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Posts by orka-bln
orka-bln's Profile - Posts by orka-bln
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When I set a tile to 1f0, the 1f0 only works when sprites land on top. I´d like to have it so that the 1f0 works on all sides,
so that you can throw shells against the sides or the bottom. For instance, in the first level sheffy 2 there´s blocks that have 1f0 on all sides.

Is there a patch that does that, or can you achieve it some other way? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
This seems to be what I was looking for. Thanks for your help!

could someone direct me to the patch, that allows you to spawn a shell into Mario´s hands by pressing L or R?
So basically the patch in thumbshredder.

I couldn´t find that one, any help would be appreciated.
Thank you for your help!

I was wondering how I can make it so when clearing a level,
the current level music keeps playing. So basically, no extra level clear jingle, the level music keeps playing til you´re sent back to the OW. Independent of goal tape, sphere, key etc.

Thank you for your help!
Thanks for your help kevin! :D
I ran into trouble after applying Biob´s Single Screen patch

This patch was applied to two levels, and in both of them the retry doesn´t work properly anymore.
When I remove the patch, retry works fine. All other levels are not affected.
What is the issue? The problem is that every once in a while, you get sent back to the ow, without a retry prompt. When that happens, there is also no ow music.
more details: I used the baserom from romhack races. patches were applied with uberasm to 2 levels. other patches that I used on the rom: nuke_statusbar and nomorespritetilelimits

I´m sure that I made a mistake applying the patch. I hope someone can help me fixing the issue.

A while back I was given this code, which lets you spawn sprites using L or R:
;;; which item to spawn
!spriteNum      =   $04
; 04 = green shell, 05 = red shell, 06 = blue shell, 07 = yellow shell
; 0F = goomba, 11 = buzzy beetle shell
; 2F = spring, 3E = p-switch, 53 = throwblock, 80 = key

;;; if spawning a p-switch, this is the color switch to spawn
!pswitchColor   =   $00
; 00 = blue, 01 = silver

;;; settings for which buttons will spawn the item (default: L or R)
; which input address to use (either $16 or $18 is recommended; see SMWC's RAM map)
!inputAddress   =   $18
; which buttons to use to spawn the item (see above address)
!inputValue     =   %00110000

    LDA !inputAddress
    AND #!inputValue
    BEQ .ret
    LDX #!sprite_slots-1
  - LDA !14C8,x
    BEQ .found
    BPL -
    LDA #!spriteNum : STA !9E,x
    LDA #$0B        : STA !14C8,x
    JSL $07F7D2|!bank
    if !spriteNum == $3E
        ; set p-switch color
        LDA #!pswitchColor
        STA !C2,x
    LDA $76 : EOR #$01 : TAY
    LDA $94 : CLC : ADC .xOffsL,y : STA !E4,x
    LDA $95 :       ADC .xOffsH,y : STA !14E0,x
    LDA #$0D
    LDY $73
    BNE +
    LDY $19
    BNE ++
  + LDA #$0F
 ++ CLC     : ADC $96  : STA !D8,x
    LDA $97 : ADC #$00 : STA !14D4,x

  .xOffsL: db $0B,$F5
  .xOffsH: db $00,$FF

It works fine, however, the game crashes upon dying (black screen). This happens only in the level, this code was used in.
I haven´t found anything else that is messed up by using this code. Can anyone tell me where the problem might be?

Thank you in advance
    lda $9D
    ora $13D4|!addr
    bne .ret
    LDA !inputAddress
    AND #!inputValue
    BEQ .ret
    LDX #!sprite_slots-1
  - LDA !14C8,x
    BEQ .found
    BPL -

like this?
I´ll try this out later, thank you very much K!
So, the fix does not work. I get the same crashes as before after dying. I also tested it with different retry settings, and on a fresh unedited rom.
Ok, so just to be sure, I checked everthing. The last thing I tried was to use another level for the insertion of the code, and suddenly it works! So thanks again, your fix worked well!
I made a level in which you collect a ton of lives resulting in mario having the halo on the ow. I know how to fix the halo when you have a negative life counter, but not in this case.
Hope someone can help.
I fixed it, ty!

I´m using Russianmans Custom Bullet Bill, but I don´t know
how to make the gfx work for vertical bullets. Can someone tell
me how to go about that?

Here´s the sprite:
Ty for that!
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orka-bln's Profile - Posts by orka-bln

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