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Hey everyone! This is my first post on the forum so let me know if I should be doing anything differently.

I have been trying for the past several days to add On/Off solid blocks to my hack. I have tried two different methods/files. The first of these is the switch pack found here. Unfortunately, I could not find much information on how to add these and got stuck trying to insert the custom blocks. I then tried following this tutorial and, despite not speaking Spanish, found if very helpful. I was able to get the exanimations done without any issue and thought I had inserted the custom blocks correctly (using GPS, said blocks were added successfully). When I started my ROM it crashed before the "Nintendo Presents" screen.

My next step was trying to add this to a completely clean ROM (I previously had GHB SMB3 Screen Scrolling Pipes installed). Following the exact same steps as before I was able to get the blocks inserted and functioning as intended. I then tried to add GHB Pipes back to the ROM and this gave me an error in GPS saying "Define !SA1 not found". I then tried the reverse of this, adding GHB Pipes to a clean ROM and then the On/Off Blocks. This again worked until the last step of inserting the custom blocks with GPS.

Does anyone know why my ROM might be crashing? Was there something I needed to add/change to either of these patches to get them to work together?

Thanks in advanced, sorry if this is a pretty basic question but I could not find anything else on the forum that helped.
This was actually very helpful! Thanks.

Originally posted by Eminus
Were you stoned when you made this?

Also would not be surprised by this... :)
Thanks so much Thomas!

The video I was watching attached a version of GPS that was outdated and I over looked that. I deleted all of the related files from my computer and re-installed everything. After this it went off without a hitch!

Thanks again.
Hey Ya'll,

I have been trying to add custom Thwomps to my hack (ones that move sideways). I have been using this sprite patch and installing with the latest version of PIXI (v1.2.10). When I run Pixi, the command prompt states that the sprites were added successfully. When I enter Lunar Magic however I cannot find any of the the custom Thwomps. I have tried switching between all of the different sprite sets within Lunar Magic. I have also tried inserting the sprites to all levels as well as per level (using the -pl command). None of these seem to work (despite both saying "all sprites added successfully") or I am just having difficulty finding the sprites within LM.

I believe this might be an issue with the graphics as I did not upload any additional/custom graphics with the patch however I also am not sure I need any since I want the sprites to just look like the vanilla ones. I currently have the sprite numbers set to 01,02,...08. Could this be contributing to the issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated and if there is a better/easier way to do this I am all ears.

Thanks in advance!
Thanks so much MarioFanGamer!

I have reinstalled the sprites and then inserted them manually. This works almost flawlessly! The sprite does show up as a red 'X' in a black box in Lunar Magic which is not really an issue. The issue is when the ROM is actually started the sprite appears as 4 fire balls.

Like this.

Again, I am assuming this is just some sort of graphics issue. The sprite works exactly as intended, just doesn't look right.

Sorry for the simple questions but I really appreciate the help.#smw{:peace:}

Thanks again Thomas!

This was exactly the issue. I was confused because I did not know it was coded to the original graphics by default. I thought I had to import some of my own. This actually made things very simple, if only I had known from the beginning...

Simply clicking #lm{sgfxby} and changing SP4 from 2 to 3 fixed this. I did try clicking #lm{gfxby} and changing the sprite set to 'castle' but this did not work on it's own.

Anyways, thanks to you both this issue is now resolved. #smw{:TUP:}
Hey Everyone,

I have been following this tutorial to help insert graphics in LM for the custom thwomps I added to my hack. Although a bit old I found the tutorial actually worked great! I just have one pretty minor issue.

The graphics in LM do not appear in the same position in the actual game. It looks like the X coordinate is 10-15 blocks off. When trying to place a sprite all the way to the left of the level I am unable to move it closer than 10-15 blocks away (the sprite just refuses to move further left). However, when the level is started this sprite is all the way to the left. I can definitely work around this as it is not impacting the actual level but it would be really helpful to have these placed accurately so I can visualize my level better.

Here is some of my .ssc file in case I did something wrong there.
01    20    power_thwomp_down
01    22    0,0,8410 16,0,8411 0,-16,8401 16,-16,8401

05    20    thwomp_down
05    22    192,0,8408 208,0,8409 192,16,8418 208,16,8419

07    20    thwomp_right
07    22    288,0,840C

Hope this all makes sense. I could not find anyone else with this issue on the forum but maybe I just didn't search hard enough. Let me know if I should post this elsewhere, I am still very new to the site.

