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He decided to eat the jelly, not knowing it was poisonous until he finished it. It was poisoned from the dead memes.
^ Was incorrect about me
< Idiot
v Has an SMWC account
The players of the "community" (a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.) of the website is beyond everything, the greatest one that has ever been made and I, as a homo sapien (human (person)) am extremely delighted.

Edit: I forgot to add a sentence. Oh well, try this one.
(This idea was from another forum, so please give me no credit)

This is like Corrupt Three Wishes except, instead of new wishes, you expand upon the wish to make it so advanced to the point where it cannot be corrupted any more.

Here's an example:

Originally posted by Wisher A
I wish for a sandwich.

Originally posted by Ruiner A
Granted, it's poisonous.

Originally posted by Wisher B
I wish for a non-poisonous sandwich.

Originally posted by Ruiner B
Granted, it's moldy.

Originally posted by Wisher C
I wish for a non-poisonous AND not moldy sandwich.

Originally posted by Ruiner C
Granted, it's empty.

It continues until it gets crazy and, eventually unruinable.

None! Go crazy with your wishes, or ruins.


I wish for cake.
I have a short demo hack (doing the finishing touches rn) and was wondering if anyone would like to test it and help me.


*7 exits
*Aiming for normal difficulty
*May have a few incorrect GFX (I've tried to fix then, but gave up after about 30 minutes. Each.), sorry for that.

I'm not offering anything, but credit will be given.

If, by chance, you're interested, please message me on Discord or on SMWCentral.

Thanks for reading, hope you have a great day.
There's 7 exits and I'm aiming for easy to normal difficulty. I'd say it's easy difficulty.
I haven't seen anything in the tutorials section on creating block patterns (they're hardcoded patterns) or anything on whether the coin/time/dragon coin requirements for level 24 (Chocolate Island 2). I was wondering on whether it's possible to change any of those things.

Thanks for reading.
I'd try to do good for the website and what people want, like a good president.
I'm not really new, but I never remember to look for introductory forums /topics.

Hi, I exist. Not much else to say.
I don't know.

Hey, listen!
Similar thing with Samuel, except there was about a 5 year gap.

I didn't even know I needed a ROM tbh.

My first level was a 105 edit.

I actually made an account about 16 months ago and logged on earlier today with it. It's cringe but still.

It's been a great 1 month 7 days and a bit of ROM hacking.
What game?
A Touhou game?
Nope. I do sometimes stay up later than I allow myself, but it's okay.

I'm kidding, I get tired easily sometimes. I hate it. I still make it through the day easily, though.