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I've been doing some SD2SNES hacking.

tl;dr: SD2SNES has a USB port. It's really awesome.

You might not have noticed, provided you have a SD2SNES, but there's a mini-USB port on the top of it--right next to the SD card port. This port is really awesome, but the default firmware doesn't really let you do anything with it. Thanks to Redguy's SD2SNES firmware, you can use USB port to communicate with your SNES in real time.

So, what's great about it? For one, you can read from the SNES's WRAM. Using this, I made a Mario Maker-Esque death tracker as an overlay on my Twitch stream:

You can also edit the ROM in real time. For instance, I usually replace some of the enemy credits for Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country 2 with whomever happens to chat:

What about writing to the SNES's RAM? Well, it's easier to show than tell. Here are some clips from a few streams where I let anyone in Twitch chat write directly to my SNES's memory:

SMW Bowser as god intended

Cannons are OP

Sometimes, instead of just trolling me, chat creates very new gameplay experiences.

Consider this remodel of Morton's Castle

So yeah. You can do a lot with that little port. Somewhat less dramatically, you can also write files to the SD card via USB. Taking advantage of this, I wrote a Python module that lets me load hacks--via URL--in world record time:

Speedrunning loading the SGDQ Romhack Race to an SD Card

The only time I've done a Romhackraces's Mystery Monday was pretty much predicated on the fact that I could load a hack in 15 seconds, since I was interviewing someone until about 2 minutes before the race started.

Being able to load a new hack without powering down the SNES, yanking the SD card, putting it in your computer, patching a Super Mario World rom, writing it back to the SD card, putting it back into the SD2SNES and powering it definitely makes me more likely to try out random romhacks on realish hardware.

Everything you've seen above is using original Python and Javacript code--in conjunction with the USB2SNES firmware Redguy wrote--to make cool things happen.

If y'all are interested I could get into the details. I've learned a lot about how the USB port interacts with the SD2SNES and would be happy to answer any questions about how it all works.

Edit: Fixed some image sizes. Added another cool clip.
File Name: Mario World With Reimu
Submitted: by Gabriel3
Authors: Gabriel3
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
This fails the Core Value of making levels from scratch. This is basically just vanilla SMW with a Reimu sprite, different palettes and fewer enemy sprites.

