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Request Name: NPC with VWF to insert in SA-1 rom with PIXI (or GIEPY?)
Type: Sprite
Tool: PIXI
graphics found:

A customizable NPC-sprite with VWF enabled dialogues to insert in an SA-1 rom with PIXI (or is GIEPY becoming the new standard?).

1. The sprite that i have found is working only with romi's spritetool and crashes the rom when running through trashkas. (--> VWF NPC v3.1 and VWF Info Box DX)

2. Another version of NPC is working but only shows the "welcome" message and "rescued yoshi" message ( i assume it is not vwf compatible?). (--> NPCs v3.1)

So I think merge somehow the two versions and make it up to date would be great!
Gibt es irgendwo im Netz ein NPC Sprite mit VWF dialogue funktion den man in einem sa-1 rom mit PIXI einfügen kann?

Ich habe 2 npc sprites gefunden:

1. NPCs v3.1:
ist nicht mit vwf kompatibel

2: VWF NPC v3.1 and VWF Info Box DX
ist aber nicht mit pixi kompatibel und crasht mein rom wenn ich es durch trashkas durchlasse.

eine kombination der beiden wäre super und up to date?

Request Name: Retry sytem (and multiple midway points) patch with VWF compatibility
Type: patch
Tool: Asar

Retry sytem (and multiple midway points) patch with VWF compatibility

was waiting a long time for something like this and also with vwf...!!!
GREAT! Looks very good and well made - looking forward to use these!
thank you very much!!!!!

Sampled or unsampled (I don't know which one would sound better)


MIDI download / reference:

NOTES: this is a song I would love to insert in my hack. A calm room, maybe with autowalk / autoscroll or just slow explore kind of room.
Its going to be a dedication room for my wife and my daughter :)

Thanks a lot! cheers :)
Idle Mario pose with "zzz" tiles animation + Darken screen + "pause" text


During Pause set mario in crouching position with the "Zzz" Rip van Fish animtated Tiles + Darken screen + "pause" written in the middle of the screen. (would be nice to have configurable pose, configurable darkness of the screen like darken pause patch, configurable text to write and if possible, the darkness of the screen not affecting the written text on screen)

Here is a modified screenshot to show better what I mean (font could be the same as "retry"):

Idle Mario patch -
Darken Pause patch -

thank you a lot in advance!
New day new problem lol

Can somebody help me out with a message thing....:

I (tried) to make an uberasm that checks if x-amount of overall yoshi coins (for the overall counter I used the 3 digit dragon coin counter which gives me the total amount ram adress) were collected to trigger a (vwf) message and teleport to overworld...everything (seems) to work fine except that the code teleports the player to ow before or during the message is being loaded and not finished, so sometimes it nearly starts to load the message, sometimes it reads after going back to a level, messing up everything (I put a freeram check that is not cleared on lvl load or ow load to prevent popping up again) why is this happening? how can I fix that? guess is that uberasm code is running also during message pop up (and pause?)?? How could I prevent that, in the sense how to teleport the player to ow after the (vwf) message is finished?
If I do the same with a block it works kinda, but I need an uberasm (I think)...also, I am a very very asm noob..

thank you!

I would like to use this death counter in my hack:

but I just need the ow death counter in the position at the bottom center of the rectangle of the ow without any text (I would like to adda symbol for that)...
I would also like to not have the lifes hijacked....

Can somebody do this changes? or how can I do this changes?

Sorry, I had 2x the same link, I updated the links. In the Idle Patch the tiles of Rip van fish "zzz" are remapped to sp1/2 like JP32 said, I think....
I am a few days now trying to search for a solution and trying out myself some stuff but couldn't fix this:

I want to save the players lives with sram+ and have the life counter working properly after 0 lives "continue" promt

BUT all "solutions" I found, garbles the life counter....

I put in sram_table:
dl $7E0DBE : dw $0001
dl $7E0DB4 : dw	$0001
dl $7E0DB5 : dw $0001

and defaults the starting value:
db $23	
db $23
db $23

so from what I've read I have also to disable hard reset with some patch like these and I tried all 3 of them:
org $009E1C|!bank
	STZ.w $13C9|!addr
	REP #$20
	BRA +
org $009E4B|!bank

org $009E26 : nop #3
org $009E2C : nop #3

org $009E21 : BRA +	; disable reseting lives
org $009E2F : +

They disable the continue/end message or delete the proper restart after death so that if one continues with 0 lives - then the lives become garbage numbers like p0 n4 etc.....

So how canI fix that if I die and have 0 lives then after pressing continue it restores the lives back to

thanks for the help! would also be ok if there is not "Pause" written during pause but a pause symbol ("II") instead, if its complicated with text..
Does anybody know how to have the total amount of Dragon coins in a Ram adress to use for other stuff and triggers with this patch?

or how to have the vanilla Dragon Coin System and a Ram adress that stores the total overall amount of Collected Dragon Coins?
love this presentation! Hope to see more of those videos in future!
cute minigame!
good trailer!
looks very good and thought out!
gonna try this