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I am not able to complete any switch palace levels because I cannot press the switch down to clear the level. Mario just walks across it like it's a regular platform, and furthermore, touching the base of the switch causes instant death.

The only edits I made to these levels was to put other objects and sprites in the room, but the switch itself remains untouched and unmoved.

Does anyone know what might be causing this issue?
Hello all,

I notice that on the overworld map there are three koopa kids (sprite command 9) that apparently can bring a player into a level and possibly to a different part of the map. I have never seen this used before, and am unsure of how to get it to work or which of the blue numbered boxes corresponds to which of the sprites on the overworld.

I think it would be a cool idea to try out and would appreciate any help anyone can provide on how to use them properly.

Thank you.
A while back, I found a page here detailing how to change certain properties using a hex editor. It has been a while since I tried it and have forgotten how.

I want to change the graphics for the piranha plant (sprite 1A) and bat ceiling (sprite E4), and the layer 3 cage. There was a simple way to do this by changing specific values in the hex without having to use ExGFX and it worked perfectly.
Not sure if it matters, but the recommended editor (and the one I currently have) is called Frhed.

Also listed were things like making a mega mole pass through Mario as it walked instead of hurting him. I can't find that tutorial anywhere and these fixes don't seem to be listed in the ROM Map either. I have no idea how to know what the new values should be to make everything display properly and where to find the addresses for these properties.
I'm trying to avoid other programs as none of them have ever worked. When I open up STEAR (or anything else for that matter) it is not connected to the ROM at all. Nothing is selectable, and although there is a cursor, I am unable to type anything in.

There are no instructions or tutorials on how to use it. Interestingly enough, I see this quote in the readme:
"In addition, this program cannot change how sprites look in Lunar Magic. You must do that yourself; see the readme for more information on that if necessary."

If anyone has the hex values, please let me know. That is the only thing that has ever been successful for me.
Thank you.
My apologies for being such a noob, but I feel I have tried everything. I was able to see the sprites in STEAR, but only the same as they appear in lunar magic. I still do not know how to change them.

I have looked extensively through the ROM Map, but have been unable to locate the sprites in question. So then I tried to edit something that was in the map (in this case the speed of Morton koopa), but the address does not exist in the ROM when I open the hex editor.

The tutorial you linked comes with a wonderful video demonstration, which I watched only to find out the the boom boom sprite he works with for the entire video is nowhere to be found either.

I am obviously missing something, but I know for a fact that there is a simple way to just change a value and have it appear properly. Thus far, I have not been able to insert custom sprites blocks, music, etc. I have tried multipe editors, yychr, smw customizer, you name it. There is a step somewhere along the way that I seem to be blind to.
Thank you everyone for your help.
Once I download the patch, how do I apply it?
I saw a nice hack on youtube:
I am interested in the first level. It combines the ledges from the Normal tileset with the trees from the Forest and the layer 3 mist from a Ghost House.
Lunar Magic can only do two out of three by using the bypass, and cannot overwrite the tileset as far as I can tell.
What would I have to do to be able to put anything I want into a level regardless of type?
I just don't know how to get started. Where would I get the ExGFX from, and how to I get them to save into the ROM and show up properly?
Definitely need some help with YYCHR. Following the tutorial, opening a file yields nothing. Everything just stays black and no tiles show up to edit.

Here is where I am confused:
I tried this specific case in Lunar Magic with only the tools available, but I can't rebuild the tiles as they change. I can get the background just fine, but am forced to choose between the rest.
Changing the FG3 setting in the bypass will either cause the ledges or trees alter their appearance. The graphics can't be rebuilt because there is no page on which they appear properly (only unchecking the bypass or changing the values will allow this). All the editors show them as they appear with their glitchy graphics. It seems I need the FG3 to hold the values 15 and 1F simultaneously.
Layer 3 always acts as whatever tileset was chosen, regardless of the bypass. It is obviously possible to achieve, but I can't figure out how to make the program recognize varying graphics in the same level.
Track Name: Rainforest - from Super Ninja Boy
Type: Looking for a port of the original soundtrack from the game.
Sampled: Would prefer samples if possible, but anything would be fine.