Also, Vanilla Dome 1 traps you in level 0 and makes you wait out the timer. Not cool.
File Name: Super Mario World feat. Reimu Hakurei
Submitted: by Gabriel3
Authors: Gabriel3
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
  • Pregame
    1. Default message about Bowser.
  • Overworld
    1. This is a vanilla overworld. Please make your own. These don't need to be elaborate, but they do need to be original. See This Hack Was Made in 2 Hours's overworld.
    2. Donut Plains 1 looks broken from the Yellow Switch Palace.
  • Yellow Switch Palace
    1. This is the vanilla Yellow Switch Palace. Levels must be made from scratch.
  • 1-1
    1. Pipe leading to the bonus area spawns you way too low compared to where the entry pipe is. Looks glitchy.
    2. Why use 8 bit koopas but 16 bit koopa shells?
  • Yoshi's House The Menu
    1. In the messagebox, "herself" is one word. "By the way" is a dependent clause and should be joined to the rest of the sentence with a comma. "they are the same person" is an independent clause and should be joined with a semicolon or a comma and a conjunction.
    2. I have no idea what this box is trying to convey, storywise.
    3. This level can softlock a person, if they didn't bring a Yoshi or don't know how to take off in short spaces. There's no timer or pits or anything that could let you leave.
    4. In the sub area, jumping piranha plants get stuck on the upper level of blocks.
    5. Glitchy sprite for the midway.
    6. Keyhole, but no key.
    7. Block next to the keyhole spawns an invisible shell. Why?
    8. Glitchy tiles for the goal post.
    9. Neither exit goes anywhere on the overworld.
  • 1-2
    1. Has a secret exit but is a yellow dot, indicating that this level has one exit.
    2. Jumping piranha plants also get stuck here.
    3. Dragon Coin's lower half doesn't despawn when collected. IMG
    4. Beating the secret exit first breaks the overworld. It run's 1-3's completion routine on the map, but it doesn't unlock those road segments to actually walk on.
    5. Long blind jump during an auto scroller basically means that unless you're expecting it and have p-speed, have a yoshi to sacrifice, have a cape or do a fancy shell jump, you're just going to die.
    6. Mario 1 style falling platforms look glitchy in this level and don't fall.
    7. Goal post with no tape and a pipe that leads you to a glitchy goal post with a goal tape?
  • 1-3
    1. Message box calls the protagonist "Marisa".
    2. Missing midway sprite in midway goal post.
    3. ? block after the midway has a coin on top of it. When hit, it spawns an invisible block on top of it. It's a weird glitch, but I'd advise not put coins directly on top of blocks.
    4. Dragon coin shortly afterwards has the same problem as in 1-2.
    5. Dragon coin at the end of the level allows you to collect more than one dragon coin and still keeps its lower half around.
    6. Beating this level makes the wrong pool tile spawn for 1-4 on the overworld.
  • 1-4
    1. It's really easy to get above the level and run over it.
    2. Overworld music stops when the level's cleared.
  • Top Secret Area
    1. This is the vanilla Top Secret Area. Levels must be made from scratch.
    2. You could make an empty level with side exits. Put some message blocks in there with basic credits for the graphics/asm you're using.
  • Plagiarism
    1. After writing all of that, I checked a let's play of Mario Forever, and it's quite clear that levels 1-2 and 1-4 are pretty much taken wholesale. If you’re going to take levels from Mario Forever, you should have a message box in the level crediting the level source. Also, the attribution on the title screen was confusing. I’d suggest you rework that to be more readable.
File Name: Total Mario World Delta X
Submitted: by Narcologer
Authors: Narcologer
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 2 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: This is first demo of my second SMW hack.
- 3 levels with new music, enemy sprites, art and layouts
- 2 custom bosses made from scratch

Currently it comes without any plot, so let's pretend it is yet another Mario's random adventure ;D

Level art: Gamma V, Narcologer, Mr. Pixelator
Layouts: Narcologer
Sprites: Schwa, Leod, Imamelia, (enemies) Narcologer (bosses), mikeyk (level ender)
Music: Samantha, SlameseTwins, EDIT3333, tcdw, Nameless, Ultima
Testing: TheBlad768

UPDATE 1: Bug fixes

UPDATE 2: Dio fix
Ran into a softlock my second attempt at the final boss. He went up the pipe, threw his hammers and bolts, and then he never came back down. Or he might have come down off screen. It was hard to tell. Either way, you need to do some more testing before resubmitting this.

I'd also recommend adding a halfway point before your final boss, but that's not required.
File Name: Unnamed 2D Mario Game (FIXED - Beta 1.4)
Submitted: by Dominicentek
Authors: Dominicentek
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This version is a fix of version 1.3.1 (it get rejected because of this xD)

This hack plays exactly like a standard Mario game does. What else do you expect...

This hack isn't finished yet, I've made only World 1, and World 2 is not completed yet, so it's just a demo.
You seem to have fixed the issues Atari2.0 brought up, which is good.

Unfortunately, I've got two reasons to reject this.

1. The background flashing in Tetris Island 5 is...unpleasant. It's not a good way to signal that you got all the key coins. I'd also recommend changing the sprite for the key coins to something other than a blue coin. Red coins are traditional in Mario 64 and forward, but even leaving them as Yoshi Coins would make your mechanic a bit clearer.

2. The final level is Iggy's Castle. A lightly modified Iggy Castle This violates the Core Value of levels being made from scratch.

Also, I'd recommend, but certainly not require, having more than the two music tracks from Tetris in there. While I love Tetris music, 30 minutes of it...well...it gets old.
File Name: Super Mario Endless World DEMO (restarted)
Submitted: by Haithius
Authors: Haithius
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: A demo for A hack called Super Mario endless world, it's a generic Bowser takes peach kind of Mario game, the hack only consists of world 1, mushroom house, and any secrets are unavailable to the player as I want them to be a secret!
Ran into some specific issues on these levels:

* Grassland 1-2:
** With the propeller suit, you can jump over the top of the level, then you clip through the level and fall to your death.
** In the secret room with the p-switch, the out pipe takes you to an empty room where a blank message box pops up, and you fall to your death.
** The pipe at the end of the underground level looks cutoff. Not sure if this is stylistic or not.

