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Save state at 11 years old
Live life to 80 (or one second before life ends)

How smart :)
Originally posted by Jughead dige
Originally posted by St. Luigi
Originally posted by Jughead dige
Well today is the day. I set my computer on fire, not on purpose though! I guess those two wires don't go together ('-_-)

I then threw out my computer.
I think it's time to do this with the thread.

Ho exactly did you post that post if your computer is dead?

Sorry about your computer...

that computer didn't even have Internet so, and I'm on my iPod posting this

This thread has no point right now, so could somebody trash it or turn it off?

Could've sold the parts on eBay :|

Btw, spiders in computer is nothing compared to inconpicous deadly scorpion inside shoe, which my toe would've crushed if i didn't drop the shoe :)

I once did an oral infront of my class ... it involved pulling faces, dancing like an idiot, and wagging my finger everywhere. I now am one of the most popular guys in my year level!
Originally posted by 008
(I did, I wished that my corruption didn't result in my death)

Granted. You now have the power to turn into a bucket of moldy potato salad at will.

I wish I had admin powers.

Oh sorry, i didn't realise that.

Granted. You become hated by all SMW users and are banned.

I wish for luck.

*(Stops posting in thread :P)
In Dimentio's song, it mentions SNN spying on us online..
And to be good for hacking's sake.

*Starts to understand...*

EDIT: I GIVE UP. I thought i had the answer but Dimentio brang my hopes down. Some Christmas this is ... =_=

( Hopes for an epiphany ... )
I'm in!
Sign me up :P

Dragons are smarter than all of you. Our brains hold the capacity of 100 elephants xD
Originally posted by Dimentio
Well, first off, DON'T be emo. I was once, BAD things come from it );... But also...

Has anybody read my song yet?

~You better eat jam~
~You better not flame~
~You better not spam~
~I'm telling you man~
~SNN is coming to town!~
~He sees you when your trolling~
~He knows when your online~
~He knows if you are stupid or cool~
~So be cool, for hacking sake!~
~Oh, you better eat jam~
~You better not flame~
~You better not spam~
~I'm telling you man~
~SNN is coming------ To Town---------!~♪♫♪♫

Heh heh...

I read the song...

Does it have ANYTHING to do with the What The Hex Is This challenge? It's been a week and i still can't solve the damn thing >.>
One day someone found a dog and also found a hack by some retarded n00b who loled. He had no name in this world. He did have a tail 100 times faster than Chuck Norris who always has the dog on his desktop of his landlord's daughter. This is the end of his friendship with himself until being killed by a giant nasty Robot-Santa giving Gifts to other strange Creatures, which kills the robot that once thrived on SMW Central users really stupid posts.
Why make a big deal?
They're releasing a patch to fix it
so who cares.

But still, go firefox!

Dumb internet explorer can't BE customized ...
I'm yet to know if Google Chrome is able to be ...
Originally posted by The christmas carpet
It would be good if you could edit the first post so it has all the pictures, like in a list.


Just an idea.

If you did that, page 1 would take forever to load ... plus, some pictures are best to be left in seperate pages :P

...that was a joke, stop crying.

EDIT: This is me, btw. (It was to see what my hair looked like ><")
EDIT2: Removed. I don't want people drooling over me :P

oho :)
Originally posted by Dimentio
Originally posted by Snow_Dragon Yoshi
b]EDIT: I GIVE UP. I thought i had the answer but Dimentio brang my hopes down. Some Christmas this is ... =_=

( Hopes for an epiphany ... )</b>

Whoa whoa whoa, slow down there Dragon Yoshi XD How did I bring your hopes down? I don't want to spoil the whole thing by telling anyone, because when you tell one person they tell another, then they tell another, and so on and so on till everyone knows... Espically with PM's :P

Sorry... :(

Can i atleast know if i was right? What's the point of thinking you know the answer if you can confirm it?

And who am i going to tell, i'm new here, no one knows me :\

*is very eager*
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Originally posted by Santa Claws
"Do I take life or give it? Who is victim, and who is foe?.."

Um ... fantastic. You sound like the Grim Reaper.

But on that subject, i am foe :P
Foes have better traits.
Originally posted by Snow Man
Not a big fan of Firefox. Opera is the way to go!

I've never heard of Opera ... what is it?
I'm not really into musical GROUPS as much.

If i were to say one on the top of my head, i'd say Fallout Boy.

(Are they a musical group?)

*Stares into space*
Snowy, i can't help you with the brightness, probably because it's not stone or castle blocks ...

Anyway, with you're picures, i presume you're using photobucket? You're supposed to copy the "Direct Link", and when you're inserting a picture, you press the 'insert image' and copy the link into the box that pops up. Press OK, and it does it for you.
Hello Sakanushi, welcome :)

Btw, St Luigi, you're going to get 10000 posts if you greet every new member xD

On the subject of post layouts, how DO you make them ... ?

*munches down on reindeer steak*

Hmm, crunchy.
Originally posted by Christmas? Bah Humbug!
Originally posted by Snow Man
Opera is the way to go!
pera wns!</span></font></span>


...firefox is still my choice :P

A lot of things on the internet are supported by Firefox, making it an ideal choice for me.

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Granted, but you suck at surviving and die.

I wish for another wish.
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