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i'm a beginner with Sm64 rom hacking as well,i just choose to start slow with music and text changes,before going into the more complex part of it.
thanks though one question.

how do i actually open Quad64? i didn't see a .EXE file in the ZIP folder. care to explain Pablo cause i am honestly confused.

even if i just joined as a user,which in some cases,getting confused when just starting something is natural,i could use some guidance,because i couldn't find a .EXE file for Quad64.
@Pablo's Corner

Ok,i'll see if i can locate it. i'll respond back if i have any luck finding said release. i bet the chances of finding it is probably more than 64%
@Pablo'sCorner got it to work,thanks for your help.

I promise, i'll make a good hack sometime in the future.
til then,I'll keep gaining knowledge on SM64 hacking,plus
there's no problem with learning new things,right?
((by the way,did you get the 64% joke i made?))
can someone make an m64. of this song?

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