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i've made a port of the Sol Sanctum theme from Golden Sun. it's basically true to the original and doesn't use any custom samples. before i submit this for mod approval, would anyone like to give me some feedback?
Originally posted by marathonx
One other big issue imo: like Naro said, when streamers are having reactions to what they're playing (which obviously is totally fine), the problem is when the chat thinks that a streamer's frustration at a game is legitimate anger towards the creator.

those things are different, but they have something in common: negativity. negativity is powerful, more so when there's people in an audience who identify with what they're seeing. there are all sorts of people in that audience: people who are enjoy the negativity, feed on it, and spread more of it; people who are swept up in negativity without awareness of what's going on, going along with the crowd anyway; people who admire the streamer and re-interpret the streamer's attitude without thinking about it; people who see what's going and choose to leave the chat, or else leave the stream altogether. there can be more to discuss when you consider that there are children in the audience.

i know that it's hard enough to deal with my own negativity. still, i know that my negativity has effects in the world. a person who streams SMW hacks on twitch has their own negativity, and that negativity has its effects in the world. it's easy to say that everyone is responsible for themselves, and to say that what the audience does is out of the streamer's control. i think that's a cop-out. i think that a streamer can't fully control their audience, but that streamers can influence their audience to some extent. streamers can choose to let their audience do with that what they will, or commit to feeding their audience in constructive ways.

to be clear, i am not suggesting that streamers should never be negative, because that's unrealistic. negativity exists, and we can commit to trying to do better.

i am also not suggesting that nothing should be criticized. criticism and negativity are two different things.
for me, watching videos of pit hacks is like watching a foreign language film without any subtitles - likewise, it's often not easy to spend 18 minutes watching something you hardly understand, let alone while feeling strongly engaged throughout, but i did watch the whole thing and i was utterly absorbed. very cool.
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