* Grassland Tower
** There's something off with your star coins stuff. In the split vertical section, I collected the left half of one, fell down a hole, then came back for the other half. Sometimes, when collecting the first star coin, two coins would show up in the hud.
** There's visible cutoff at the very top of the vertical section if you jump off either of the question mark boxes.

* Grassland 1-3:
** Your jumping piranha plants look weird. Like there's a cloud behind them. If this is an artistic choice, that's fine, but it looks like a bug.

* Grassland 1-4:
** In the vertical subarea, the koopa at the bottom just walks off the level. It's funny, but you probably should face him the other way.
** Near the end of the level, right after the star coin, the line guided platform gets stuck oscillating between above and below ground.

* Grassland Castle
** The snowballs that turn fireballs into iceblocks...turn the boss door into a iceblock.
** Same for the boss, which softlocks the game. If you're going to use custom suits and custom sprites, you really need to test how they interact.
File Name: Super bendy world
Submitted: by Adhias
Authors: Adhias
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: good night dear hack roms players
my name is anthony but you can call me

I'm new to this forum that I met thanks to SMBX

Good about my hack rom tells the story that bendy and felicity were happy walking happily together with boris and alice angel until bowser captures felicity and takes him to his terrible castle
so bendy reunites with his best trusted friends
(they are not playable characters, they are only npcs)
the three will visit islands and worlds until they reach the world of bowser castle
but you will see that later
Well the bendy sprite was made by me !!
some graphics and music I downloaded on the central smw

Well this is my demo v0.1
well I hope this hack is approved here

So I'm going to update this demo more and more
I hope I am interested in this hack
so enjoy it

(hackrom 4.00 mb)

(floating ips)

Hack made by companies
The big issue here is that AquaticMushroom is a pretty obvious edit of Yoshi's Island 4. Per the guidelines, levels must be original. Yellow Switch Palace is suspiciously similar to the original as well.

The graphics are slightly broken in the Yellow Switch Palace. The switch base turns into Yoshi eggs and the sprites in the message box are garbled.

TIME UP and MARIO START...are really garbled.

I'm not sure if it's an aesthetic or callback to one of the fandoms you've referenced, but I'd run the text in your message boxes past someone else for editing. You've got various spelling errors and grammatical issues.

Finally, this is a really short demo. I recommend you finish a few more levels before resubmitting.
File Name: Super Mario Bros Worlds Demo
Submitted: by MeteorSmasher4
Authors: MeteorSmasher4
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: This is my very 1st Romhack Project. I got all of this done using a Google Chromebook so I'm kinda limited on somethings. Please tell me what I can approve on so I can Change the hack to power in demand. Thank You!
I've got some individual level feedback, but the biggest problem with this hack is that most of the levels all feel the same. Most of them are just flat levels with pipes placed at random intervals and a few ? boxes and koopas strewn around. Closer to the end of the hack, you were definitely getting more creative. Tropical Island 2 was a standout.

I'd recommend you play some other hacks to see what kind of design we're looking for. Mario Wants His Lemonade is a good, vanillaish easy hack. Take a look.

* Green Plains 2:
** Has a weird scrolling up effect when Mario spawns.

* Iggy's Revenge:
** The room before the boss is very similar to the hammer room--sans hammers--from Iggy's Castle in vanilla. Levels must be original.
** And it's empty.

* Rocky Fields 5:
** The song fails to loop. I think this also happened on a different level, so you should double check all your added music stuff.

* Morton's Revenge:
** In the second room, the wooden spears--also known as pencils--are placed...badly. It looks really glitchy when they drop and you can see the background of the level behind them. They really should be in the wall or something.
** Grey block spam isn't very popular. You may want to reconsider that aesthetic.

