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So, after exams, I ranked high enough to be in the top 7% in my state, so I was accepted into that one university/college everyone wants to go to. Studying science, baby! ;)

... I wish I knew what field of science I would like to study. There's 37 different subjects I can take so it's going to be really difficult. To be honest, I'm more excited for the two elective subjects I can pick. I'll probably end up picking Japanese and ... learn an instrument? I might be too old, though. I can't think of anything else I'd like to learn, though.

Right now I'm motivated to enter fields that have affected me personally. I'm not the healthiest kid and have tinnitus, mild arthritis and ... well, a lot of bone problems for no apparent reason! I could become an audiologist, rheumatologist ... maybe I can fix myself up!

I'm happy. I'll definitely attend every lecture in the first week and then stay at home for the rest of the year learning off the online portal. Bring on the independence!
Binged my money and bought a 3DS XL. Not sure if I have buyer's remorse yet. As I speed through the games I'm reminded of my initial reason to hold off buying Nintendo consoles/games that aren't on Steam, but they're decent time killers.

Finished Super Mario. It was pretty easy, but the special worlds have quite a few challenges. I wish the game sort of progressed from World 1 to 8 in such a way that would mimic the current progression from World 1 to Special World 8, you know?

Beat A Link Between Worlds, was sort of disappointed that the game was, again, so easy. Much, much more fun than Mario, however. I guess the difficulty is unavoidable, though, considering you can beat the temples in any order you want. But then you have to ask yourself do you want a satisfying progression of difficulty or the freedom to roam wherever you want? They seem to have lost the ability to create games that are in between both (ie most other Zelda games, Metroid).

However, it is much more fun than Mario and Luigi which I am absurdly bored of. I don't think I'll be finishing it. I think I really, really hate dream world battles. I mean, I played Bowser's Inside Story like a year or two ago and found that to be my second favourite of the series. The game feels off when it's just Mario battling enemies half of the time. Eh.

Currently on the Australian version of Gumtree buying the new Professor Layton games I've missed. I also bought Monster Hunter while on sale but I'm saving it for commutes to university and lectures where I tune out.

Not sure what I should play next, though. Has anyone played that ... new game on 3DS? The name escapes me. It's very white and creamy. I'd look it up but the handheld is in another room and all.
University wake up call has officially hit me. So far I've treated it much like high school where I depend on my ability to soak in information and read about it later to do well. My first mid-semester test in Chemistry scored me a 10/15 which I'm not happy with considering I had to resort to Google for most of the answers. I screwed up some basic botany, too.

If there's anything I've learnt these past few weeks:

1) Your life now belongs to your tertiary studies

2) Without a laptop to take notes, you're going to have a bad time. I told myself I'd wait until the American school year starts because the new Ultrabooks would be announced around the same time, but I didn't expect old fashioned note taking to be such a horrible way to take notes.

Since I didn't learn Chemistry in my last year of high school I'm pretty much expected to learn 2 years worth of content in 12 weeks. On top of learning Japanese and dealing with Calculus 2, university is on the brink of defeating me.

... and here I am posting about my life as a first year instead of writing up my Japanese oral presentation. Life is haaaard.
Have you heard Japanese people speak casually? I was on the tram yesterday and got to stand next to two Japanese ladies speak the language. It sounded as fluid and interesting as arabic. The stuff you hear on television shows and anime series is very exaggerated and annoys the heck out of me, too.

I was raised to speak Assyrian, learnt English during my first few years of primary school and now I'm studying Japanese. I'm only 6 weeks into my course so I know jack shit, but it's something.
Why Skype instead of something like Teamspeak? Skype is vastly inferior compared to its alternatives.
I know 4, 7, 11, 20 (I know that violin like I know ZUN trumpets), 21, 23 and 24. None of that matters though since I'm not entering the contest. I just want to know WHAT #22 IS DAMMIT.

I feel like I should know 29, though. It sounds awfully like the games I used to play here back in 2010 but I can't figure it out.

also 26 because it makes me happy
22. Xenoblade Chronicles - Unfinished Battle

Originally posted by Storm Kyleis
#20: How could I miss Layton? D: The style is unmistakable. Beautiful song.