Thanks in advance. #smw{:peace:}
I am trying to insert a custom death block into my hack.

-I first hit #lm{extgfx} to extract the GFX.
-I then edited the graphics and got them looking how I want them to using the 8x8 editor. (no issues here)
-Next I hit F9 where I am prompted with "Do you want to save the current level GFX to file so it can be inserted to the ROM later?" I hit "Yes"
-Finally I hit #lm{insgfx} to insert the GFX back into the ROM.

So, what is the issue? The block appears perfect within Lunar Magic. However, when I start the ROM the graphics for the block do not appear. The block is there though, I can stand on an invisible platform or die if I set the 'act as' to 12F. Is there a step I am missing? It seemed very straight forward up until this point but I now can not figure out what I am doing wrong.

I am going to try and find the proper file to edit with YY-CHR but the 8x8 editor is so much more convenient.

Yes I did save the MAP16 data to the ROM. Sorry I forgot to mention that. Also, when I exit Lunar Magic and then re-open it the graphics for the blocks also disappear. Again, the blocks are still there but the graphics are gone.

EDIT: I solved the issue. For whatever reason I had to press #lm{insexgfx} instead of #lm{insgfx} to insert the graphics. I did not think these were ExGFX but nevertheless the issue has been resolved.

Oh sweet! That was super easy. Thanks a ton WhiteYoshiEgg.

I am not 100% sure why I had the numbers like that but I think I was trying to pull from where the graphics were in the 8x8 editor. I didn't realize this was actually how the graphics were placed in the level.

Also, in regards to the tile number. The tutorial I was following said to subtract 2000 from whatever the tile number was. Mine were 10408 to 8408 and so on. Hope that makes sense. I did see that you could just omit the first number but I didn't want to change it since it is working.

Thanks again!
After Touch Shatter Sprite/Block

I am not even sure where to begin with this. I have inserted the custom graphics. I have installed the blocks with the most recent version of GPS. I have added the sprites with PIXI. None of the files have been even slightly altered.

So now what?

I can see the graphics in the 8x8 editor however they are at tile 780. When I try to add these to Map16 is says the tile is out of bounds. Do I also need to exAnimate these? Do they work with PIXI or should I download another tool? The readme is less than helpful.

Again, I apologize if this is a basic question but I can not for the life of me figure this out or find other threads with this issue. Am I just terrible at this or do other people need tutorials as well?

Let me now if screenshots would be helpful.

Just beat this level. I found it extremely fun! I would say my skill level is pretty much beginner. I have been playing SMW hacks for about a month now. This felt right in my comfort zone. A good challenge but clearly beatable. I think removing the checkpoint could make it a bit harder but still a doable level for someone a bit more intermediate.

The "4 shell" thing was my favorite part. It took me a couple minutes to figure out what I was supposed to do but once I did it was awesome (I don't think you can make this any clearer, the coin indicators were great). I also liked how the mole trolls you before getting the checkpoint but then is also needed doe the next section.

Really my only constructive feedback is that it felt a little short. With that said, the shortness is also probably what kept it in my skill level. If you made 4-5 levels like this I probably wouldn't have this complaint. I thought the graphics were a bit simple but very clean.

Overall, great work! I will definitely play any other levels you put out. #smw{:TUP:} Let me know if you would like any more specific feedback.
Anyone ever used one of these? Do they work with ROM hacks?

They seems like a cool way to play hacks on the go but the price seems quite low to me.
My name on steam is Milk Boy so...

Absolute necessity.
Thanks for the input! I think that's sort of what I was expecting to hear.
I use Higan and was surprised to not even see it mentioned in this thread. Any reason why? I always thought it was one of the best.
Oh that totally makes sense!

I guess I mostly just play which seems to be ideal for Higan. Thanks for the info!
Some useful information can be found here.
I also found this video to be helpful.
Is there something specific you are having trouble with? I actually found the overworld to be one of the most intuitive parts of LM so perhaps I can help.
Ive been working on it for a few months now. Still have a lot to go!
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