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Whenever i collect a coin from a question block it appears incorrect when the 100 score comes up, however it's only when from a block, the 100 score appears correct anywhere else.

Hey there! Ive put together this aseprite palette made up of all the ones used during gameplay in SMW for the pixel art program Aseprite! I could never find a good way to make SMW style sprites without having to find sprites and colour picking from it or finding images of the palettes, so i went through the effort of putting an organized one together that i feel might be helpful to some sprite artists! I made this based on and This Image by kamekthemagickoopa on DeviantArt and tried to keep it fairly organized with how sprites work in game.

The way these are ordered is the first chunk of colours are all the sprite palettes, including the swappable ones.
The next section is objects (the pink in the 3rd palette is a replacement for the animated palette that i put to the right)
After that is all the foreground palettes
In between is the palette for the UI at the top of the screen
Then all the palettes for the backgrounds are under that with the sky colours at the bottom!

If theres any issues or notes you'd like to give me about it feel free to tell me and ill try and fix the issue!
Yea i mentioned in the post that i decided not to include the overworld palette in this, i said "the ones used during gameplay" but i probably should have worded it better lol. If you wanted to add it yourself youre free to tweak the palette on your own!
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