It's from Azran Legacy, which is a very, very recent game. I'd be surprised if a lot of people here played Layton since it's a very niche genre. I only knew the track because I played the game back in March. The moment I heard that violin I sped through every song in the soundtrack. Made for a good hour or so. If you were a true fan you'd have done the same. ;)

E: Just now listening to the songs themselves ... SNN, thanks for reminding me about Asterix and Obelix. It's been 4 or 5 years since I've listened to any of the songs from that soundtrack and I can still hum The Mountains perfectly. It's an overwhelming amount of nostalgia. You have no idea. "London" is such a great track, too.
Can these be the default ones? Gooey seems very niche and default, normal emoticons would be much better. #tb{:(}
Man I wish I had the hindsight like you did, RC. We have heaps of scholarships last year that I completely forgot to apply for and I've regretted it since our offers were released since many of my friends were celebrating on Facebook about having their courses paid for. There were grants handed out at the beginning of this year I didn't apply to either since I didn't think I'd really need it, but damn did I underestimate how much university costs me ... travelling alone costs about 25 dollars a week and then there's the money for food ...

Next year I'll make sure to apply for the grants. I really need a job, I think.

Anyway, I'm starting my first round of exams in 3 weeks! This is my last week of official classes until SWOTVAC, which means hardcore studying. I've pretty much accepted the fact that:

1. Biology will be my best subject. I've written 30 pages of notes so far on 20/30 or so lectures. I'm ready for that exam.
2. I will do decently in Chemistry. We're studying nomenclature at the moment which is fairly simple. My course is a semester of chemistry covering 2 years of high school chemistry so it's pretty full on, but I believe I'll manage.
3. Japanese is very difficult but when it clicks it just ... clicks, you know? I know about 100 Kanji at the moment and can put together basic sentences with good particle use. I will need to study a fair bit to remember the verbs and their conjugations (DAMN YOU U VERBS WHY DO YOU SUCK SO MUCH) but, again, I'll manage I think.

4? Well ... I've given up on Calculus 2. My God. It's my first exam, too. I understand why it has the highest fail rate of all first year subjects. :(
Originally posted by sleepy
teamspeak suck

Originally posted by Blumiere
compared to its alternatives.

I named one. It's a lot easier to enter a channel and just start talking than having to start a call with people you need to add as friends.

It's like telling me that the IRC is vastly inferior to MSN. Any VoIP program is probably better than using Skype. You don't need to add each other as friends, multiple people can moderate the channel, you can have easy to access channels on the network and there's much more features, such as selective muting and user controls to deal with people that have heaps of background noise.
Originally posted by Torchkas
There's moderation functions in Skype. Skype also acts as a chat program.

As does every VoIP program in existence. I never said Skype didn't have moderator functions, but they are severely limited to removing people from calls, hanging them up and (for some reason) editing people's messages. In other programs you have the ability to segment people into channels, assign priority speakers to flush out annoying users, the ability to allocate tiers of admins, kick/ban people for ranges of time, allow self moderation through complaints systems ... the list goes on.

I feel like we're getting no where arguing about this. I used Skype with my mates for a good 2 years playing League of Legends and we switched to Teamspeak late last year and have never looked back. Until you give both Skype and other VoIP services a shot then you're never going to know what you're missing out on.

By all means, enjoy using Skype, but for an internet community and not a group of friends who know each other in real life it just isn't ideal.
Reception for the WiiU and Nintendo in general has been generally positive lately. Where are you getting this from?
The manga is extremely slow at the moment, too. They've been discussing a battle plan and the conspiracies of the government for a good 5 chapters now, which is about 200-300 pages. Not fun.

I just want to know the answers to all of the questions uuuurgh
There aren't really "popular" people in Melbourne schools, to be honest. Everyone was friends with everyone, no matter what group they were a part of. During the last year of high school, due to the collaborative nature of our curriculum, emphasis was on us working together because our marks influenced our classmate's final ranking that gets them into university. We helped each other, studied together ... had a few fights (mostly between girls) but no one was totally shunned or anything.

The only time you fell out of this was if you were the epitome of introverts. These are the people who make no effort to socialise or just come off as very judgemental people.

A few people are like that in this thread from what I'm reading and it's a seriously stupid habit to fall into. You don't judge people by the cliques they fall into.
The first film for Mockingjay was horrible, but anyone who read the books knew what was coming. I disagree with the whole splitting it into two movies thing like they did with Harry Potter. DH can be separated into a few major parts that would do well in a movie, whereas the last HG book was one long, smooth story. You can tell they were struggling to maintain your interest in the movie when they had to resort to climatic count downs twice in the film. It was a cyclic sob story from beginning to end.

You can't take a book that's in a beginning-middle-end format and then just chop it in two at some random point in the middle.
Ah, thought it was just me. Cool.
I vote we nuke the Ladidas 8>
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