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In eggvine, there are some things i don't understand when placing items and stuff...

1. When i insert diagonal line guides, the guide always ends up going down right. How do you make it go downleft? What does it mean when it says "If it goes <80 is downright, if its 80> it goes downleft?

2. Is there any way to change the words specified in message boxes?

3. Occasionally, when i save a level and go to a different index, i come back and a bunch of sprites in random places appear out of no where. How do i prevent this?

4. Is there a way to change the sprite and object numbers?

Thanks for your help :)

6-month-edit: As if no one answered my question all these months ago.

11-month-edit: I still can't believe I was ignored like this. It hurts you know.
Whenever i go to "Edit Profile" and edit stuff, it stays the same when i get out of it. I can't find a save button anywhere, and when i tried pressing "Edit Profile" at the bottom, i thought it saved, but i came back and it reset to the origonal.

What's happening?
Screen 1: Good. At least you centred your text in this one.

Screen 2: The mountain's look very fake, and the BG palette doesn't match the clouds. I think you've edited this..?

Screen 3: Good (Nice idea with the Koopa Shell.)

Screen 4: Another Smart idea.

Screen 5: Cool :)

Screen 6: Good idea with the wall climbing, but if you would post your hack, are you sure people would know how to do that? Maybe you should consider placing a Message Box to hint about what to do.

Screen 7: Good.

Screen 8: Good, but i'm not sure about that glitched area.

Screen 9: Maybe make your text a little more long, say something like:
Into the Mole Holes, to make it sound better than something plain like
"Mole Holes."

Screen 10: I solved it, where's my cookie?

Screen 11: The stone blocks aren't exactly evened out, one that's 3 tiles long and others that are 2. Maybe consider something else, not stone blocks, because it looks rather dodgy.

Screen 12: Good.

Screen 13: Good.

Screen 14: Yes, infact i know this. Firstly, to make the ceiling, type in "Ceiling with slanted edges..." and put that BEHIND the cross section, just under the snow (or orange block, whatever you used.) For the edges, make the spikes thinner, or the snow wider, and insert the left and right corners of normal ground. You might noticed that the ceiling is then cut off by the corners, just use orange blocks to cover that up.

Screen 15: I might know how to do this...

Screen 16: Good, but is there a point to the spikes next to the pipe? Maybe add some coins there?

Screen 17: Good, but a little crowded. Stretch it out a bit. Can you see how the rotating platform is going through the stone blocks and enemies? That's pretty unrealistic.

Screen 18 & 19: That's a good trick, very smart.

Otherwise, good hack, just fix those things.
I wonder what the Green Pikmin would be like ...
Apparently it makes plants grow to reach new areas?

And my friend told me about a "black" pikmin, that lets you navigate through smokey area's :)

Otherwise, i'd like a Pikmin ... such as a Brown Pikmin, that can burrow underground and retrieve items for you :)
Originally posted by Race to Christmas
man, smw2 hacking and smw1 hacking makes the games look so alike. Maybe is hould start... nah, smw2 is hareder. But anyway, this looks cool. I'm not a smw2 player, so i don't havge a big saying. I mean the game, but... i never tried the hacks

SMW2 Yoshi's Island hacks aren't hard to make, infact, i find it easier than SMW1. If you're really good at using Eggvine (SMW2 Level Editor) then you're levels end up looking fabuolous and attractive.

Just look at SNN's hack, pure genius!
Originally posted by CD Productions
Excuse me, but how do you make it where a falling block as a sprite first shows up?

What do you mean by a falling block sprite?
Be more specific.
How about a "search for hack" feature
as in, you search a hack by it's overall rating etc...
or maybe what you like in a hack? Say, something to do with Bowser, or something random, like blood :)?
Originally posted by CD Productions
Well I mean, something weird is happening with 3-8 Main, as in the sprite byte limit dramatically changed from 0/0 to 3312/3312!!! How can I REALLY avoid causing this to occur!? I'm afraid that this is ABSOLUTELY causing me to like withdraw from Yoshi's Island Modding...

I got that alot in my old hack, i nicknamed it Sprite Overload, due to the horric amounts of spirtes.

It basically happens when you change from one level to another after saving, and come back with heaps of sprites from nowhere. So far, the only cure i have found is to get a new YI Rom, because you have ... how would you say it ... a 'dirty' ROM. After that, i had no troubles with eggvine.

But for you, you're up to 3-8 i presume, so this will most likely drain the eggvine out of you, unless you're pretty dedicated.
I use Lucas, because he has so many cool combo moves.

1. Zap Jump
2. Magnet Pull
3. Thunder Torpedo
4. Ledge Grab
5. AWESOME AS SMASH ATTACK .. racks 20% damage each hit :)

1. Slow Smashes
2. Bad recovery from grabs >.>

...that's about it. That's why i like him so much!
I'm using an alternate Hex Editor to Translhextion, because every time i try opening a Thingytable, it freezes up on me. I'm now using Windhex, which looks similar, but i don't understand how to use it, and i can't find a tutorial or FAQ about it. Can someone help me figure out these two things about it?

- How to open YITable.tbl (so i can edit text)
- How to Jump to Offsets, to edit things like Mid-Rings etc.


Snow_Dragon Yoshi
Tag (b) was not closed.
Tag (b) was not closed.
Originally posted by The Ghost of Christmas Future
Heh, I already have this entire thing figured out. Come on guys, think outside the box a little bit...It's actually pretty easy. Also, I'm not giving any hints because that will make the achievement of figuring it out better. :)

Tell us the answer and gloat, we dont mind :)
Avatar - 6
Signature - 8 :)
uhh, sure. I'll beta test =)

seeing that you're desperate xD
Maybe we'd have the answer by now if everyone didn't have so many conspiracy theories about this being an elaborate prank so that people can laugh at us. I re-read these pages, and at least 10 people gave hints (i think), followed by a pesimist stating this is a trick.
When i try disabling the message box for when Yoshi get's hit, it keeps freezing up, the screen goes black and everything glitches. I changed both values to 80, but still, nothing. Why isn't it working?
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