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Hi. This is my current OW for my hack. Point out anything wrong.

I will later post paths when I'm done.

Storyline of hack: Hi! On Mario's quest to defeat Bowser and the Koopalings, what he doesn't know is dangers coming. (approximently)

Difficulty of HAck: Medium

Pic/Vids of Levels

Coming Soon.

I am doing everything first, decorations being like the last thing I do since they "aren't needs, just wants." They are squareish because I ONLY HAVE THE EDUCATION ON OVERWORLD EDITING ON A BASIC LEVEL :(. I am going to look at more advanced things now.

Decorations are cool...

I'll probally start adding them now.Anyway, I see that cliff, I'll fix it now. And, your right. I am going to add another Castle and Fort.

Also, I see the cutoff. Thanks :)


Fix'd :)

Yeah, this is my first (yep) romhack. Lot'sa mistakes...

Level Shots Comin up in about 2 minutes.

EDIT: I am starting over, same title same story, different OW. I will have screenshots later.

When I patched SMB3R+SSPipes Patch, are the koopas supposed to have lines for faces?

I can do Playtesting anytime, but for bugs I am more of a liability. Put me down for playtesting please. :)

...blowing up on their own



Someone made a Ghost House where you are riding on a brown line guided platform, with the lines. Is this even possible because the lines looked glitched on the Ghost House tileset.

I have a link. Its a video.



lol, just kidding. Yeah, I can do that now, because I thought that was an intresting design level.

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