* Tropical Island 1 and 5
** The goal tape areas for these two levels look like they were taken directly from vanilla. Levels must be original.
Moderated: 29

Accepted: 6
Bowser's Castle 2 Demo by PMH (03/05/2020)
Mario in Leprechaun Island by Green Jerry (03/19/2020)
Super Mario Outbreak by Gamma V (05/09/2020)
SMW The Princess Rescue 2 - Luigi's Journey! by bandicoot (05/17/2020)
Lesbian Vampire Killer World 5000 by Robju (05/26/20)
Super Godly Worl 69 by Godly (05/29/20)

Rejected: 23
Mario World With Reimu by Gabriel3 (02/28/2020)
Super Mario World feat. Reimu Hakurei by Gabriel3 (03/1/2020)
Total Mario World Delta X by Narcologer (03/25/2020)
Unnamed 2D Mario Game (FIXED - Beta 1.4) by Dominicentek (03/25/2020)
Super Mario Endless World DEMO (restarted) by Haithius (03/26/2020)
Super bendy world by Adhias (03/28/2020)
Super Mario Bros Worlds Demo by MeteorSmasher4 (03/28/2020)
Unnamed 2D Mario Game - April Fools by Dominicentek (04/1/2020)
9 LONG ADVENTURES II: The Mushroom Town Incident by Jonathan82GR (04/4/2020)
Untitled Mario Meme ROM Hack (Demo edition) by LOLRyan2006 Mario Fan (04/13/2020)
It's Just A Normal Quest... by that1bigbossyouhate (04/16/2020)
mario luigi mario luigi Random celebration by Reyreyhdz (04/24/2020)
Super Isikoro Mario World by Isikoro (04/30/2020)
Super Mario World: RGB by yupyup____ (05/1/2020)
Mario Soldier by ronaldo_justo (05/23/2020)
Lesbian Vampire Killer World 5000 by Robju (05/24/20)
Super Mario Ultra World Demo by Andrew Ultra Gamer (05/29/20)
... by WahooMario69 (5/31/20)
Swing you koopas! by ELLLLL LAD (6/9/20)
Sonic perdido no reino cogumelo(DEMO) by Seike kun (6/12/20)
super mario world: Mega Quest by yoshisworld233 (6/12/20)
Mario E by Lucas Kennedy (6/26/20)
Neeberz's Hack by Neeberz (6/28/20)
File Name: Unnamed 2D Mario Game - April Fools
Submitted: by Dominicentek
Authors: Dominicentek
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: it will be gone tomorrow.
Starting this hack takes you to a level with nothing in it. I wasn't sure if it was my setup, but it was confirmed by a second person to also dump you in a empty level.

It's kinda funny in a way, but not haha funny.
File Name: 9 LONG ADVENTURES II: The Mushroom Town Incident
Submitted: by Jonathan82GR
Authors: Jonathan82GR
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Good afternoon/morning smwcentral fellows! It is a hard time for everyone, so I wish you all the best! Take care and stay at home as much as possible! This is the 2nd part of the 9LA series. I decided to keep it simple with some custom music added, so it is just nother vanilla style hack with no special elements. As for the levels, some of them are really long and a bit complicated. Give it a try and tell me what you think. Thanks for your time everyone!
This hack really lives up to its name. Almost every level is at least 5 rooms in size. Anyway...

Overall problems:

* Every single exit pipe in this hack drops you one block higher or one block lower than they should.
** In the Tetris level, this shoves you into the floor.
** In a lot of levels, it makes you likely to fall to your doom because you can't jump straight out of the pipe.

* Your overworld events seem off. You should double check all of these.
** Beating Cherry Fairy Woods causes the Credits level to flash. I'm pretty sure I saw this happen when beating other levels.

Individual Levels:

* Mushroom Heights:
** The palette is kinda rough on the eyes. I thought Hot Dog Stand was a cool theme in Windows 3.1, but it doesn't serve you well here.
** Also, because the vines are red, they make it really hard to see the Lava Lotus firey bits.

* Endless Horizons
** The cloud slopes have weird clipping issues. You can jump above most of them, and then they zip you out when you get close to the edge.
** You can also trap yourself at the very end of the level by duck jumping under the cloud clusters.
** Beating the level via the standard exit causes massive flickering. It's very unpleasant and would be bad for photosensitive players.
** The dark room is really laggy.
** There is no way anyone's going to find that secret exit on purpose. None. I had to pop open Lunar Magic.

