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The first gif makes the tile appear above mario/sprites.
The second gif allows mario/sprites to walk through the tile.
Hi, im not really experienced with sprite asm. However you could make contact with the sprite run the death subroutine ($00F606). If you need any help doing that i'd be glad to try to look through the sprite's asm and try to find out how for you. The palette is probably one of the values in "TileProperties" as seen below in the bullet_bill_1c.asm file.

This should fix your original issue. However im not sure how changing the graphics for BG1/2/3 would make you fall through the world. A video or some screenshots would greatly help.

So assuming that you already followed the steps to enable the "bitmap to map16" feature, use super gfx bypass (#lm{sgfxby}) and replace AN2 with an unused ExGFX tileset.

Find a large open space in your map16 editor and select/hover over the tile you want your image to start at.

In the statusbar of the map16 window you should see a hex value for that tile. For example mine was D00. Keep this number in mind for later.

Now you're going to want to paste your image into map16 (Ctrl+V). After doing so you should change the colors that the image will use. You should probably copy the settings and what i do in this gif.

Now click the other options button and copy these settings, replace the circled region with your number from earlier followed by the blank map16 tile you want your image to stretch too. Just add 100 to your number and you should be fine.

Click "OK" and there shouldn't be any errors. If there are any the image you chose is probably too large.
Next you can save in your map16 window and place the image in the level.

After all of this be sure to export and import your ExGFX files.
(Press #lm{extexgfx} then #lm{insexgfx})
Does it happen without you changing the overworld? If not can you please upload the patch to your files and link it here, I'd like to test it out.
The issue was the lack of music. I changed the music in the overworld/level to be two of the default smw songs and now deaths work just fine.

What do you have set as song 1E? That would be what plays on the "-Nintendo- presents" screen.

Open up the nsmbwssb.asm file you inserted into the rom with any text editor and look for this table. It should be near the top.

You can change those hex values to shift the different parts of the status bar around.
LDA #$7F
STA $78

That level asm should help you out. If you need any help getting it to work just ask.
If i'm understanding your question correctly you're asking which values you need to change.
That would be "!TimerXPos" and "!ScoreCounterXPos"

If you are asking for what values you need to give them, you'd find that through trial and error.
You could use this sprite disassembly and change the value in "jumping_piranha_4F+50.asm" below to a zero.

LDA #$C0		; set the sprite's jumping Y speed

LDA #$00		; set the sprite's jumping Y speed
Before you save and switch the level open up the palette menu (#lm{pal}) and save it there (#lm{save}).
You should also make sure that you're getting the right palette in game.
How can i fix the input viewer to work with SMW, i've tried all of the i/o RAM addresses.
Is there a file somewhere that I can edit to change it to read the inputs in byetUDLR format?
To my knowledge you can't fix that. The messages are loaded when you choose a level from the overworld.
1 and 2 from 10C would be displayed if you entered it from another entrance on the overworld.
Originally posted by Haithius
How should i got about making a cloud world?any cool ideas, i really want it to involve animated exgfx but I dont know what would go into something like that, any ideas?

You could use this and make a multilayered background, that should kinda fill your need for movement. Better yet you would still have the open slots for ExAnimation.

I'm afraid I'm a bit busy today so I will not be able to look into the specifics of the sprites ASM. However if you want to find out as soon as possible, I'd recommend reading some ASM tutorials if you haven't already and taking a look through the Sprite's code. Most of the code is commented. If you still cand find out where the code handles interactions with mario I can probably look into it tomorrow and see if I can find it.
English doesn't seem to be your native language so ill try to explain it as best as I can.

1) Open smb3_status_gfx.bin in YY-CHR

2) Change the mode to 2Bpp gameboy

3) Edit the text that says world to whatever you want it to say.

4) Save it (#lm{save})

5) Reinsert the patch.
In AMKGUI what's your music in slot 15?

By default that's the slot loaded on the title screen.

Alternatively you could change !Title in "...asm/SNES/tweaks.asm" to the slot you want it to load from.
Say if I wanted the title screen to load a song in slot 1A my text file would look like this...
!Title	= #$1A
Did you somehow remove the song in slot 06? What does your slot 06 say in AMKGUI?