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Cool level design. I am waiting for the release date! :D

Hello everyone, good afternoon. DeClock Mario is a hack I'm working on. There's no story and will be a kaizo: light with 10 exits. This is some screenshots:

And here's the trailer:

The release's coming soon!
The Super Mario Maker's parachute Thwomp would be a good sprite.
The Super Mario Maker's parachute Thwomp would be a good sprite.
Adiciona o novato aqui, por favor!
E ai pessoal, boa noite!
Aproveitar esse tópico e mostrar o que to fazendo... Salve galera! Um novo kaizo maker surgiu (it's me, SammmUuU!) tentando fazer algo divertido, então vos apresento a nova versão da minha primeira kaizo: light, DeClock Mario:

Meu objetivo de fazer essa Remastered é balancear o que já estava feito, já que eu sentia que ela estava muito frustrante e confusa. Então meu intuito é deixar algo divertido e desafiador para quem for jogar. A maioria do visual será vanilla, com asm e custom sprites nas fases.
Originally posted by Katerpie
Nova versão? Só por curiosidade, qual era a antiga?
Gostei da hack. Parece passável sem savestates e bem balanceada pelo que as screenshots mostram, mas qual o propósito desses dois spinies que você pode facilmente desviar sem dificuldade?

É essa aqui a versão antiga: https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=22629

Sim, é passável sem savestates e os testers estão gostando de jogar e dando o feedback necessário. Sobre os spinnies, eu tirei a foto aleatória, sabe?! ai saiu no meio kkkkkkk
14/09 - 29

vamo que vamo!
Well,I am trying to laugh about it but I couldn't. This is not funny.

The famous whitewash happens here.
Well, both videos show interesting tricks and the visuals are very pleasant. If I can, I would love to test this hack FerpyMcFrosting. :)

Hello everyone and greetings from Brazil. I present to you my remastering of hack: DeClock Mario World. The old DeClock was my first attempt to make a kaizo: light. It was a great experience, but I wanted more and that happened. It took four months to build. I hope you have fun!

This hack features:

- 19 challenging levels;
- Instant Retry;
- No Kaizo blocks. This one is required only in one level;
- Awesome soundtrack;
- Minimal trolls;
- You can save your progress anytime pressing “select” on overworld.

Here’s some screenshots:

This hack is dedicated to my good friends: Ahthedark, Viniciuskombat1 and Yuridensetsu.

Huge special thanks to My mom and sister, Anorakun, Akutarex, BR Mario Hacks Comunity, Insanit__, Katun24, Miranha, Noob, RVX, Thirdwall and Yuridensetsu. Thank you guys.

You can download here . :)
I appreciate this one and will help me out to understand asm. Thank you for your awesome tutorial.
I have to request that I wanted a long time ago. Do you know the parachute Thwomps from Mario Maker? This would be a good sprite though.
I believe that
KiloMinimo and Anorakun's Rip Request Estravaganza®️ - Request's Bizarre Adventure
is worthy because these guys put effort on your rip's work. It is worth waiting for the final result.

Mario - The Mysterious Gem, 3 GFXs and 1 port

Mr .M.S show an awesome hack that putted lots of effort. It's fun, challenging, and everything in between.
Good morning Nint, greetings from Brazil. WOOOW, you're on fire!!! I liked the levels and apparently this one are pretty fun, along with nice tricks, and everything in between. If you need to, I could test this one :)
Well, I believe that I saw this project at the beginning, with screenshots and some videos and that already got me excited to play. I really liked Shell's Retriever and I look forward to playing this project.
Awesome trailer!! I'm excited to play this one :D
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