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I feel like I'm kind of spamming this site, so apologies -- I'm super new to all of this stuff.

I saw a quick-respawn mechanic in Grand Poo World 2, and I'd like to apply that same quick respawn to other kaizo hacks that I want to play -- currently trying to learn kaizo mario world.

I don't really want to mess around with midways at all -- I just want to add in the quick respawn. A lot of the info I saw in the retry_table.asm seemed like super overkill. Is it possible to play kaizo mario world 1, 2, 3, etc... how they were originally meant to be played but only add in the quick respawn? Or will applying this patch throw the whole hack out of wack? What should I turn off in the asm file?

I posted about this on the patch's page:
I have been posting around on other threads and patches, and somebody told me that this warranted a new thread, so here goes.

I have been messing around with playing some of these kaizo roms that I've been seeing on AGDQ streams, and I've been able to generate playable roms for Kaizo Mario World 1, 2, and 3 along with Grand Poo World 1 and 2. They're running on my SNES Classic to boot.

One thing I liked seeing/playing in Grand Poo World 2 is the quick restart feature. I want to play through Kaizo Mario World 1, but I would like it to also have a quick-restart.

So, I found this patch, which looks like exactly what was used for Grand Poo World 2, and I applied it to my freshly hacked Kaizo Mario World 1 rom.

I was able to get a quick restart working just the way I wanted by setting
!default_prompt_type = $02

in retry_table.asm.

I have played Kaizo Mario World 1 like this for a little bit, and it works great, but I after I crossed the midway point in the level, it would not remember my position in the level, and it would send me back to the start. The patch has a lot of extra settings that relate to midway points that I just don't need because I want to play the levels "as intended" with a quick restart. This is just a gameplay question.

So, my question is: can I add this patch to non-quick-restart-hacks (basically every rom hack I've downloaded besides Grand Poo World 2) without screwing things up (breaking midway points, for example) in a standardized way? I want to get this applied to Kaizo Mario World 1, first, but I noticed that Grand Poo World 1 also does not have a quick-restart system, and it'd be ripe for my modification as well.

Sorry if this was a lot of words for saying, "I want to add a quick respawn to hacks, and that's it. Help?"
Originally posted by alnokitchen
You should probably create your own thread about your question since this one is pretty old.

Anyways, the options in retry_table.asm aren't as bad as they look. Just do this:

Set !lose_lives = $00 if you want unlimited lives.
Set !default_prompt_type = $02 for a quick death reset. You can then be a able to leave levels by pressing Start then Select.

Since you say you don't want an unfair advantage, you might as well do all of this as well, to keep it vanilla:
Set !midway_powerup = $01
Set !counterbreak_yoshi = $00
Set !counterbreak_powerup = $00

Cool, I just created this thread:
Originally posted by Darolac
If I understood you well, you want to have the quick restart feature in some hacks that don't have it, yes?

Yes, and that's what I've already done with Kaizo Mario World 1. I applied the .bps to SMW world, and then I applied the Retry patch (located here: To have mario quick respawn after he dies.

This worked just fine, but there are dozens of other settings in the Retry System patch that are irrelevant to my needs. So, my worry is that I messed something else up with the rom when applying the patch. I confirmed this while playing last night, because I didn't respawn at the midway point when I died. Video of that happening here:

What's extra confusing (and maybe a little embarrassing) is that I can't see which changes I made to retry_table.asm before applying the patch because I have since overwritten that file. This is a semi-in-the-weeds question about how to effectively use this specific patch.
I'm not sure I follow, sorry. My workflow has been:

1) Apply Kaizo Mario World 1 .bps to a clean, brand-new SMW rom --> this generates a .smc file
2) Edit retry_table.asm and retry.asm to call out the type of quick respawn system I want to play. Which involves changing (from the base .asm files that you download):

!use_custom_midway_bar = $00

!midway_powerup = $01
!counterbreak_yoshi = $00
!counterbreak_powerup = $00
!counterbreak_coin = $00

!default_prompt_type = $02 ;this is basically all I want to add to games

I have tried both keeping use custom midway bar as yes and no, but I'm still getting the same problem that I describe below and that is shown in my YouTube video.

asar.exe retry.asm kaizo.smc

4) I then put this game on my SNES Classic. The quick respawn is working exactly how I want it to, but the midway bar in the first level does not work. I'll cross the bar, mario gets big, but whenever I die, it sends me back to the start of the level, which is not how it "should" work.

I'm not sure how to tell the game to send me back to the vanilla(?) midway bar.

What would this porting suggestion you're making help me diagnose?
Alright, I'll start messing with the porting guide you linked to.

For what it's worth, this guy was able to get what I'm looking to accomplish accomplished.

He has the retry system in his game, and the midway point works. I've reached out to him on his social feeds to see if he can give me some pointers.
I can't find that option. "Use separate settings for Midway Entrance"

e: oh wait. I just opened LM for the first time and saw it. Okay, trying a few new things out. Thanks for the help so far, everybody! This has been great!

1) I loaded the Kaizo Mario World rom in LM and checked the "Use separate settings for Midway Entrance" on each level that I needed to "fix"

2) This put Mario near the top of the map, so I used the sprite editor to drag his midway respawn down to the midway gate.

3) I did this for each level that I saw on the overworld in the overworld editor (I'm not very familiar with Kaizo Mario World... Never played through it, and the only time I've seen people play the game are speedrunners). If the level had a midway point, I fixed it. I'm sure there are one or two levels I missed.

4) I saved all of these levels to the rom, and then I applied the retry.asm patch with the settings I mentioned above.

And it looks like it worked! I used flips or whatever to create this bps file. Give it a shot!

Here's the .bps file.
I'm pretty sure 90% of my deaths in GPW2 "Marathon" are to these green platforms that you have to do a quick little jump off of. Is there a trick to landing this jump more consistently?

I've learned re-grabs and stuff, I just didn't know if there was a better trick to nailing this thing.

Hi, everyone. I've been following the guide located at

for a couple of months now, and I'm trying really hard to get Quickie World 1 and 2 to run on my original SNES.

I have followed that guide perfectly, and the reproduction cart works just fine on my Super NT, but the hack won't get past the "VALDIO PRESENTS" section on the SNES. The SNES plays my SD2SNES just fine, but I can't get these repros to run correctly.

The link up top is actually a comment I posted on the article with a ton of backstory and replies, but at the end of the day, I'm confused why the hack works in higan and my Super NT, but not my SNES.

Anybody have expertise in the reproduction cart business? Do you see anything obvious that I'm messing up?
I hate to kinda bump this, but does anybody have experience with the reproduction cart process? I can xpost this to the discord if that's a better place to communicate about these things.
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