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hello everyone
my name is MiniMacro, and i am a musician and artist
i don't actually play much mario but i recently learned how to port music to smw so i'm gonna be doing that
here's my youtube channel and you can find my other socials through that
i'm excited to make rad ports and other music-related things!
hewwo, name's minimacro/quack man and i have come here to show off my music
i came from the mega man community and have been getting into porting recently, so here's my second and third completed ports


i'm much more experienced with 8 bit music, though, and so i primarily make that

one big thing i've done is the original and arranged music in the hit mega man fangame skullman in: scooby doc 4: the destroyer (featuring atsushi onita)

i've also made a variety of original music, which can be found on my website with downloads to source modules and other formats

but here's some i want to highlight in particular:

that's all i really have to say for now, thanks for listening and add me on discord at Quack Man™#0172
have a lovely day~! <3
amagon zone 5
vanilla smw samples only please
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Those are your own compositions I take it?

ye (unless otherwise specified), thanks
i really love these, especially the grassland one, that one has really cool colors

i am back again to tell you that my sf2010 port got approved and so here it is, in updated form with fancy hardware effects this time
Akira Ishiguro - Aerobics of Alien
Sevish - Starfish
- Now this is music I can get behind.

EVERYTHING ELSE (in order of best to worst):
Modern Talking - No Face, No Name, No Number
- I'm a big fan of the guitarwork here, and in general I'm a big fan of this kind of sound.
Genesis - The Cinema Show
- There was at least 3 completely separate songs throughout this. What was that ending?
TWO-MIX - Just Communication
- Intro goes crazy.
Ghost - Square Hammer
- This had some interesting stuff going on. I don't know that I would actively seek to listen to it, though.
Parokya ni Edgar - Picha Pie
- Is this a parody song? I get the feeling that it's a parody song. (Upon further inspection, it is.)
HOME - Hold
- How to make your taskbar look like WINDOWS VISTA (2021 TUTORIAL)
Levin Minnemann Rudess - Frumious Banderfunk
- This song does a lot of musical things that appeal very heavily to me.
Estradasphere - The Bounty Hunter
- This went nowhere I was expecting it to at any point, and was overall a fantastic listen.

EVERYTHING ELSE (in order of best to worst):
Kid Lib - Yeah Uh!
- I'm a big fan of jungle music. It's technical, and it sounds cool, and I can bop to this.
CobaltBW - Incredible Machinery
- Very impressive sample usage. I like this song.
Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark
- I don't usually listen to the radio, but if I were to turn it on, and find a station playing metal, it would be playing this song.
T-Square - Takarajima
- Definitely not near the top of my T-Square list, but also not a bad song.
Frums - Options EX
- Cool sound! It didn't really catch my attention for most of the time, though.
TwinCity - Maybe I'm Just Tired of Love
- Yeah I'm tired too
Casiopea (ft. T-Square) - Fightman
- I'm a big fan of how the event this was performed at was called "Casiopea vs. The Square".
McKinley Dixon - Never Will Know (feat. Micah James & Gold Midas)
- The drumline in this is super cool.

EVERYTHING ELSE (in order of best to worst):
Francis M - Mga Kababayan Ko
- Goes hard.
Vanessa da Mata - Ai, Ai, Ai...
- Goes hard.
Ruby My Dear - Robinet
- A bit too manic for my tastes, but I can respect it.
The Weeknd - Out of Time
- Goes hard.
Maria Luiza Jobim & Daniel Jobim - Wave
- Goes clean.
Ada Rook - 5H4D0W H34R7Z
- Goes?
Chad VanGaalen - Phantom Anthills
- This is a very fun vibe. It makes me feel good.
Hotdog - Manila
- Great music.

EVERYTHING ELSE (in order of best to worst):
Virt - Nightfall Over the City
- I am the world's second biggest Virt fan. That being said, there were more interesting songs to me this round, which is why I am not voting for this one.
Bernard Parmegiani - L'espace-temps
- this is some neat sounds
Fleet Foxes - The Shrine / An Argument
- This is another great song. I enjoyed my time it.
Vulfpeck - Tee Time
- Doesn't really go anywhere.
They Might Be Giants - Letterbox
- Ok
Jon Hassell - Malay
- I love funny trumpets! :D

PRE-REVIEW JAM: 6 memorable "Macho Man" Randy Savage interviews
Yeah Randy!!!

POST-REVIEW JAM: Ned Lamont plays piano
Good job Ned Lamont!!!
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MiniMacro's Profile - Posts by MiniMacro