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This is a list of the Tool-Assisted Speedruns that I have made during the span of Summer C3 2019.

Shell's Retriever (No Cape)

2019 Blind Kaizo Race from SGDQ 2019

Robfather World 100%


A Kaizo Adventure

Steamed Hams

Unfortunately I was unable to complete many of my requests due to time constraints and them being too long.

If you have advice or criticism please feel free to leave it.
Originally posted by Final Theory
Do my hack, Super Mario Logic


It's about 40 min to TAS I think maybe it can be improved upon.

It's normal difficulty.

Since I am the creator of the hack I can offer you assistance and help with some levels. I'm no TAS'er but I know the levels better than anyone and I might know some tricks that others have missed.

It might just be a lot of fun!

Ok I'll look into it, hopefully it won't take too long.
I will no longer be taking requests for now as I have enough on my plate.
Good chance this is too hard but could you make the boot from Super Mario Bros 3 and then just skin it as a Yoshi, in other words make it so I can have multiple Yoshi's that can be mounted and jumped off BUT they do not need to have the ability to eat things.

Poopsey's professional profile picture presentation:





a cat I drew

Poopsey's palazzo of pleasing projects:

A cool palette I made (also shows some GFX I made)

Square GFX pack I made (happy goombas included)

poopsey's square GFX download

Super Mario Maker Spikes port (if you don't like blame Nintendo cause it's 100% perfect copy)

Mario Maker Spikes GFX download

Here is 2 lines of ASM I wrote to make vertical scroll at will work how I want:
org $00F878
JMP $F881

That's pretty much it. Thanks for taking the time to look at all this poop.

If you also wanna see a list of Tool-Assisted Speedruns I made go here.

If you have advice or criticism please feel free to leave it.
Considering I only get one shot at being a newcomer 2nd place is pretty good 😎
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