eva (Evasion) = How well you can evade enemy attack

Stat (Status Points) = You can assign these to other stats to improve them.

2.1 Status details

Hp (No major details)
Mp (You must use Mana Points For Spells)
Sp (You must use these for skills)
Xp (You need these to level up)
Att Attack points = your damage. Attack may also be useful in some special encounters
Str Useful in some situations and allow you to equip more powerful equipment
Def Cuts down the damage to ourself
End Your chance of resisting desease
Wis Your spell power
Int This determines how much XP it will take to level. Also it makes it easier to learn skills and spells from books and other useful effects.
Spd This effect who attacks first
Acc Your chance of succesfully hitting the enemy
Eva Your chance of evading the enemy

The world is slowly slipping into chaos. Everyone has lost hope. You are the worlds final chance. Team up with powerful Allies. Explore The endless world. Unlimited possibilities. Thousands Of weapons. Thousands of armour.

Side Note:
Do NOT go ahead of my posts. You can only go once per. After I tell you what happens and if you encounter anything you can go again. Anyone can play.
EDIT: I am NOT doing this for posting points or whatever. Im doing this because text RPGs are fun and inventive.
EDIT: Also you can suggest any classes/ items/ skills/ magic/ classes and so forth.....

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Ugh i heard what DarthRiko Did from darthriko but im not going to say what he did because i said wouldnt.....

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Originally posted by Event Horizon
Originally posted by yoshibear
2. Please dont use sprites from the internet, draw your own things

What if we do it well? some of the best editions in my opinion last time were sprites, but some of the worst were too. Maybe only small sprites that are chosen well?

Yes i would accept that. Just remove all the whiteness and make sure its small.

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Originally posted by Event Horizon
@the Death Instinct: Captain Obvious to the rescue!

My tactic would be; (3) RUN LIKE HELL!


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Geek Games

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I can Play test hacks if anyone wants me to. Look up yoshibear1009 on youtube to see what i can do. Pm me and i will get back to you with problems and my current rating.

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Personally i like Dark Alliance.....

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I like the new background color but it could be a bit more... mario-ish...... Other than that it looks pretty good.

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I would say kaizo 1 i tried kaizo 2 and i got faaarrrr... but VIP can be pretty cruel near the end.............

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Originally posted by Red Chameleon
WATCH OUT FOR THE NEW THREAD BUTTON!! It will do things like this! It had caused a whole new thread to be created instead of a post in another thread.

And I can only assume you were talking about pikaguy900's background color in the Screenshot/Video Thread, right?

Actually i pressed new thread ^^ sorry if this was a pointless thread though.........

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I i think mine was......... Brutal Mario

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