Such a great game with wonderful music, but very hard to find. Would love to see any selections from this soundtrack for SMC!! Catchy and could work well with various level types live caves, bosses, and other intense levels.
Thank you, everyone.
Somehow, the exit between Castle 1 and the overworld to Donut Plains has been modified. I cannot get the two to link properly again, making it impossible to progress through the game.

When linking the two exit paths, which I believe to be 3 and 7, they do not link up. They will direct themselves to [NA] and will change their values after they are saved. If this happens too many times, both paths will say "invalid map" and the overworld must be reloaded. The same happens if I try to delete those tiles and insert a new path. I do not know how to make the game find the location from scratch.

How can I get this to function properly again?
I've been looking through some youtube tutorials, each using a different tool for custom sprites, but none have really answered how to import the sprites downloaded from smwcentral.

I want to have this to stop the horizontal scroll for certain sections of a level:

What would be the simplest way to get this into the game? I see that it uses PIXI, which I have downloaded, but have never used before.
I am trying to insert the custom sprites that come with the download of sprite tool. Everything was working fine until I encountered the following message:

inserting sprite: 10

couldn't open cfg file .\sprites\classic_koopa.cfg

I put this in the exact same way as all the others, but for some reason, this one does not work. Additionally, the applications stops there and does not show any possible other errors that may occur after this one. Is there something else I have to do when saving certain files?
I am using this:

I'm following along with youtube here:
When this is downloaded, it comes with a bunch of stuff like boomerang bros, horizontal moving thwomps and pirahnas, etc. It would be nice to have these in the game.

I have made all the appropriate folders and typed out all the .cfg names into a text document and renamed all the files to the ExGFX format for the ExGFX folder. The last step is to run the application to insert everything into lunar magic so it can be inserted manually, but I encounter the error and nothing gets put in.
So, I made it this far:
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
"<Sprite>" is the CFG/JSON file of the sprite you want to insert. You don't need to specifly the main folder (by default "sprits"). However, if the sprite is in any subfolder besides the primary ones, you have to enter the subfolder's name, followed by a slash and then the sprite's name (i.e. something like "subfolder/sprite.cfg").

Confused? As an example, we try to insert the included Sidway Piranha Plant and the Hammer Brother. The list should look like this:
Answer: Hide

00 piranha_sideways.cfg
01 bros/hammer_bro.cfg

After opening every file I could included in the download, there appear to be no pre-included sprites. Where do the piranhas and hammer bros. come from?
I'm so lost. The tutorial just says to insert the ExGFX with no explanation of how. I have the files there from the other sprite tool tutorial, which I assume I must delete, but there is no instruction for what to do.

I honestly know almost nothing bout computer language. I have, no joke, been at this for years and have yet to find a single working solution. I really need someone to explain step-by-step where everything needs to be placed and how to label it. Right now, I have a big confusing mess.

I don't care about being the most up to date. I would gladly ccept an answer to how to fix the other sprite tool error, or even my original question about hex edits:
I just want one thing to actually work.
At this point, I'm just focusing on PIXI, since that seems to be what everyone is going with. Following the tutorial up to the stated point, nothing appears in the game while playing. I only mention ExGFX as that is what the previous tool had me doing. What, if anything, goes in the ExGFX folder if all I'm doing is inserting a downloaded sprite?

I also noticed that the tutorial doesn't actually mention opening up the PIXI application itself. I assume that I must do this at some point, but dragging the ROM over just gives an error that PIXI cannot open the list.txt file.

I can't even get started.
Okay, baby steps.
Now I get this:
Could not open "C:/Users/willy/Desktop/New Lunar/custom/tools/PIXI/sprites/burnerh.cfg"

I am trying to insert the airship burner:
which is the only thing in the list.txt as: 00 burnerh.cfg
for which I have both the ASM and JSON files in the sprites folder of the PIXI folder.
Great! That gets it in, now I need it to appear.
How do I find out what to change SP3 to?
There is a .bin file, but I have nothing that can open it. Do I just make a copy in the ExGFX folder?
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giu's Profile - Posts by giu

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