* Brickhouse Asylum
** The dark room is really laggy.

* Final Darkness.
** In the third room of the 3 room, the Donut Plains style ghost ceiling just pops into existence halfway through the level. It's a jarring effect.
** In the third room of the 3 room, you're running out of sprite slots and I kept getting hit by invisible bullet bills. I suggest you rework this to have less. Just less.

Finally, and this isn't a bug, I'm not a fan of the use of random spawners. These levels are...really effin' long, and it's not a lot of fun to slowly crawl through three different rooms full of Ghost Ship random ghosts. I'm pretty sure the only spawners I didn't see were the Eerie Spawner and Fish Fountain. Final Darkness Room 3 rooms one through three were especially brutal. Just spawners on spawners.

Really, I'd recommend you to get the multiple midways patch and start adding more than one midway to your levels. If you don't want to do that, I suggest that when you fix these issues and resubmit, that you resubmit under Very Hard.

Or split them into more than one level. Several of these levels would probably be more fun if they were separate levels on the over world, but it would betray the concept a bit.
File Name: Untitled Mario Meme ROM Hack (Demo edition)
Submitted: by LOLRyan2006 Mario Fan
Authors: LOLRyan2006 Mario Fan
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: In 2016, we had a remake of a Genesis bootleg. On 2018, we had a whole ROM hack based on the diagonal Mario sprite. On 2019, we had a ROM hack based on Toad going through a TON of TV Media memes. Now it's my turn for a meme hack.

These are the things:

-A ton of Simpsons references
-Intentional bugs
-Other stuff

This is the demo edition. So, do not expect almost everything from the screenshots.


-First Level
-Remake of the second level from the bootleg Super Mario World 64
-The Vanilla secret
-An unfinished Flower Garden level with no Yoshi
-Final Boss
-Yellow Switch Palace
Didn't see that Bowser coming. Thought it'd be

Not gunna lie, this got some laughs outta me, and probably some night terrors, but it definitely doesn't uphold the values in the submission guidelines as a normal hack. You should review those and revise heavily before submitting again.
File Name: It's Just A Normal Quest...
Submitted: by that1bigbossyouhate
Authors: that1bigbossyouhate
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Well my first hack

please look at the "READTH THOU" File for info

please give positive feedback and criticism!


For a first effort, this is pretty good.

There are a number of issues, and I'll cover them level by level:

* on to the city...
** The palette in this level--especially the sublevel--is very unappealing. It reminds me of frozen urine icicles. Just anything else, please.

* lakitu's domain:
** When you collect the dragon coin right next to the keyhole, you only collect the top of it. The bottom half remains.
** You can use the key to get a cape. If you don't want people getting a cape, consider switching the switch color.

* the ice forest
** The mini dinos kinda blend into the background in various places, making them hard to see.
** Beating this level doesn't walk you to the next level on the overworld.

* taking to the sky!
** The last hammer brother platform can force you through itself if you get too close to the overhang above the last dragon coin while riding it. Maybe use a one-way cloud there?

** This is a pretty obvious edit of the green switch palace from the vanilla game. You should replace this level with something original.
** The overworld switch doesn't depress.

* plaforms...
** Too many footballs on the screen can cause lag. It's pretty easy to get four on screen at once really early in the level.
** The Spike Tops at the end of the level kinda bunch up and get stuck if you let them walk to the end of the mushroom platform.

* the drop off
** There are six dragon coins in this level.

* Bowser's test
** This level is just too long for Standard: Normal. It's a 10 room castle. It needs a midpoint or something.

* bowser's domain
** There's a lot of slowdown in the second room. I was lagging bad around the right side of the room. Something about having so many sparkies, floating platforms and a magikoopa.
** There are too many sprites in the fourth room. Magikoopa was failing to cast his magic a fair bit of the time. Seems to indicate that the game's run out of sprites slots or something.
** This could also use a midpoint.
** Did you intend to stop the credits and push us back to the overworld? It's an odd choice given there's nothing left to do in the hack.

