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Originally posted by Quizler
Exactly what rex and leod say. Please ignore blumiere's post, he has no idea what he's talking about.

..unless he meant his (incorrect) personal way of pronouncing it in which case, it's dumb and also sort of embarrassing.

A little harsh ... he was asking for our thoughts of how to pronounce it and I gave him mine. He even gave an incorrect pronunciation based on his phonetic background, too.
Originally posted by leod
Please ignore Blumiere's post above this one, he has no idea what he's talking about.

Fine. I deleted my post considering it's that moronic. Anything else I've done wrong you'd like to point out?

I'm sorry for giving him my opinion on how it should be pronounced. If it were a simple question I'm sure he would've Googled it for an accessible answer in less than a minute. He explicitly asked for what our "thoughts" were, and I gave him mine. No need to be dicks about it.
Originally posted by Megafonzie
edit: I should mention that I'm likely not going to be in math 135 and 137, so those might change. I'm switching into the more advanced versions of them because I'm cool.

I looked up your courses and noticed concepts like derivatives, antiderivatives and related rates and was confused as to why you were taking high school math in college. What math course are you looking to take instead?

also you're not cool stop deceiving everybody
Originally posted by TheRPGLPer
No, I'm being dead serious. He was killed because he was a 17-year old black kid and this country is extremely racist. It was sparked purely by racism and the fact that he had a hoodie on and that automatically made him a dangerous person...

Please educate yourself. I recommend not watching Fox News or listening to what the masses say. Form your own opinion of widely available cases like the Zimmerman case instead of taking what you see in the news as gospel truth.
It's been a while since ZUN's created a final boss theme that actually embodies the feeling of finality. A great song.

outside of touhou i'm also obsessed with The XX but not listening to them right now sooo
Stage 5 is crazy. Stage 6 was just retardedly amazing. Both stages had some very creative gimmicks, and the music was great, too. Stage 4 is probably my favourite stage, but the final spell card for it is very boring.

... except, well, it doesn't really feel like a danmaku any more. Going even further, it doesn't even feel like Touhou any more. I don't know what, but since Touhou 12, the franchise has lost a lot of its appeal. The spells are less creative and ZUN is instead turning to wacky gimmicks to keep the player's interest. The stage 5 boss stuff was very creative, but you can really see that ZUN needed to lay down on the patterns so you could still keep up with everything while your controls were wacked. Stage 6's gimmick didn't sacrifice the complex but engrossing patterns, but such a dominant theme in the character was hardly even capitalised on. Furthermore, The extra boss, again, is very underwhelming and way, way too easy. I'm actually quite disappointed by how ZUN decided to utilise the whole drum thing ... every time the drum sounded, curvy lasers appeared.

ALSO! I'm getting really sick of patterns that are just a big, expanding circle that you have to manoeuvre around in different ways every game. Dammit ZUN.

Touhou 11 is still, IMO, the best Touhou game. Great difficulty that really made it feel like a shmup while still managing to look amazing. I know a lot of people fancy Touhou 12, too. But nowadays, ZUN is just watering down the difficulty of the series for a casual audience and delivering us games that, in comparison to his past work, just don't feel that unique any more. What's the difference between Touhou 13 and 14's final spell cards in Stage 6? They're huge, flashy bullets that come hurling towards you. Every game before that had something distinctive ... Byakuren's fixed circles, Utusho's gravity, Kanako's barrage of amazingness (by far my favourite final) ... this just feels so recycled.
Originally posted by Adam

You still look the same after 3 years. :|

Played for 5 hours, realised that the game is suffering from what made me hate Minecraft: content for the sake of content. The game has become a bigger grind than it was before because of the abundance of new items and the fact that they're proposing a Terraria 2 means I probably shouldn't pour 120 hours of my life into the game again.
Welp, I lied. 10 hours in and I can't stop.

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
So hasn't anyone ever thought about launching a video website to compete with Youtube? You know, a more simplistic design, minimal amount of features, the owners actually listening to feedback, and whatnot.

I'll just quote Reddit on this:

Jinora ex machina

I have no other complaints about how it ended other than the fact that Jinora, upon realising she has a connection with spirits, went from another utterly useless member of Tenzin's family to his saviour of the worlds. When she told Tenzin she couldn't come back yet, what the hell did she do in the spirit world? How did she suddenly appear before Korra as this figure of light that was able to find Raava inside Vaatu?

Other than that 9.5/10 for book 2. Made up for everything Book 1 sucked at. I guess that's the magic of Studio Mir!
I wonder if any of you remember me ... :)

It's concerning, but unsurprising, that people still complain about the same things as they did when I used to be active here. I'm not going to offer a solution since I believe it is far too late for one. I knew the quality of this place was taking a nosedive ages ago but there wasn't much I could do.

