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Sometimes, I like to overthink usernames and/or profile pictures. A lot of them don't mean anything, some have hidden meaning and others are just... different.

Anyway, how did you come up with your username? Does it mean anything? Where did you get your pfp from? Why?
I mean, it almost looks like a Super Mario Continent and not a world. I guess Super mario World is easier to say and easier to remember.
I think I'd enjoy myself. I really like Windows 7.

So many things could be done in theory if you lived in an operating system... especially if you are a programmer...
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
Living on Windows 7 sounds like a weird concept, because there's nothing there.

Living on Windows XP, on the other hand, well at least you'd get a patch of grass to walk around on.

Good one.
Originally posted by Minish Yoshi

Wow, good job!

I took a hiatus from SMW hacking for a while, then lost motivation when I tried to start again. I got my motivation back (sorta, which is why I've been dead on here) and now I have school which isn't much of an issue so far. I'm really pessimistic about the future of the year, but that's a reality corner thing I am likely keeping to myself. Oh yeah, 1 year. Yay. I don't care. I'm trying to work on my hack again, though.
I've been taking time off Discord and it's been a lot better for both my mental health and school life. I have created a coping mechanism so I don't lose contact with my friends, but don't stay on Discord 24/7.

Just wanted to put this here. Hopefully I can stop being lazy and work on my hack, smh. Actually my school life is pretty relaxed rn and I have time to do things, so expect to see me here a bit more than before.
Originally posted by Arash
I've long since stopped working on my hack. Though with increasing boredom these days, I might take it off my backburner. But man, there's so much work to do with it, I might as well start a new project.

A new project that probably won't be finished either, because inspiration just comes and goes for me.

looks at past self on scartch not finishing any projects

You're not alone, trust me.

Actually not having to start a project from scratch is probably the reason I love modding/hacking so much, because I have a base to work off of. Not to mention how cool it is to see all the different things people can do with modding. You can take a game and mod it to the point where it isn't even recognisable any more.
I remember my cousin playing Minecraft Pocket Edition (yes, back in the alpha stages), so I asked him if I could have a try and I loved playing it. Then my dad bought the game on my iPad. (it was on sale, yay!) I don't have my old worlds any more, but I have some from a very old version of the game. A couple of years later, I got Minecraft Java.
Originally posted by Torchkas
My mom just contracted the corona virus. Luckily, I don't live at home anymore, but I am quite worried. My mom, dad and 3 sisters still live together so it's very likely they'll all get corona. I might have even been infected on my last visit.
So yeah, fuck my life, because it needs some dicking.

I don't really know what that must feel like but it must be awful to go through. I really hope she will make it out alive.
Sometimes a password isn't enough and people will be able to get into your account. That is why I always enable 2FA whenever I can, whether it's phone verification, email verification, etc. Would a 2FA system on SMW Central be a good idea to give your account extra security? Chances are that phone verification (like Google Authenticator) isn't worth it, though. But there are other ways to do this.
Originally posted by Ersanio
Originally posted by Romano338
I don't really see the point on a SMW board. People will hack your mail account, your steam account, your amazon account, not your SMWCentral account

I imagine an extra security layer would be appropriate for at least staff members and/or admins, as there were incidents in the past where such accounts got hacked.

I didn't know about those.

Of course we'd need a simple, easy, free way of doing 2FA if it is going to happen at all. As Romano338 said, it wouldn't be the most useful or important thing in the world unless you are a staff member or something so there'd be no point in taking this idea too far.
I have 2 names: this one and AZ.

As for this one, I'm awful at making good usernames. That's it. I will usually shorten this to "IDKAGN" as I doubt I will be able to find another site/service that allows my full name to be used, with all the spaces, punctuation and most of all the length.

AZ is my irl initials. I also like it for being a short, sweet,simple and easy to remember username. AZ also has problems with being too short for most websites so I will use my SMWC username if needed.

I have some other names too:

AZzy: Bit of an inside joke with someone from Discord.
FToRespect: I really have no idea why I made this one up. It probably came from being a cringey Skeppy fanboy
SwitchToEcosia: I don't know, I needed a username and also wanted to promote Ecosia.

Profile pics: Ecosia cuz I want to promote it, desaturated start orb and Nanami Madobe both for Windows 7. That's about it for me.
"Rememberer of Breathing"

7/10. It's fine.

Current: "Switch to Ecosia!"
inb4 I get -1/10
Niko with sunflasses.

9/10 for cool art purposes.
One word: YouTube.

I could never get any consoles or anything as a child so...
COVID-19 itself hasn't been much of an issue for me honestly. Someone in my family got a very bad case (and for some reason I wasn't told, but eavesdropping exists for a reason and I do it too much) however they recovered.

As for lockdown, oh man, it helped my mental health so much I really can't state every way. I only missed seeing my friends at school, apart from that I didn't really mind online school (well except for my mum reminding me to do my homework 24/7)
I would just spend some quiet time at home, answering the door every 5 minutes but I don't think anyone is coming this time around.
Well I can mod Doki Doki Literature Club but I think that's about it. Once I'm done with DDLC I'll maybe try another game.
I've spent the past few weeks modding DDLC, and well it's been an experience to say the least. I can't say I'm not enjoying it either.
Originally posted by allowiscous
Originally posted by Koopster
I remember you. I don't think I ever tried your demo out. I'll do that.

Lemme know what you think. I wish I still had all my resources so I could work on it some more. I had a ton of great ideas, shame to see them go to waste.

What happened to the resources, then? How'd you lose them?