Lastly, your capitalization and spelling of level names is kinda all over the place. I dunno if that's the aesthetic you're going for, but it's a little jarring. I'd recommend spell checking and unifying your capitalization.
File Name: mario luigi mario luigi Random celebration
Submitted: by Reyreyhdz
Authors: Reyreyhdz
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: ITs just 1 exit and that exit is trash but its a celebration for mario dont kill anything the chucks are just clapping for mario
So, this is about 5 seconds of level. I couldn't even get the chucks to spawn and clap for me without throwing 10 keys off the edge, and the overworld graphically corrupts when you beat the level.

This isn't acceptable quality for this site.

You've been warned multiple time about submitting broken hacks, and since you've ignored those warnings, we've issued you a section ban--revoking your privilege to submit hacks.
File Name: Super Isikoro Mario World
Submitted: by Isikoro
Authors: Isikoro
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 116 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: This is a slightly modified version of what I submitted here in January 2019.
I used a lot of graphics, music and sprites.
Most of the issues here stem from testing on SNES9x, instead of a more accurate emulator/real hardware.

* Global issue:
** If you have an item in your box, every time you land on an enemy or hit an enemy with a shell, the item sprite in the box disappears for a few frames.

* グリンへいげん コース3:
** You should recheck your spelling in your message boxes. Louis found a typo (しっほマリオ instead of しっぽマリオ) and you've got a tenten over ま, which is probably meant for the へ.
** The slope into the cave are more like stairs. They're a deceptive tile. Minor issue.
** If you take a Buzzy Beetle into the pipe, it turns into a box.
** You can clip into the slope here.

* エギプトさばく とりで
** When you hit Boom Boom with fire flower enough to hurt him, Mario does a little hop for some reason. Minor issue.
** This Boom Boom is awesome. Just wanted to stress that. Really well done!

* グリンへいげん コース5:
** The Tap-Tap sprites freeze up if you hit them with a shell.

* グリンへいげん おしろ
** The boss of this level doesn't shoot anything. Might be the same bug as the Bui Bui.

* エギプトさばく とりで:
** The Bui Bui fight is broken on the sd2snes and in more accurate emulators. They stack up on the same square and have horrible aim.
** Our guess was that your aiming code was reading the result registers when multiplying or dividing too early. The fight does work in snes9x, though.

Really, what I could play was a lot of fun, but that Bui Bui fight was impossible on the sd2snes. I hope you can fix these issues and resubmit, because I wanna see the rest of the hack.
File Name: Super Mario World: RGB
Submitted: by yupyup____
Authors: yupyup____
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Well my third hack...

it is a demo but the full game should be done in a month or two.

well give positive feedback and criticism and...

Issues with individual levels:

* Title Screen:
** The title screen level has a broken tile at the top of the slope.
** The file select text is unreadable due to your palette choices.

* Blood Ice Valley 1:
** The "orange lava blocks". Without the text box, you'd never know they're hurtboxes and, as orange pipe segments, aren't really a great tile for what you're going for. A kinda minor issue though.

* Blood Ice Valley 2:
** You can jump over the top of the level by getting P speed, and you fall to your death if you do.
** The music in the pipe section is TOO LOUD. Like, painfully so compared to the rest of the hack.
** Also in the pipe section, you can softlock yourself by jumping above the level right before the second chuck and walking left.
** You can get above the level in the last section and die in the same pit.

* Blood Ice Valley 3:
* In the underground section, you're using corner tiles that are meant for underwater sections. They look weird.

* Blood Ice Valley 4:
* This level is hard on the eyes. Maybe reconsider your palettes.
* Also, it's a bit of a difficulty jump from the rest of the hack. Just something to consider.
* You can softlock yourself by swimming under the goal and jumping onto the land after the goal's off the screen.

** The flashing ground gets old fast.

This isn't a bad effort, but just like Atari said on your last submission, being so short makes the errors all that more glaring. If/when you submit again, please make sure you test thoroughly. Moderators are not your testers. Consider this a light warning: if you continue to submit things that don't meet the guidelines, you will be section banned.
File Name: Mario Soldier
Submitted: by ronaldo_justo
Authors: ronaldo_justo
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: This is a demo hack, has very high difficulty, and some moments in kaizo light.