It is my belief that a bunch of teenagers and young adults (plus a couple of oldbies) cannot properly maintain a community whose interests revolve around a niche concept. You're kidding yourself if you think that this website is ever again going to be like it was in 2009. It was a different website back then. The staff team didn't consist of a bunch of teenagers who were hired only to moderate sections and forums, it was a bunch of mates consisting of a good chunk who knew each other well before a userbase even manifested. Those mates actually gave a crap about the users beneath them since it was a collective effort to maintain the website which, at the time, was relatively new and brewing with activity.

Over time, being a member of staff lost its original 2009 meaning. People were being hired that no one had ever heard of (me!) and those people had no ties to the community that compelled them to bother improving the quality of it. Staff stopped talking to each other and created "groups" like you mentioned. This place had become a high school and people would talk behind each other's backs and create heaps of very, very stupid drama.

Those people, such as myself, left or segregated themselves from the community.

Now you have the current community. From what I bothered reading in this thread, it looks like the staff team are as independent from each other as ever and the users are bored and neglected like they were a year ago.

My advice is that you guys should stop caring so much. Loosen up, enjoy your time here and stop trying to create the perfect community you loved years ago. Be lax on rules and run more events, talk to the guys in #smwc and play games with them and stop talking behind each other's backs.

However, my advice is stale, as it it what I used to tell the guys on the staff team all the time. My memory of the ~4 years I was here may be faded but, objectively, this website is still the same dying place as it was when I left. Honestly, it pains me to see that the active userbase is around 1000 knowing that it had reached 2000 and climbing not so long ago.

What pains me even more is that I know there's not much you can do about it. Nothing is going to change. There aren't going to be more events, the staff team aren't going to become any more involved with the community as they are now and the userbase is going to continue declining. I've seen discussions like this before and it always leads to nothing. Maybe there'll be a few exciting events and revamped rules, but nothing is going to "fix" things in the long term.

Can you prove me wrong? Maybe, but I highly doubt it. I'm personally done with this place so I'll just continue watching the events unfold in the future. Good luck to you guys in maintaining the community, really, as I think it's an effort that many of you stopped really trying to exert ages ago.

Sorry for the doom and gloom post, especially if it contributes nothing to the discussion. I just felt like interjecting considering I've been a part of the website for the last 5 years ... I basically grew up here and a lot of my greatest memories are from past events held here. I've seen it all, folks. Not as much as SNN, but I can't help but lack the optimism he does when I've seen efforts like this fail again and again.
Sorry, I haven't been here for a while so I can't comment on what drama I've missed. My viewpoint may also differ slightly as I log onto the IRC at times when some mods may not be on.

I think I did make my post sound like a little too much of an end of the world thing. I don't necessarily think I'm being negative about the future of this website, I'm being realistic. I don't know what needs to change, but something does. Efforts have been made in the past to do what SNN wants to do now and they clearly haven't paid off. As I said, I do hope the staff team can find some way to fix whatever problems persist with the community and themselves, but I'm not optimistic about it anymore. It just sounds like things haven't improved from the times I used to be active here, so I'm not sure what the staff team are trying to achieve here, now, in attempt to restore the former quality of the community and whatnot.

I'm not active here any more, I only lurk. I don't know many of the members of staff anymore and I don't post. I gathered my thoughts from the posts in this thread and felt as if it was reminiscent of the past.

Like I said, I do hope you guys prove me wrong and find a solution to the problems you've been having, but the approach should be different as it has failed in the past.

(and yeah, it wasn't my place to judge current staff members as I don't know how involved they may be, I just gathered they still aren't from people in this thread. sorry!)
It was my second anime after Code Geass and I still don't understand the hype behind it. It was interesting and unique in its own way, but it wasn't compelling like FMAB or moving like Clannad. It felt like the show was average in every aspect of storytelling rather than specialising in one, which is why I think it's regarded as an all around great watch.

To each his own.
Originally posted by MaxodeX
You guys and your snowy cold days...
I'm here happily (not) enjoying some warming +35°C everyday.

Meanwhile half of Australia is enjoying 50C weather but here I am with rain and wind. Where's my heat? :(
Originally posted by S.N.N.
And here I was genuinely hoping that you'd post a picture of Civ V or something. This is close enough.

I've already no lifed it by playing DotA2 for 500 hours and I need to play through all of those games I bought. I genuinely contemplated buying Civ V but I actually enjoy some free time ... It just didn't seem worth paying 20 bucks for another game that'll consume my life when I have so many others that I've already bought. I mean, where will I fit Civ V in my next 500 hours of DotA? :D
I substantially cut down my drinking after one chick's 18th in high school. By about 10:30 I was off my face dancing with everyone and being overly social (I'm a friendly drunk) and soon after the alcohol got to my head and wiped my memory. I remember nothing from after taking a photo with another close mate. From what people tell me happened, the mate I took a photo with nearly died falling into a bonfire and I went to the toilet, never came out and ended up being found passed out with my pants down curled around the base of the toilet. After I woke up I went to the laundry sink and vomited ... of course, I missed and instead got my sleeve (henceforth known as the "vomit jacket").

It sucks not to remember and it sucks not being in control. I still drink, but am quick to stop when I can feel it getting to me.
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