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NameSnake Eater (MGS3)
midi fileLink

Can be sampled or unsampled, no fuss from me so long as it's recognizable. Just want intro then verse/chorus loop.
Anyone able to give me a hint on the Gene's House
yoshi puzzle

I have like 92 exits and I've skimmed several VoDs from various streamers and I'm clueless what to do here. I don't want a solution, just a hint, I feel like I'm missing something.
Originally posted by Katerpie
I too am having trouble with Gene's House. I did everything but
there's nothing for me to die to to get to the door below

I can trigger the key and know how to get to the door, I just don't know how to get back out of the pit with the kaizo block.
Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
When mario dies, yoshi also freezes

Extra extra hint (if the first hint doesn't suffice):
Yoshi freezes even if he's in midair

Also, I suppose enough time has passed for me to post here. I also want to echo Lazy and thank everyone who has played the hack and for all the kind words.

Thank you guys for making it, not us for playing it! It has been an incredible experience, with surprisingly little jank!
So I am trying to remove everything except the timer from the status bar. I don't want lives, score, bonus stars, nor the power-up box.

I've tried using the SMW Status Bar Editor:

This pretty much gets the job done, but it leaves score and bonus stars, also it causes numbers to show up.

I've tried looking at the asm for Remove Status Bar:

But I can't make heads or tails of it, I'm very green at this.

I've also tried editing GFX28 but that (obviously lol) didn't work.

What do?
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Did you try Status Effect? You can change the counters there too.

I did actually, no luck, just broke my ROM.

I did get my solution though, I simply patched:

Disable Bonus Stars:

And also GHB Disable Score:

Then used Status Bar Editor to get rid of everything else.

Thanks for the help though!
I've ran into some trouble, I applied THIS and it caused a softlock on death because of a conflict with the instant retry system.

I solved this by adding:

under main: but either the above code or that patch itself (unsure) causes a crash when loading Yoshi's House, I've only applied it to the specific level rather than as a gamemode or global patch.

Anyone have any idea why this would be?
Originally posted by Koopster
I don't know why exactly it would crash, but this UberASM does hijack the side exit routine, so this must be why Yoshi's House in particular is crashing.

The one thing that comes to mind right off the bat is there might be a free RAM conflict. Did you tweak the free RAM value? If not, you could try it.

Yeah, the hijack is almost certainly what's causing it, I don't see any way to fix it either.

Changing what RAM it accesses doesn't seem to fix it.

I'm pretty new at this though, is there no way to make the hijack not work except when the level is loaded?
Anyone know why? Was it a choice by FreakinHA, mods wouldn't accept it, some other reason?
If there is one, it should be a lot easier to find.

I've spent about 4 hours now trying to get Mario to move ONE TILE on the overworld. I've read the LM help file, I've checked the FAQ, I've checked about 50 threads relating to this problem, and I'm still left without an answer or a solution.

I've got a path placed, not even messing with jank events, have every single exit on the level set to allow me to move in the correct direction upon completion despite the level having only a normal exit, and still I can't move.

EDIT: I've came to the conclusion that an event MUST BE SET in order for Mario to be allowed to move, if this is the case, why isn't it noted in the FAQ section? In fact, the FAQ section does little more than simply acknowledge that events exist.
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
initial level settings are only updated on the creation of a new save file. iirc, it's also true for the direction an exit allows, if said exit is cleared on the save file you're trying to use.

general rule of thumb is to test from a fresh save file when you're messing with level settings

Yes, I've started a new save file, deleting all 3 just to be safe several times. Still won't allow Mario to move once completing a level.

Is an Event required to allow Overworld movement? Both Layer 1 and Layer 2 paths, or just one of them? The specifics are what I don't understand.
Originally posted by BlueToad

You can open a path using "Direction to enable when normal exit passed" in the #lm{owlevel} dialog. You can also set different directions for each secret exit.

Layer 2 Events are used to update the overworld visually only.

That's what's not making sense to me though. I've got a barebones grid-like overworld that I'm using for testing levels, the layer 1 paths are down,
and the "Direction to enable" things are set, but if it's set to "no event" then I can't move. I've got it set to
enable movement without requiring a clear and it works perfectly fine, but the moment I remove the ability to move without clearing,
I can't move anymore, even with the direction enabled and the level cleared. #smw{o_O?}

I guess I'll understand eventually, this is just such a huge pain, and I can't seem to wrap my head around it
Originally posted by Koopster
Originally posted by The_Uber_Camper
Is an Event required to allow Overworld movement?

Yes. Directions are enabled alongside event execution, so no new direction will be enabled if
- the event is set to N/A;
- the event has already ran previously.

The initial enable direction flags are event-independent, though.

Originally posted by Katerpie
For you to move when an event is cleared, you have to set the base event in #lm{owlevel} to something other than "No Event", even if no layer 1/2 events are set beforehand.

If you plan to add event tiles, you must take in mind which event the path and level tile are at - if, say, the path is revealed in event 1, the base event absolutely must be event 1, and so forth.

Thanks guys, I think this is exactly what I was looking for! #smw{:TUP:}
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