The story of the hack is that of a Soldier named Mario, who is having his land destroyed and Yoshi has been kidnapped, so he leaves the dangerous lands in search of the person responsible for the chaos and to recover peace on the land.
I didn't manage to get through the whole thing, but there's enough to chew on here.

Beyond the level feedback, you've got a lot of really unpleasant palettes. Dark Entrance's first half was impossible to see without turning off all the lights in my living room. I'd highly suggest going back and reevaluating your color choices in each level.

Also, straddling the line between Kaizo: light and Standard: Very Hard is a way to make almost no one happy. I'd suggest picking one or the other and sticking with it.

* Title Screen:
** The Spike is mutating between a Spike and a Monty Mole. Broken sprite graphics.

* Firstland:
** Significant cutoff. This is an issue you need to fix everywhere you find it.

* Overworld:
** Beating a level causes a glitchy looking path to spawn.

* AncientParadise
** Floating munchers are not allowed by the guidelines.

* The Destiny:
** Your bullet bills seem to spawn a bit further away from the spawner than they should.
** You can kill yourself by spinjumping while big under the pipe right after the midway. Not a huge deal.
** Softlock

* Memory Tails
** Broken looking background tiles.
** The first half is a cute concept, but it's a huge drag to play, IMO.
** The dragon coin after the mid point is broken. Never despawns after collecting.

* Dark Entrance 1:
** The Koopa sprites in the first half are really hard to see.
** Your Magikoopa sprites are glitched. They look like Blarggs.
** This level is too long for respawning RNG Magikoopas.
File Name: Lesbian Vampire Killer World 5000
Submitted: by Robju
Authors: Robju
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Hack originally made with LM231 in 2015, with minor changes and fixes in 2020 with LM311.

Mario is being chased by the lesbian vampire killers and he has to escape them!
Two issues, one small and one big:

* Tight Cave:
** Beating the level causes the ground to flash annoyingly. Ideally, you'd disable the palette swapping when the level's ending, but it's the small issue.

* Patience:
** It's possible to softlock yourself. Instructions follow in a spoiler, since it's a puzzle level.

*** Enter the level small and with no powerups in the box.
*** Press the P-Switch and enter the P-Switch door to get into the sub level.
*** Collect the mushroom from the sky.
*** Take damage from one of the koopas.
*** Kill the remaining koopas.
*** Press the P-Switch and stand there till time runs out.
*** ???
*** Softlock

** Just add a muncher in the tower to the left or something.
File Name: Super Mario Ultra World Demo
Submitted: by Andrew Ultra Gamer
Authors: Andrew Ultra Gamer
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is a demo featuring the first two worlds of Super Mario Ultra World.

The demo features custom graphics and music ports.

Full hack to be released on Nov. 21, 2020.
Just a few easily fixable issues.

* Decaying Pyramid:
** You can fly over the left wall of the sublevel. Minor issue.
** You can softlock yourself by hitting the midpoint, dying and re-entering the level. It places you in a weird little room that you can't get out of without a cape.
** You can softlock yourself in the little turnblock puzzle if you enter the cage without a cape and spinjump the shell. Or use shell upthrows to spin the blocks, drop the shell outside and stand inside for a bit.

* Overworld:
** The pipe has a little bit of path on the right side. Consider editing the tile to remove that. Very very minor issue.

Also, the levels are a little sparse. I'd consider lowering the difficulty to Standard: Easy
File Name: ...
Submitted: by WahooMario69
Authors: WahooMario69
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: 01000100 01000101 01000001 01010100 01001000 00100000 01001001 01010011 00100000 01010100 01001000 01000101 00100000 01001111 01001110 01001100 01011001 00100000 01010111 01000001 01011001 00100000 01001111 01010101 01010100
This is Super Mario World with most of the sprites missing and weird corruption.
Levels need to be original.

Also, it crashes if you try to go to the Yellow Switch Palace.

Reread the submission guidelines. This kinda thing is not allowed.
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