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Try looking at the SMW ROM map.
i have no idea what you are talking about but maybe you can copy and paste? i use yy-chr to do this personaly
As a fellow romhacker, I feel like this must have caused you months or even years to make this, and it has paid off.

This hack reminded me of Donkey Kong Country and New Super Mario Bros. The only thing I dislike is there is no time limit. I know lots of people will love this feature, but I personally dislike it. Maybe you could do difficulties? This feature would make it the best romhack of all time, but I instantly fell in love right at the start, and these changes are optional.

All in all, this is the best romhack I've ever played. Thank you for making this.
while the game is weird and (slightly) fun, i have some complaints.

1. the sound hurts my ears


3. the level drags on. and on. and on. and on. and on. and- you get the idea

4. this is not hard, this is just "difficult." i used savestates here and there to explore, but i mostly used them because im playing on a keyboard.

there are some pros though.

1. the mario palette looks cool

2. the level has lots of depth. unfortunately, that depth all went to waste.

if it were better i would give it another go, but my first impressions are this:

it is bad
Originally posted by bandicoot
henry242, Thanks! I'm happy you liked, this is still the demo tho, but the full game will probably be released in 2020.

I can't wait until 2020 then.
Looking good (at least, a whole lot better than mine)! I love your choice of blocks and the palette. I also kind of have a level like this, but I think yours will probably win. Keep up the good work #smrpg{:D}!
As for the ExGFX, there is a video on it:

For making custom enemies, your best bet is to do SMW Customizer and Tweaker as far as I know, but hey, I don't know anything it seems.

Oh hey, there is a tutorial on this!
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